Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dittle Dattle Inspires

I love it when little ol’ me can inspire someone! 

Deneen from Dreaming in Color just shared her own version of

Ballard Knock Off  Ticket Sign

This is a fun project to make!  I’d love to see your version.

Click here to see Dittle Dattle's Movie Ticket Stub


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AMM #17 Features

Thank you so much for being patient with me and my computer troubles.  I’m about 95% up and running.  Computers!  They can be either a blessing or a nightmare……

project  collage

Here is a teaser photograph of a few unfinished projects I have going on right now.  All of them are waiting for one supply or another to be finished.  The down side of living in a small town, I either have to drive at least  30 minutes or order online. I can’t wait to show them to you!

Because I appreciate everyone who participates in the “Amaze Me Monday” blog party, I wouldn’t think about skipping the feature section of last weeks party.  Every week gets more amazing!!  Here are a few amazing links from “Amaze Me Monday #17” ……..

Suesan from Frou Frugal reupholstered this beautiful ancestral map settee!  I love it even more knowing that Suesan customized the fabric herself! Fantastic.


Tracie from Cleverly Inspired caught my eye with her amazing Foyer Remodel.  I’m currently selecting moldings for my own foyer.  Tracie’s  foyer looks so fabulous and timeless!  And the chandelier is over-the-top gorgeous.  Well done.

Jodie from Love Laughter and D├ęcor shared this adorable Cowboy Themed Birthday Party!  A party like this could have you named “Most WANTED Mom”.   Check it out all the other great party accessories!    

Full of Great Ideas shared an easy way to dress up a flat screen TV with a Custom Made TV Frame.   With a few pieces of wood and molding you could have one too!  Great idea.

Kate from Creatively Living Outside the Box shares her bold move in the kitchen….. Chalkboard Backed Open Cabinets!  This takes kahunas {in my opinion}!  But don’t you just love the look!?!?! 

Here’s a fun idea from Jaderbomb, Homemade Notepad using paint chips!  The minute I saw this fun project, I thought this would be great to carry around in my pocketbook using the paint chips from the room I’m remodeling!  Gotta give this a try.

Funky Frame Tutorial constructed by Not Just a Housewife.   Think of all the fun shapes you could make a frame into????  Not to mention the endless ways to decorate and paint!!!! 


We are getting closer to Spring Break and I’m gathering ideas that will keep my kiddos busy….. 

Here are a few fun ideas to do together.

Faux Stained Glass by All Thumbs Crafts. 

Easter Egg Art by Scene of the Grime.


Temporary Tattoos by Juice Box Dreams


So many wonderful ideas!  Please don’t forget to link up to this weeks “Amaze Me Monday” blog party, opened till midnight tonight. (eastern standard time)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #18

Good Evening!

Thank you for being patient with me as I take a little time off from blogging.  Trust me when I say that I’m not relaxing with my feet up.  Oh no…. I’ve been working some really long hours.  Today is I’ve spent the entire day fixing my computer from a virus that has completely corrupted my hard drive.  Not my ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

I need to send out an apology as well for not returning any emails this week.  The virus took over my computer a few days ago but today was the first time I have been able to set down and deal with the mess.  I hope this week goes smoothly and I’ll be able to get back to everyone and hop around to say “hello”.  Hope you have had a productive week/weekend and I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to!

PS.  I will be doing the features from “Amaze Me Monday #17” tomorrow.

Amaze Me Monday Blog Party Link Up

Dittle Dattle

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #17

Hello my friends!

I’ve been working some pretty long hours this weekend. (like 18 hours long!) In fact, I’m writing this post on Saturday night because I won’t be home in time to start tonight’s party.  What I’m doin’???? I am working the NCAA Final Four Charlotte, NC regional basketball tournament.   It’s fun and fast pace but when I get into those last few hours my brain becomes fried!   And later this week I have to work the Prince concert, which will be another very long work day!

I will be taking a few days off from blogging {mostly to catch up on my much needed beauty sleep, oh, and maybe finish those stinkin’ taxes!}.   Don’t worry it won’t be for long and you can always count on “Amaze Me Monday” blog party.  Thanks for understanding.


