Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chalk Paint Pros and Cons

I had a big post all typed out listing the pros and cons, in my opinion, of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, but then I realized I might be acting too quickly to lay it all out on the line when in fact I have only used two of the products one time.  So in fairness, I have decided to save the entire list for another time and share with everyone my first reaction.

The PROs:

The WAX.   I must admit that I am in love the AS clear wax.  It was easy to apply and easy to rub off, but the real WOW factor was in the finish, smooth and creamy like butter.  This step alone will make you look as if you were a professional at restoring furniture!

The COLORS:   While there isn’t a large selection of colors to choose from, the ones that are available couldn’t be more lovely.   In fact,  I have an idea for selecting the perfect color for a piece of furniture prior to ever picking up a paint brush.  I will be sharing my idea soon.


No PRIMING?  I’m not so sure on that!  I was very disappointed when it took 3 coats of paint to cover over my chest of drawers and I can still see spots (not sure if they are water spots or what??) peaking through my paint.  Ugh!


{I tried to trace just outside the discoloration}

The spots are not super noticeable via this photograph but it’s there and I notice it!  Also it angers me that I went against my better judgment and didn’t prime first.

The BRUSH STOKES.    This could be partly my fault.  A number of facts could have played a part in why I had brush stokes,  using a brush instead of spraying the paint on, weather was too warm and humid, the paint appeared too thick but I did not want to alter it for my first use, and I could have applied the second coat before the first coat dried.  

I found that if I used a fine sanding sponge between coats I could levitate the noticeable brush strokes, but doing so left me with a chalk dust everywhere! 

So there you go, my opinion, for what it’s worth?!?!?  I have another color that I purchased at the same time as the Old White and hope to find the perfect piece to try AS Chalk Paint one more time before I decide yay or nay.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #42

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  

I had an itch.  An itch to paint something…. anything after receiving an email from Sherwin Williams announcing one of their fabulous sales on paint and stain!  With a crazy look in my eye, I glanced over to my daughter and asked her to help me clean out the dining room so I could painted it.  She kindly reminded me that I already had to many unfinished projects in the work to start in on the dining room.  Unfortunately, she’s right and this is the whole reason why I started this blog. …. To stay focus and to finish my projects.  But the sneaky side of me found a couple places in the home to paint on Saturday morning.   I hope to have it ready to show you this week.

I going to keep this short because I have been working all day and all I’m ready to do is rest my feet and enjoy all your fabulous projects!  Thank you for linking up to the party Open-mouthed smile



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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foyer Chest of Drawers

Please come on in and meet the new member of our family. 


I must start by saying that I am sorry that I teased everyone with all the color options that I shared in my Photoshop collage.   I really am thinking about repainting her (yes, I am going to refer to her in the female sense), but something stopped me quickly….. the approaching holidays!!  

Please , please, please tell me that the majority of you decorate your homes with the holidays in mind.   The color that I am thinking about painting her  just wouldn’t go with my winter holiday decor.  Is that silly?

So if I remember,  in January, I think I might try giving her a new color.


I purchased this sweet chest of drawers at the local flea market about a month ago.  From looking at the before photo you don’t see all the chips on her top and at the drawer edges.  I could have fixed it  and restained, but I have a lot of stained furniture in my home and really wanted to add a painted piece. 


I broke down and placed my first order of chalk paint.  This piece is painted in Old White.




Here is the reason that this piece took me a month to finish~

I added another top over the existing top. (see top left photo)  This was way over my head and I had to have my Dad do most of the work.  Two Poplar planks were glued together, then the edges were routered to marry the two tops, and then stained a dark Walnut.

I used the original knobs.

I love this unique copper emblem from the manufacture in the side of one drawer.  I didn’t show a photograph of it  but the drawers are dovetailed (a sign of good craftsmanship).

In this top drawer there is a divider.(bottom right photo)  I don’t know much about furniture, does anyone know it’s purpose? 

Chest knobs

I was a little shocked at the size of the holes behind the knobs and that’s part the reason why I didn’t change out the knobs.  The other reason is that the ones that I want to replace them with haven’t gone on sale yet.  lol. 


New top in it’s dark Walnut stain.


Ooh la la.  My Pottery Barn mercury pumpkins!!!  Love. Love. Love them. 


Please ignore the awful looking floor.  New floors are the next thing on my to-do list for this foyer!  

Later I will share with you my thought on AS chalk paint.

PS.  Doesn’t the new chest look awesome with the new foyer mirror?!?!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn Foyer

Fall has arrived in the Carolinas (inside and out)…. the temperature has dropped and the scenery has changed.   Love this time of year!


A few simple changes to the overall décor and you have an autumn foyer!

Left side of foyerIMG_9988

Confession:  I can over do it when it comes to decorating.

So to keep things simple, I used a few felt placemats as wall art!  Yep, you read that right!  Placemats and a shadow box frame, that I have had for years, creates a simple but welcoming foyer.


My original plan was to add some glitz to the otherwise plain placemats, but after seeing them up on the wall,  I have decided to stick with the less is more attitude.  For now! 

This was the easiest wall décor ever!  I pulled down all the picture frames and plants from the wall, and literally stuck the vein of the leaf over the nail already in the wall!  I just gave each placemat a nudge so they hang on an angle.


