Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #35

Hello my bloggy friends!

I am writing this quickly before I head out on the road to my son’s MX national race at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch.  I only had time to visit a few of last weeks party links but I wanted to show a few that catch my eye.

p.s.  I am really taken a risk, hosting a meme without having access to internet.  If something goes wrong, I apologize in advance.


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

MX Nationals

Loretta Race

I’m going to take a break from blogging.  Not because I want to but because where I am going does not have great service.  I will be at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in TN for the amateur motocross nationals.  I know… weird place for a motocross race but this is the biggest of the year for an amateur motocross racer. 

Loretta's Lynn's MX start

The story goes that Loretta’s husband was a huge fan of dirt bikes and dirt bike racing.   He built a track and only one week out of the year is the track raced on.     Between tore-up nervous, feeling like the sun literally sat down on the place, being stuck in an RV for 10 days, and being around all the male testosterone,  I most certainly do not call this a vacation!  Plus, and this a biggie, my husband’s boss went in to the hospital a week ago and he won’t be able to go out with us.  I’ve been to races before were it’s just me and the kids but like I said before, THIS. IS. THE. BIGGEST. RACE. OF. THE. YEAR.  

Over 22,000 riders will try out to attend this one race.  A rider must pass through at both a local and regional level in order to qualify to go onto the top national ranking.  Just going to the nationals earns you the right to say that you  are ONE OF THE TOP 40 FASTEST RIDERS IN THE NATION FOR YOUR AGE!  You must be physically fit in order to race this demanding track for 20 minute plus 2 lap all in a 100+ temperatures!   

I so proud of my son for making 5 years!   

But after the crazy busy weeks that I have had, I am afraid that I will be bored out of my mind!  What will I do for 10 days while the boys are outside running around, swimming,  racing golf cards (if you aren’t on a dirt bike you find the next best thing to race), scouting out girls, jumping off high cliffs, and attending all the other functions that they have planned when the boys are not on the track racing?  I have been racking my brain to come up with something (a craft or two) that I can do to keep my hands busy.  With all the other prep work that it has taken to get ready, I don’t even have the time to prepare a craft anyways. 

Looks like I will be reading a lot, taking my usual morning walk (about 3 miles) up by Loretta’s house, editing photographs, and getting some much needed rest. 

Amaze Me Monday will continue!  Please come back and link to the party.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Chaise Lounge Chairs!

I have had this Lowe’s magazine in my idea file box for years.  There are several great projects in there but the best project of them all has to be this Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Outdoor Chaise Lounge

I always thought I would ask my dad to make a few of them for me, but he’s always so busy. Plus he really doesn’t build furniture anymore.  He specializes in hand-turned bowls like this


If you remember, we had an awful storm back in May.  While helping my parents clean up the dozen or so trees that came crashing down, I realized that they still had all their old deck boards.  A few years back my parents replaced their pressure treated deck with the new composite boards.  See a glimpse of their new composite deck.

Wooden  Elm Bowl


Here’s my big dilemma…….

The deck boards were laying in the spot that I got all the Poison Oak from!!  So I did what any resourceful mother would do….. I bribed the kids to go pull them out and bring them up by the workshop.  What?  You telling me you wouldn’t have done the same?


So I got my FREE-TO-ME deck boards but they had a lot screws left in them.  I spent the better part of a weekend working around the screws and bad spots to cut all the different lengths. 

Weekend #2, #3, and #4- Working on assembling ONE chaise lounge.  Some of the boards were a little twisted and tweaked, to put it mildly. 

The second chaise lounge went together in a couple of days!


My father even had the wheels! 


Overall I did probably 97% of the work!  I’m more than proud of myself and even mention to my dad that Martha won’t be kicking my A$$ this weekend.  ha ha! (a little humor between the two of us)


I was hoping to show you them all finished in a beautiful SW stain but (and here is your warning)  never try to stain anything when the temperature is 110 on the heat index!  My stain got super thick and icky.  I broke two foam brushes trying to apply the thick stick stain before waving my surrender flag.  I have way too many things to do this week, so the staining will have to wait until I get back from nationals.

So between recycling my parents old deck, barrowing some wheels that he would probably never use, taking over half of his workshop, and leaving out all the tools that I used for over a month, the whole project only cost me less than $50 for TWO Chaise Lounges and a month of weekends!!  Not bad.

I’ve been checking around on the internet for cushions…. holy moly…… Pottery Barn has them on sale for $125 each!  Maybe they’ll be marked down more at the end of summer?  Fingers crossed


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #34

Hello Everyone!

What a hot week/weekend it has been here in the Carolina’s!  It’s been another crazy week for me with not one but two Carolina Panther training sessions (I really hope we have a football season after all these trainings), a meeting with the winter swim coaches, and the Hubs invited an out-of-town guest for the week, which I get to entertain while everyone is at work! 

My upcoming week will consist mostly of packing and preparing for my son’s national.  I will literally have several packing  list laying all over the house.  My daughter laughs and says that I will even have a list for her.  Ha ha.  She’s right!

Coming up on this week’s Dittle Dattle:

  • Outdoor Lounge Chairs (yes, this is my month long project that I have teased about)
  • Teen Lounge Chalkboard
  • National Race Information
  • Amaze Me Monday blog party!!