There is so many wonderful ideas, projects, and crafts from last weeks party.  It’s worth your time revisit!  Amaze Me Monday #16

You know how much I love my Cricut Expression and if you just got one or even thinking you might need one, Auntie Lolo Crafts is sharing a Cricut 101 Series!

We all know that bloggers are a wealth of  information!  Rita from May Days shares how to control the mess with a Blog Basket

How charming!!!  Forever Decorating  shows how to have Fun with Feed Sacks

Check out this fantastic highboy transformation by Richmond Thrifter.

Emily from Nest Nesting Nested shares all that you wanted to know about moldings!

Do you ever see a project and wish you thought of it?  Well, this is mine… 

Vivienne at The V Spot shares how to make those ugly plastic eggs into a beautiful Faux Robin’s eggs.   Brilliant!

Debbie-Dabble shares not one but Two Easter Trees!  Adorable.

Rustic Renditions knocks of Pier 1 decorative plate and saves huge!

Amaze Me Monday Blog Party Link Up

Dittle Dattle

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicken Wire Rooster Art

Everyone has a project or two that they completed pre-Blogging days!  Some of those projects never had the chance to see their names in big lights.

That is until NOW!  A new party is being launched today.

I’ll be join in on the fun with this oldie but goodie.



Okay… It was tough to decide which pre-blogging project that I would show you but this one came to mind first, so here it is.



I bought a set of rooster prints from


Cut a mat to fit and wrapped it with chicken wire.


I had my dad make some custom frames.  These days I would have made the frame myself.   I’ve come a long way with the help of my Dad.   Thanks Dad.

Hope you enjoyed an oldie but goodie!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Selecting Wall Color

I’m not an expert at selecting wall color.  I usually pick a color and hope for the best.  Hey, it’s only paint, right?  However, when we’re talking about painting a two-story foyer plus the ceiling in the entire opened area of the second floor….. then picking the right color really does matter!  I did the scaffolding about ten years ago and I’m certain that what ever I choose now will have to last me another 10 years.  This is not a room that you just wake up one morning and decide to paint. 


So I actually taking the time to view paint sample.  With my Sherwin Williams paint deck, I headed over to Lowes and had 7 paint Valspar samples mixed up.  Valspar samples are a bit cheaper and they the colors are dead on to SW. 



Then I quickly ran into Wal-Mart for a package of poster boards, painted my samples, and hung them up on the wall.   Okay,  my kids thought I was crazy because they say all the colors look the same!!  Yet, they’re the first ones to give me their opinions. 

I’ve moved the samples around from wall to wall, trying to see how the paint will look under  different day light.  The Hubs and my daughter have picked out their favorite (ironically, it’s the same color!) but I’m not sure if I found the right color yet. 

Oh, I wanted to mention, I met with a professional painter about painting the space.  He saw all my samples and knew right away that they were SW colors, but without knowing that it was Valspar paint, he told me how he works only with Valspar paints and how well he thought they performed!  Good to know….

I paid for the samples above, but Valspar Paint is giving away 1,000 free paint project starter kits a day! 

Just visit and click “Like” to receive their FREE postage-paid paint project starter kit.  Choose from Genevieve Gorder’s palette or any of the 3,000 Valspar paint colors!

Well, I “Like” and  received my sample kit on Saturday.  Yay!  It included an 8 oz. paint sample, mini roller, paint try PLUS a $5. off coupon!!!  What color did I choose? 

The pretty aqua blue color I used on my Back Door Wreath

How interior designer, Rebbeca Robeson selects paint color

I found this video interesting and want to share! 

What’s your thoughts….

 Which comes first??? 

Wall color or big ticket items,textiles, and artwork?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kristen’s Creations Giveaway

I know you all don’t want to miss this fabulous giveaway!

Head over to Kristen’s for your chance to enter!

Kristen’s Creation Giveaway

Good luck.


Backdoor Wreath

Mossy Monogram Wreath

I figured it was time to update the backdoor wreath from my winter Fresh Cedar Monogram Wreath to a Mossy Spring Wreath.