Here is one of the shadow box frames that I purchased from Big Lots years ago.   They still had the cardboard over the corners! 


I added a few leaves, pumpkins, and acorns to the ledge.  The leaf pillows (stuffed in the urn) were also once placemats.

I am still looking for some faux topiaries for the ledge.  I am surprised that this has been such a difficult process. I really thought I knew of a place that would have them locally.  They had a few but they were all too small.   I search continues.


I had way more photos to share with you but Photoshop decided it wasn’t going to work.  Well, it did work up until I wanted to save the photographs and then it crashed.  I believe a recent computer update has interfered with the workings of PH.   Please don’t suggest I  use another program, because do you know how hard it is to switch from your favorite photo editing software?  It’s like going to a new hair stylist!  Not. going. to. happen. 

Not without a lot of whining and crying.  lol Autumn Arrives Party


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #41

Hello again!

Thank you for visiting yet another fabulous Amaze Me Monday blog party!

I have have spent the week tweaking and futzing with my fall decorations.  Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy.  I have seem to find myself  distracted by too many other things, like furniture arranging,  some much needed dusting, and day dreaming about the next room I’m going to paint. 

Let me ask you a question? 

How do you decorate for the fall????

  • a)   Do you stay in one room until it’s done and then move to the next?
  • b)  Work on one space at a time (mantle, bookcase, or table top)?
  • c)  Pull out an object from the storage box and find a home for it?
  • d)  Commit to decorating a room, lose focus and try to work on one section of the room until half way through you realize an object would look better in another room, and then completely start working in another room?

I bet you can guess which way my fall decorating has been going!  Yep, I have been a complete scatter brain and have to call it a day.   It’s is coming along slowly nicely and I hope to have some photos to share this week.



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Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Birds, One Stone

Hello Everybody!! 

I hope everyone is having a great day.  My kids are diligently working to get their school work done this morning so that we can have some fun this afternoon.  Woo hoo!  But before we head out I wanted to show you a little trash-2-treasure project I did yesterday. 


Remember this storage box that I purchased back in July?

Well, I finally did something with it!

Monogram wall art

The top was cut loose from the base of the box, adhered my DIY Wooden Letter to the front, and add a metal scroll thingy to the top.

Recycled Monogram Art

I love a project that comes together fast using only things that you have laying around the house!

Ebony Stained Wicker box top

The box had some obvious wear and tear.  So to mask it, I coated the top with a little Ebony stain (left over from the stair rails).

Artwork in the Foyer

I love this project but it does look a little bare all by itself.  Time for a shopping trip!


But wait….

there’s more…..

(Don’tcha just love them “Seen On TV” ads???)

What about the bottom of the box????

Planter box

What a perfect fit! 

My faux plant’s original base was really cry out for help!  The whole base fit perfectly in the box!  I just added a little Spanish moss to the top.

Recycled Planter Faux Plant box

Have a great weekend!  See everyone back here Sunday evening for Amaze Me Monday blog party.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Foyer Chest

I have been in a dilemma ever since I bought this gorgeous mirror.

Large Foyer Mirror

I love the mirror

The whole family loves the mirror

The mirror is staying!  

So what’s my problem? 

So glad you asked!   I hung the large mirror above the foyer table (made by my Dad) but something just did not look right.  I worried that the mirror was either too large for the wall and maybe too large for over the table.   It bugged me and I just could not put my finger on it.

I needed a new perspective. So I called in a favor from my blog friend, Becca (Adventures in Decorating), to have a look at this photo below.


(excuse the mess, this table was being prepared to be restained.)

Miss Becca spotted the problem quickly!  The foyer table is too dainty compared to the mirror.  (smmack.  The sound of my palm hitting my forehead.)  Yes, I am so glad Becca has better eyes than me.  For the life of me, I could not figure it out!


Off to town I go in look for a chunkier table/chest.  I straight to the local flea market, where I spotted not one but two chest that I thought could work (from different sellers) .  I went back and forth between the two sellers and brought home the chest with the best price tag. 

What?  That’s not how you make decorating decisions?  hum.

I’m not sure if it’s an antique or not?!?  It seems well built and very sturdy…. and  CHUNCKY!


Now doesn’t that work better in the space?

I shared with my Facebook buddies this photo above a few weeks back.  I asked for some suggestions on how I should refinish it.  And boy, let me tell you….. I was given some wonderful advise. 

Some suggested cleaning and polishing with Old English.  Which is a great suggestion if the piece didn’t have so many chips in it and the top is in very poor condition, in fact, I will be cutting a new top for the dresser.  Good thing I got the chest for a great price! 

Many suggested chalk paint!  Which I haven’t had the honor of trying yet, but find myself drooling over the wonderful things that you ladies are doing with the paint.


Just to show you one chip on the face of the lower drawer that needed fixing.   You can see that I am clamping several scrap pieces of wood and will fill the corner with a self leveling adhesive.

facebook comment

I think Barbara said it best in her Facebook comment.  I really think a pop of color would be exciting to add to the piece and a fun way to greet guest into the home.


Playing around in Photoshop, I came up with a few different color combinations.  I really don’t like the green, but there is two color options that are definitely speaking to me!  Once I get the new top cut, I will have some finished photos to share. 


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