Monday, February 28, 2011

Elements Interiors Giveaway!!!

How about a fun giveaway that all of you ladies are going to WANT and LOVE?!?!?

The ever so funny and talented Kara from Elements Interiors contacted me recently.  She is so graciously offering one lucky reader of Dittle Dattle the chance to win this fabulous prize….


           Bath and Body products to die for!!! plus extras

  • Camille Beckman Sugar Cane Body Polish ~ “Lime Leaves” scented
  • Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy ~ “Lime Leaves” scented
  • A pretty stencil with 2 stencil sponge paint brushes


Kara was nice to send me my very own Camille Beckman Sugar Cane Body Polish and Glycerine Hand Therapy!  Let me tell you ladies….. this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss!!!  I’ve been exfoliating my skin twice a week since I was eighteen {I’m not even going to do the math on that. LOL}.  The Camille Beckman body polish is far superior to anything I’ve ever used.     The body polish will remove all the dried flakey skin and leave your skin silky smooth. {Just in time to prepare your skin for those summer outfits!}  After using Camille Beckman, my skin feels like I’ve taken a long bath in baby oil!  And the “icing on the cake”, finishing with Glycerine Hand Therapy !  What a great way to start your day!!! especially Monday!


What a lovely stencil design!  I’ve seen so many of you ladies stenciling things around your home.  Kara has several wonderful stencil projects over on her blog that will sure to inspire you! 


You want this lovely giveaway…. I know it!!! 


Here’s your chance to ENTER:

  • Be a Dittle Dattle follower and leave a comment saying “SILKY”

Want more ENTRIES?


That’s three {3} chances to win!! 

Giveaway will close on Sunday, March 6th at 10 pm EST and the winner will be announced Monday March 7th! 

Good Luck Ladies!!!

And a huge thank you to Kara, from Elements Interiors, for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!


Frosted Glass Coaster

I’ve been asked before…… Where do I find my inspiration?

Honestly, most of my creativity comes out of necessity.  Like todays project.  After spending time transforming my son’s Craigslist nightstands, I need or should I say he needs a coaster by his bedside to protect the stand from water rings.

This is what I came up with.


Let me apologize now for the bad photograph.  It really turned out sharp looking but I don’t think my photography is doing it justice.


I played around and came up with a design in SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot).   The “A” is obviously his initial but the font I used is from one of his many Atlanta Braves hats. 

Atlantic Braves Hats

What’s funny is the poor boy doesn’t know the first thing about baseball and finds the sport incredible boring!  He wears them simply for the “A”.  Oh and the Yankee caps are because we are originally from NY.  Sadly this is a small sampling of his ever growing collection.


Back to the project…… I looked around at several stores in search of a square glass or tile that I could use.  While on a recent shopping trip to Big Lots, I stumbled on this candle plate holder.   It’s exactly what I was looking for…. cute little button feet and beveled edges.

I cut out the SCAL design in vinyl and placed it on the clean glass.  Sort of a reverse stenciling.  My original design had another square outline but I simplified it in the end.


Next I sprayed the glass with Frosted Glass by Rust-Oleum.  I also have etching cream that you dip an item into, but that would have etched both sides of the glass.  Not what I want on this project. 

A thought I had while designing the layout…………  instead of frosting just the “A” and the square outline, I reversed it because I thought the  frosted glass would provide a “tooth” to the surface and would keep my son’s drink from sliding off the coaster.  See…. I create out of necessity and (let’s add) common sense! LOL




Here it is setting on his nightstand.  He kind of has a little shrine of himself going on! he he

The little wooden vase is handmade by my Dad.   Yes, I just noticed I have an even number of objects on the nightstand (BIG decorator NO NO) but if you will, picture a tall drink setting on that awesome monogramed coaster and then you have an odd number! lol    I need to make one more for the other nightstand because I noticed a water ring left behind from his friend’s glass.  Grrrr!  The good thing is my son and his best friend both have the same first name.  He’ll think I made one just for him. 

My youngest son wants one too but I will have to come up with something different because…..ummm……..well let’s just say that he’s not the kind of kid that needs glass in his room.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #14

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We had a weekend filled with beautiful weather!  The daffodils have popped open this week and are a refreshing sign that more nice weather is on its way!! Yay.  I hate being cold and it has been a long cold winter here in South Carolina.  Can anyone relate?

