Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life’s Adventures

I’m going to share a few recent occurrences that have happened to me over the pass two days, just so you can laugh along with me.  Honestly, I was not laughing while in the mist of these mishaps, but some how, now, laughing keeps me grounded.

Up first…..

I mentioned on the Amaze Me Monday party post that I made a quick trip to Kentucky over the weekend for a MX race for the boys.  Now most of these dirt tracks are out in remote locations and I don’t think to much about being stranded in a field in the middle of nowhere.  So when the GPS lead us off an exit and on to a gravel road, it wasn’t a big deal.  I did look over to the Hubs and asked him if he saw a sign for the track before leaving the paved road….. He did answer.  Not more than a few hundred feet on this road I realized this in not going to be good.


( Photos taken from my cell phone)

Do you see how narrow this road is? 

In my most calm voice (anyone that knows me knows that does not even exist) I looked at my husband and remarked, “What if someone else is coming the from the opposite direction?”  There isn’t any shoulder to the road, only a large drop off into a cliff.   I’m not exaggerating either!

About a mile on this road (notice there isn’t a place to turn around) the road changes from gravel to sand.  Wet soupy sand.  The Hubs starts to speed up and I YELL, “Slowwww Down!”

He exclaims that if he slows down we’re going to be stuck!


About two miles in we find a cross road to make a 101 point turn around!  With my biggest eyes (and they are huge even at unpanicing times) and whiniest voice, I say…… “I don’t want to go back on that road.”  The Hubs calms my nerves and says, “I don’t want to either.”

At this point I am putting away my phone and everything else because the RV is swaying back and forth from the uneven road (if you want to call it that?  more like a logging trail!) and the RV is fish tailing it from the rear, sliding in the soupy sandy muck, and all I think to do is put all objects that can become  flying missiles to my head away.  Really all I could envision was us rolling over and over again down the side of the mountain.

When we finally rolled back on to asphalt, everyone breathed a bit easier and started to share their stories of how freakin’ scared they were.  Literally I was shaking.  A million prayers have been said since Saturdays fright!

DANG YOU GPS for sending us down the wrong road!!!

I honestly don’t think I could recapture what we went through.  The closest thing would be the part of the movie “RV” when Robin Williams is driving the RV by himself through the woods.

Funniest move ever!

I told the kids that we just discovered the original “Wilderness Trail” that Daniel Boone blazed. The irony….  the MX track is named Daniel Boone!  No lie.

Next up……

On the way home from Kentucky, the radio station said NO RAIN in sight for two days in our area.  

Then yesterday afternoon I wanted to get outside to put my deck furniture back in order (had to take every thing down for the roofers) when  the clouds started to get a dark shade of gray.  So I called my neighbor, my mom, to discuss the weather.  As I am talking to her, she ask me what that sound is?  I told her I’m standing next to the window and I think it’s all the loose stones from the new shingles that went up last week.   When it dawned on me… that it wasn’t loose stones or other debris from the roof but in fact it was HAIL! 


I ask you….

Who has this kind of luck?

Who has a new roof installed because of a wind and hail damage only to have it HAIL only days after the new roof gets put on?


Thanks for letting me vent and sharing a laugh or two with me.

When I was younger, early twenties, my folks and I  had a psychic reading.  JUST FOR FUN!  The psychic told me that my life (mostly my kids) would keep me on roller-skates.  If it was one thing it would be another.  She wasn’t kiddin’!!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #39

Hello Everyone,

I had another crazy week!  What am I saying… my entire like is one crazy week followed by the next!  My week started out with having an entirely new roof put on our house.  I did not prepare myself for the mess that this would ender, because by Tuesday, I was completely barricaded in my home.  At every door laid a huge pile of shingles with many more nails protruding.  By the time the Hubs got home on Tuesday night and saw the mess still there he decided to take matters in his own hands and had us all outside clearing a path.  The entire roof project consumed three days.  Just in time for my to go work the “Brittney Spears and DJ Pauly D” concert.  And by Friday, I was toast.  We finished school and I managed to accomplish nothing the rest of the day!  Well, not exactly, because I did have to pack for a weekend trip.  This weekend we traveled to beautiful Kentucky so the boys could race their dirt bikes.   When we take weekend trips like this, you can only guess what I do all Monday?!?!  LAUNDRY


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before Blogging Project- Wall Paper Projects in the Kitchen

The last “Throwback Thursday” I showed you my Breakfast Room Curtains, so I thought I would continue in the kitchen with some more before blogging projects.