I started by removing the wire from around the letter form and removing the cedar clippings.  I would have loved to use sheet moss (because it’s cleaner, greener, and just easier to use) however, sheet moss is pretty expensive. (or I’m just cheap?!?!) 

I found a bag of moss that looked pretty good at Wal-Mart for around $2 a bag.  It took just over one bag and several glue sticks to cover the letter.   What a bargain! 

I don’t know about sheet moss, but the moss that I use, every time I moved it bits would fall off.  In order to prevent me sweeping the floor every time someone opened and closed the door,  I applied a quick over-spray of glue adhesive and then pressed down.  Once it’s dry it won’t be sticky.  I even thought about using hairspray!  But I use a very light weight hairspray…. if only I had something like Aqua-Net hairspray!!  Nothing can get through that stuff!  Remember the 80’s and big hair Do’s???  ha ha

Can you see the problem?   It’s kind of hard to  see the mossy letter against the black door. 

Spring Moss Letter

In the prop shop (aka “the attic”), I dug around and found this old chipped up gold frame.   I know…. If you have read Dittle Dattle for any length of time you know I am NOT a fan of the color blue.  {I will explain the color later this week}  But technically it’s not IN my house…. Right?  lol

 Spring Framed Mossy letter

I snagged a butterfly off the front door Wreath.

Framed Letter Wreath

I used a ribbon covered wire to hang the wreath.  I’m not sure how others have addressed the problem of having a frame swing from side~to~side when the door in opened or closed, but I used a small dab of low-temp glue to hold it place.  I thought about two-sided tape but worried that it would pull off the paint.   The low-temp glue might also pull of the paint.  I guess I’ll find out the next time I change the wreath!

Adding color to mossy letter Wreath

The stark white background bothers me a bit.  I really wanted to add some chicken wire over the white background for add texture, but couldn’t find my stash.  I pulled out some scrapbook paper and slipped it in the back just to see if a little color and pattern would help.  What do you think?  Leave it alone or add some color?

PS.  I have had a few request about more information on my font notebook.  I will be sharing a post soon on that.  Thanks for the interest.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a few little words…

I want to start by thanking everyone for their wonderful comments.  You have spoiled me with your kindness.  Ya’ll are just too sweet!!!  So from the bottom of my heart~ THANK YOU!

I have been working on projects…. some completed, some waiting on the paint to dry, and others….well, I’m still scratching my head.  LOL  I promise to have something to show soon.

Lastly,  you guys are killing me with your awesomeness!!!  This weeks blog party is AMAZING!  I’m lovin’ everything I see.  With the hubby gone, I don’t sleep well.  (anyone relate?)  By Sunday night, I crashed hard…. I watched a movie and was in bed by 9:00!!  Then up at 2:30 wide awake when my husband and son got home.  Anyways, we jumped right into school this morning and I haven’t logged into the computer until now…..  I just wanted to let each of you know how AMAZING I think you are!  Thanks you Be right back


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #16

Here we are again! 

Another weekend gone…..but what a beautiful sunny weekend we had here!   The Hubs and my oldest son were gone all weekend racing.  So needless to say, it was quiet around the house.  I managed to work on the projects that I had still unfinished from last week, yet two are still not completed!  Yes, as my dad would say, “They are kickin’ my butt”


Jenny from Evolution of Style hit another home run with this cute Paneled Headboard

I’m lovin’ this Plaque Picture Display by A Glimpse Inside.

Whip up some yummy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with While He Was Napping.

Natalie over at A Turtle’s Life for Me combined some of my favorite loves (vinyl, Cricut, & MDF) to design this lovely DIY Plaque

Isn’t this French Cottage Bedroom just this dreamiest?  Thanks French Country Cottage for sharing.

With my boys’ riding dirt bikes, I thought this Bike Chain Necklace would be really fun to own.  How fun would it be to add their racing numbers to the center!

Lauren from West Furniture Revival shows how she constructed her own Ballard King and Queen Pillows!


Please link YOUR projects, crafts, decorating, tutorial, and giveaways!!!

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