I would like to take a moment and make a shout out to Jill of  Envirocraftiness.   Jill is celebrating her 25th birthday by sharing with her readers 25 of her favorite blogs. Isn’t that a cool idea? Yesterday, I was her favorite blog of the day!  Whoo hoo!!  Jill is so sweet and funny.  I’m honored to make the list.   Please hop over and visit Jill.  Oh…. don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday!  Thanks.

Another week of so many amazing projects>>>>

Shutters turned into a headboard by Girl in Air.  Love the funky color!

Lindy from Cottage Hill sewed up a storm in this master bedroom!

Karla from Karla at Home made this sweet slip cover to light and bright up things for the summer!

Kara from Elements Interiors created the night sky in her master bath!  Amazing.

Bles-Id turns Valentines hearts into Shamrocks!  So clever.

Ballard inspired pots by City Girl Gone Costal!



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Dittle Dattle

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dittle Design Dilemma Recap

How ‘bout that FUN filled week of design ideas!

Didn’t Liz, Kara, and Becca just knock it out of the ballpark with all their great ideas and design boards?!?!?  They are too wonderful for words….

If you missed a day, check it out here:

Liz’s Design Board

Kara’s Design Board

Becca’s Design Board

Would you like to know what Jessica’s thought?


Liz’s Design Board-  “Ooooh....I like it.  I love the brown tones and the idea of a cabinet.  I loved her layout. I also loved the use of a chair and ottoman (which actually they all mentioned that).  I also love the fact that she incorporated the color theme that I already had in the room. And the wall sconces are a must……This is great.   So worth the wait……..Liz did an amazing job….”


Kara’s Design Board- “Awesome job, Kara.  I think the accessories that she used were wonderful. And I was very happy with the thought of adding greenery to the small space. One thing that I really loved was not only did she design a beautiful area, but she also mentioned to really try to use some of the resources that I already had. Love that.


Becca’s Design Board-“WOW...I would have never thought of adding birch to the bottom of the door to help hide it. Great idea. Becca I love your design as well.   Her design was simple and elegant at the same time. I really love the fact that she used an actual bookcase in the nook area and mentioned adding family pictures. Perfect idea. I want to be able to relax and read as well as be able to sit and reflect on the wonderful family that God has blessed me with. I also love the artwork that she added.”


“Honestly I loved all three of them so much. They all did an amazing job and have given me so much to think about. I can hardly wait to be able to sit in my own little area and read and relax.Gosh, I love all the designs. Now comes the fun part of putting it all together.”


I would really like to make this a series.   Possibly once a month.  

Anyone out there with a design dilemma?  lol     Needing some ideas or inspiration?  Please feel free to summit your design dilemma and photographs to me via email.

Do you think you have a knack for design?  Are people always telling you how beautifully decorated your home is?  Would like to join in on the FUN and be the next designer on Dittle Design Dilemma?  Please contact me via email.

If I have enough participation, I will continue the series.  Thanks you again to Jessica for sparking the inspiration and for my three wonderful blogger friends, Becca, Liz, and Kara for being just so gosh darn wonderful!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dittle Design #3 “Nook”




Jessica’s Nook


In designing a reading nook for Jessica, I selected pieces that would help create a cozy spot to read, reflect or regroup. A wall color by Sherwin Williams (Restrained Gold, #6129) would serve as a calming, yet softly colorful, backdrop. I would also suggest painting her entire bedroom suite this color, in order to unite the two spaces. For the floor, I chose a neutral, small sisal rug (from Pottery Barn) to rest on top of her gorgeous hardwood floors, anchoring this space. As Jessica mentioned that they don’t *use* the door, I would suggest her handy husband mount an inexpensive piece of birch wood (cut to fit and also painted Restrained Gold) to the lower (solid metal) portion of the door. This will make it appear as though it is part of the wall, while leaving the upper half to appear as a window. A potted plant in front of the door would be a nice addition, as well. I would then replace the dark brown panels currently framing the door with lighter, floral panels (from Pottery Barn). The colors in these panels would also coordinate nicely with the lovely bed quilt in the adjoining bedroom. In order to cut costs, I would order only one 54” wide panel and cut it up the middle, thus making two panels (for the price of one)! I would then mount the panels 1” from the ceiling in order to emphasize the height of the walls. As for seating, I chose a super comfy white Jennylund chair (from IKEA) to be placed to the right of the door, angled out from the corner. And, rather than choosing the large matching ottoman, which might overpower this space, I chose a smaller, whimsical French footstool (from Home Decorators). A tray filled with stacked books would fit nicely on it, or Jessica can rest her feet while reading her favorite decorating magazine! On the wall behind the chair, I would place the framed “Keep Calm and Carry On” print (from to serve as a daily inspirational reminder. I chose a floor lamp (from CSN stores) to sit to the right of the chair to provide ambient lighting. This dual purpose lamp would be great for this space because of its built-in table, which could provide the perfect place for Jessica to rest her favorite beverage. I also chose a small 3-light vintage chandelier (from Quality Discount Lighting) to serve as soft overhead lighting, as well. On the long wall perpendicular to the door, I would anchor a Billy bookcase (from IKEA), to hold Jessica’s favorite books, family pictures and accessories. Lastly, I would place three floating shelves (not pictured) on the angled wall to the left of the long wall. These shelves would serve as the perfect place for more family pictures and simple accessories!