Not knowing what to do with the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, I added a wallpaper boarder to give a splash of a color and pattern, allowing me to minimize the accessories.

Christmas Kitchen

I know a few of you went crazy asking me questions about the tri-fold screen that you all catch a glimpse of when I showed my kitchen decorated for the holidays. 


I have a corner sink and knew right away that I need help hiding the dust and cobwebs that would gather back in that far corner that I could not reach so I made myself this tri-fold screen.   I removed it from behind the sink so that I could photograph it better. (okay, the truth is that there are dirty dishes in the sink and I haven’t had time I have made one of the kids do them yet.) 

Here’s how I did it:

cut out three boards to a shape that I liked, the green is the ceiling paint, the center is a creamy white, I went around the outside with a gold paint pen,  ModPodge the wallpaper cut out to the center of each screen, applied a crackle finish, added a dark Umber glaze to highlight the crackle, and finally combined them together with a hinge.


Close up of the cut out wallpaper and crackle finish.


Close up of gold paint pen finish, and hinges.


The same treatment I used to make a coordinating clock


and trivet.

The trivet was made by my Dad.  He framed a floor tile and added little wooden balls to the bottom side.  I add a picture hook to the back side allowing me to hang the trivet when not in use, doubling as artwork.


Close-up of trivet and crackle finish.

I have already had a busy morning…. cleaned the truck, sanded down the chest that I bought at the local flea market (oh, haven’t seen the chest yet?  Follow me on Facebook), washed down the siding and the back deck, edited and wrote this very post, and now I need to take a quick shower and go to work! 

Linking to Before Blogging Throwback Thursday Party

Hope you have a productive day as well,




Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If only I had a pool!

Hello there! 

My little sanctuary is kind-of-sort-of coming together.  I say that because right now my backyard looks nothing like this at all.  In fact, all the backyard “goodies” are piled up in a heap as the new roof is going on.  I did have the whereabouts within me to take some photos the night before construction started, hence, the very dark photos.  


I stained the chairs and the stand with SW’s solid deck stain in “Lodge Brown”.

*The “SPA” blue umbrella is leaning because I just plunked it down in the stand while it awaits the base to finished (DIY concrete in a flower pot with a PVC pipe in the center).


For some reason I was thinking that I had this plan in my inspiration file for along time.  For me to complete a project in one year’s time is not bad at all!!!  Giving myself a “You go girl” pat on the back!

I’m not sure if the plans can be order from Lowe’s or even downloaded off their website, but I did stumble on to The Design Confidential blog that has a printable plan for the PB Chaise Lounge,  the PB Umbrella Stand and Side Table, plus pretty much the entire collection of PB Chesapeake outdoor furniture!! 

Might I add, if you are planning on making a chaise lounge for yourself, please, don’t skip on the wheels.  They are heavy and it will require two people.   I was able to move the lounge chairs out of the garage and to the backyard by myself with easy even with a sore neck.


These lounge chairs are so comfy!  I love that I was able to snag the cushions from PB outlet at such a great price.   I am not crazy about the stone color.  What??? between the kids and the dogs, I don’t see them staying clean for very long.


Let me tell you about the coming of this color palette.

  • It first started with a few purchases from Pottery Barn Outlet. Lounge Chair Cushion in stone and a Navy Blue Umbrella.
  • I was thinking nautical or even patriotic at this point.
  • Last Friday, I pick up a Double Chaise Lounge Cushion in a Jade Green and Stone stripe. (oh you haven’t see that yet?  Follow me on Facebook for all my sneak peaks.)
  • Then over the past weekend I picked up another great umbrella from Pier 1 in the prettiest “SPA” blue.
  • Now I am panicking a wondering how I am going to pull all these colors together?!?!?
  • And luck would be on my side when I spot this pillow (pictured above) at Home Depot.  It has all the colors….. Navy blue, Spa blue, and Jade green!     Most designers would have started with this pillow as their color inspiration but I’m different.  I like to make it hard on myself for one and let the end-of-the-season-sales be my inspiration!  lol