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Friday, July 22, 2011

Before Blogging- Window Treatments

I know for about two weeks I have been promising to show you a project that I have been working on for a month of weekends and I had every intentions of posting it today.  However, I always love to participate in Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays blog party.  I will be posting this great project as my first post next week!

Here is a little project that I did in the kitchen years ago.  I created a simple shelf (of course with the help of my Dad).  The shelf is held up by “L brackets”.  If you look closely on at the end of shelves you will see the top of the bracket on the wall.  I painted the brackets the wall color and then hid them behind the merchandising. 

A large moulding is attached to the front of the shelf to hide the rod that holds the pendant window treatment that I made.




I always learn so much from looking at photographs of my own home…..  In person I didn’t realize all the crap decorative objects appear to be on the same height.  I will definitely have to  tweak this area.

Have a great weekend and I see everyone back here Sunday night for Amaze Me Monday blog party!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Decorating the Foyer Mantle


I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  It seems like I have one crazy week after another but I wanted to put a quick post together to show what I’ve been working on.  The other day I went shopping around my own home in hopes to find something to decorate the shelf in the foyer. 

Here’s what I came up with…..


It’s not much, just a few odds and end pieces that weren’t currently being used anywhere else in the house.  I have to laugh at myself because I always buy two of everything.  I tend to decorate with symmetry.    I’ve been telling myself that I need to break away and give asymmetrical design a try.


The tall candle stick I did purchase a few weeks ago at Home Goods and the tassel is from Hobby Lobby.  The urns and sconces I purchased years ago from a local store that is no longer in business, and the faux wood carving is from Christopher Lowell bought at Burlington Coat Factory.


My Photoshop skills are still very limited but I hope you get the idea.  I would like to add some faux topiaries to each side of the window.  Oh, and possibly up lights placed behind them.   I have been searching online but you know the thing about faux plants…. is that they very so much in quality. 

It’s a start…. and I’m sure I will have a more exciting mantle display come fall and Christmas.  Have the best day ever!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stained Stairwell


Let me start by saying this is the ONE thing that I have always despised about my home.  This stairway is not what I envision when I close my eyes.   I would personally love to have wrought iron spindles!  But you have to make the best with what you have…….

As you can see in the before photograph the stairs are just your boring basic oak staircase, and if you look at the top railing on second floor, you can see where I started to paint the spindles white TWO YEARS AGO!!!  If anyone has tackled painting a stairway before knows that it’s a lot of work.  You are constantly going back and forth from side-to-side to make sure you don’t have any runs.  I decided to wait on the paint fairy to come and finish them…..

When I had the painters here in June, I asked if they could SPRAY paint the spindles with the trim paint.  Now the painter was reluctant and even tried to talk me into painting out the entire thing- rails, spindles, and newel post.   Trust me, I understand dude!! It’s a lot of work!  But I held my ground and insisted on only painting the spindles white.


I went to the hardware store and was planning on picking up a dark mahogany or walnut stain, however, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little can of stain labeled “Ebony”.  In a split second I knew this what I wanted.  What’s more classic than black and white?!?!?

By the time I got home I was doubting myself!  Ebony???? (I bet you never have that happen)


But I went for it!!

Before I could get half way up the stairs with the stain, the kids were saying how great it was looking!  Love that!!  You know when you are working so close to a project that you can’t really tell how it’s coming out until you step back???  Well, it was really great that all the kiddos (neighbor kids included) reaffirmed my decision about the “EBONY” stain.   Even if everyone but one kid ended up touching the wet stain!!!  


In the end I could have just painted the newel post and handrail with black paint but I really do love the look of the stain.   It’s a nice warm black and it still allows the grain of the wood to show through.

It did take some time to do this.  I spent a few hours degreasing all the icky sticky ooey gooey yuck that has accumulated over 10 years from little dirty fingers running up and down,  another few hours sanding off the old polyurethane, and a good afternoon on the first coat.  I did add a second coat because I didn’t think it looked even in spots.   I have never used a wood conditioner and I read that it’s suppose to help with making stain apply more evenly.  Has anyone ever used a conditioner for wood before and would you be willing to share your experience?

OH OH OH~  I made a discovery!  A magic eraser works wonders for picking up stain spills and splatters on walls, trim, and floors!!!  Ask me how I know.  I went through 4 magic erasers!!

Now to pull up that carpet……


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #33

Hello again!

Thank you for stopping by for Amaze Me Monday party.   I had yet another busy week.  Not the kind where I was happily getting lots of projects done, but the kind that has you running from the minute that your feet hit the floor in the morning till you fall in bed at night and leaves you wondering exactly what, if anything, you accomplished for the day. 

Here’s  my weekly recap-  summer swimmer banquet, Carolina Panther training, Dentist and Vet appointments, sand and stain the stair handrail and newel posts, Teenage son’s 16th birthday, decorated the large shelf in the foyer, winter league swim meeting, and a unexpected house guest! 

I know everyone has very busy lives too, I just like to share my crazy week just encase someone out there thinks I sitting around watching TV all day.  lol

Coming up this week:

          • My month long project
          • Restained stairwell
          • Decorated Foyer Shelf


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