Thank you so much for letting me play in Jessica’s future reading nook! I’m truly flattered to have been part of such a fun feature!


Flat Out Fabulous!

Please visit Becca’s blog for more wonderful decorating ideas!  Thank you, Becca, for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Click here to see a photo of Jessica’s Nook

Liz’s Design Board

Kara’s Design Board


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dittle Design #2 “Nook”




Jessica’s Nook


Designer Notes:

It has been SO FUN working on your "Design Challenge"!  After I emailed with you and found out that you do not have any resources near you { ie, Havertys, Ashley, Potterybarn etc }, I just wanted to present you with some "Inspiration Pieces".  I also wanted to keep in mind, trying to incorporate some of the pieces you already have into the Design of your Space as a whole as we are a Nation "Keeping a Budget" in mind.  I graduated in 1992 { YIKES!  My age is showing } with my Interior Design Degree, and back then we did everything on paper, so I'm a bit "Old School" and have done my floor plan on paper, so please excuse :0)
From your photos, I felt I could come up with a plan incorporating your paint color with no problem.  I think your paint is a beautiful, "Earthy" Golden tone...that, I LOVE!  Earthy colors are "Timeless", so your Gold and Chocolate is PERFECT!  I need to keep this "Somewhat" brief due to space, so just a few Highlights...
My plan incorporates your current Headboard, the drawer dresser, the 2 door 'armoire', your Potterybarn Bench Knockoff {well done Girlfriend!}, and your rocker...all these just moved around a bit.  The "Reading Nook" was the Focus of the plan, so I have spent most of my "Thoughts" on that area, but still trying to marry that space to the overall room.  A little "Trick" I have used MANY TIMES...because its ALWAYS a HIT, is using an area rug hung on the wall as a "Tapestry" might be used { BUT WAY less expensive, YaaHoo! }.  You can find pretty awesome rugs at Lowes, Home Depot, Sam's, Bed Bath and Beyond, even Big Lots!  I would find one to COVER that Troublesome Door you do not use.  This will help make that door just DISAPPEAR!  I’ve shown a few different chair styles and colors that will work in easily, size and color...keeping those colors "Earthy".  You could go with either a smaller round table or, space willing, a longer "Console" type table.  The rest is pretty easily layed out....The Bedding is a great way to unite the reading nook to the bed area.  The window treatments should be a compliment  to the rest of the space, so those are Simple and Clean in design and color.  If you need to help pull a color together, decorative pillows and accessories are the Finishing touches.  You can see in the Space rendering, I have moved your 2 door armoire below the Plasma needs to be "anchored" with a piece below.  Girlfriend...I WISH I had UNLIMITED space, but I don't { Boo! }, but I HOPE you will find some "Inspiration" through the Plan and Pictures I have come up with.
OK you Decorating Diva...have FUN !!!
Elements Interiors 


Are you in total awe of the talent?!?!?

Please hop on over to Elements Interiors to tell Kara how much you love her design ideas! Thanks Kara for all your hard work.

   Come back again tomorrow for another blog designer of

     dittle design dilemma!

Click to see other designs for the reading nook

Liz’s Design Board

Becca’s Design Board


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dittle Design #1 “Nook”



Jessica’s Nook


FINAL-DESIGNER-BOARD-2-1Liz Material listLiz notesLiz 3 D sketch

Pretty amazing huh!!!!! 

Please stop by Liz’s blog  and let her know just how much we love her and her fabulous eye for design!  Thank you sweet Liz :D

Come back tomorrow for another dittle design idea for Jessica’s NOOK!

Click here for more reading nook designs

Kara’s Design Board

Becca’s Design Board


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