Oh, so I also snagged some new chair cushions and a few extra pillows for the dinette set.  The bamboo placemats I have had for years but have never used (price tags still attached).  With the recently overhead construction going on, I will have to wait to do a more spectacular tablescape.  This outdoor set is in need of some TLC.   I do have some plans for this table, just not sure if I will get to it this season. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Umbrella Stand & Side Table

As soon as I sat my Pottery Barn knock-off chaise lounges in the back yard I just knew that I had to have the Umbrella Stand Table too!!  Pottery Barn has this lil’ table listed in the catalog for $299.  Ouch!  A little rich for my blood.  Even the PB outlet price was $199. for this 20” table.

Me, I have ZERO deniro  invested for money and only 1 days worth of labor.  Yep, I am still working through the pile of pressure treated wood that once was my parents old deck.  I’m sure I have another project or two left before it’s gone.



Remember I showed you that I had been designing my own table using Google Sketch-Up

It came to life rather well, but I will admit that if I had to redo this Umbrella Stand Table over I would have used an even number of slats for the top.  And the reason why…….  when cutting out the 2” hole for the umbrella, the center would fall between two slats instead of one like mine did.  I did have to reinforce the bottom prior to making the hole.


I love end of the season sales!  It allows me to actually shop at places that I usually just go to window shop (like Pottery Barn and Pier 1).    However, you are faced with the added challenge finding all the items you need, as well as, mixing and matching colors. 

I showed you the navy blue PB umbrella that I pick up for a steal a few weekends back, but blue didn’t go with anything that I already had.    I need an inspiration fabric to pull all the colors together……

Can you believe that I found this perfect outdoor pillow at Home Depot? (on sale of course!) 

Stay with me for my next couple of post when I show you how the new color palette as it comes together!


A quick note of yesterday and today’s agenda~

I am finally getting my new roof from the horrible storm back in May and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I spotted some water leaks in the attic!  I was in a total panic at the thought that my newly painted second floor and foyer would be ruined Sad smile


I must say one thing before I close out this post. 

Without the Kreg Jig, that my Dad bought when I was making the Chaise Lounges, this cute little stand would have screw or nail heads showing all over it.   The Kreg Jig places all the screw holes from inside, leaving you with a nice clean look on the outside.  Thanks Dad.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #38

Hello my friends,

I want to first start by saying thank you for being patient with me this week.  I really had some great projects to show you until my unfortunate pinched neck muscle mishap on Tuesday.  I have just a slight pain left in my left shoulder/neck area, which means I will be back on schedule for this week. 

I have been updating our outdoor area with DIY projects and some new purchases.   I know most of you ladies are gearing up for fall season, however, I love a good end~of~the~season sale and let me tell you…. I have found some great sales for our outdoor sanctuary.  

(Follow me on Facebook for sneak peaks into my projects and purchases)

Upcoming and back on schedule for Dittle Dattle this week:

    • PB Chesapeake Outdoor Side Table/Umbrella Holder
    • Finished Chaise Lounge Chairs (stained & new cushions)
    • Decorative Accessories for the outdoor space
    • Celebrity Look~A~Like (Is it me or is it Photoshop?)


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Judge the book by it’s cover

Are you like me????

Do you take photos after photos but rarely print them out or do anything with them?

I am on an email list to both Groupon and Living Social.  Both companies send out emails with daily specials of either online or local specials.  Often the specials run from 50% off or more.  

So when I spotted this deal from My Publisher for a 30 page hard cover photo book  for only $19, I knew I had to get one to remember our summer vacation.


I couldn’t be more pleased how it came out!  Honestly it did take me a good portion of a morning to select and lay out the photographs but so worth the time and effort!


I just love this photo of the kids on the dock!


There are so many choice for page layouts.


You can write captions and titles if you want.  I opted not to and decided to let the photographs do all the talking.


The real challenge was to make sure everyone as equal star power!  If you have more than one child you know what I mean.


I figured the kids had the front cover;

I would give the Hubs and I the back cover.

It’s so nice to know that I actually did something with our memories!

Have a fabulous weekend,


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