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Phase 1- Teen Lounge

Good Morning good looking!  Yes… I’m talking to you!!

Oh, what a beautiful morning it is!  It’s going to be the high of 80 today and I hope to get outside to enjoy every bit of it while I can, because tomorrow it’s only going to get to a high of 52! 

Yes, I believe I mentioned before the crazy weather here in the Carolina’s BUT I love it and wouldn’t want to call any other place on earth home!!!


What have I been up to lately??

Well, months and months ago (like way back in April) I mentioned that I wanted to create a “Teen Lounge” area for my kiddos.     As my kids have gotten older the friends have become CO-ED and this mama is not wild and crazy about them hanging out in their bedrooms! 

Yes, I may be old but I was teen once too…..  I’m down.  I got the 411.  No one is getting jiggy in my house I don’t care how dope my pad is!!          (my teen’s are rolling their eyeballs at me right now.  ha ha)

Anyways,  I got a bit distracted by my foyer, but my daughter has gotten me back on track.  


I have been collecting ideas for months (click to see just some of the inspiration in my Pinterest folder). 

I spent a great deal of time looking for inspiration for making a daybed for this room using the twin mattress that I already had.  The problem is…. this room is small!  A daybed would take up a lot floor space in this room.    I was stuck and had a total mental block for what I wanted to do.  That is until my son and I spotted a brand NEW (with tags still attached) matching sofa and loveseat that just came in at the local flea market! 

It was hard to tell the color of the sofas under the florescent lighting.  I didn’t buy them that day, however,  I went back the next day (in search of something else) when curiosity got the better of me and asked for the going price.  I was shocked at the low low low price tag!!!   Of course, I had to forward a photo to all the kiddos and get the thumbs up before bring them home.

I still can’t tell what color it is.  In different light it sometimes looks gray, a little grayish-aqua-blue, or even a grayish-green color.  



I created a pair of side-tables using pallets left behind from our new roof.    I used this photo below, found on Pinterest, as inspiration.

pallet side table

The side-table in the inspiration image is just two apple crates stacked onto top of one another.


I didn’t have a lot of space to work with so it was a great solution to customize my own side-tables.


For the top I used different widths, shortened the space between boards, and added a small ledge.


I really love the mix of styles between the rustic side-table and the modern mercury glass lamp (purchased from TJ Maxx)!!

My son is not a huge fan of my creation.  I have been thinking about adding some cool stenciling to the sides and my Dad had a great idea of staining them a light weathered gray!

Stay tune…. I might not be done with these Crate Side-Tables.


Here’s a quick over view at where I am now with this room.

The draperies are custom store bought.  Because of the high ceilings, I can not use draperies straight from the store AS IS.   I bought a few cream panels for each side of the window and sewed them together down the length.  Then I removed the hem off each cream panel and added the extra length needed from another curtain panel in brown. 

This wasn’t the look I wanted.  I wanted to have cream draperies from floor to ceiling, but my son happened to be with me and said that he loved his curtains so much that he wanted to do the same in this room. 

OH, and the Pier 1 knock-off clock was from a few months back.  Click here.


There is still a lot on the T0-Do list for this room but it’s coming together nicely. 

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  1. The teen lounge is looking great! It looks better than my adult lounge! Love it all!

  2. AWESOMENESS! Pure Awesomeness. I loved what you did with the pallets. I better not show my boys this lounge, they will say they want to come to your house LOL!

  3. Looks great! Also I love the 10 things I hate about you quote!!! lol

  4. Looking good Carrie! I have a pallet in my garage not exactly sure what to do with, probably because I don't know how to use power tools...I guess I'd better put that on the list to learn in 2012. Don't make the lounge too nice they will never leave, better make a contract :)

  5. This room looks great, Carrie. I love those drapes...a lot! Using pallets as side tables is such a creative idea. Those lamps are nice.
    Your kids are very lucky to have a place to hang out with friends!

  6. I say "GOOD FOR YOU!" for not allowing them in the bedroom. I get so aggravated at parents who wonder why their kid got pregnant. Hello?!? (I know there's other places, but so many happen right in their own home).
    Space looks great! ;)

  7. Love it! I've got to go find me a pallet--now! This would be perfect for my son's room!

  8. Very Cool!! I just love how the room is turning out. Everything works well together to make it a unique space! Love the crate idea too. Glad you like Chase's room! So glad it is finally coming together. I hope you are enjoying your nice day! It is raining and cold here...ugg. However, it's supposed to be sunny for the next 5 days! Yay!

  9. I've Passed the Versatile Blogger Award to you.Here's a link to my blog post about it.

  10. Beautiful Carrie! I would love to run into such a great deal!! LOVE the side tables...can't wait to see the rest!!!

  11. Love those tables! Great idea to use the leftover pallets, a teen lounge is such a great idea!

  12. It's looking great! I'm glad you did the curtains that way, because it reminded me that you had done it before! I think it's a great solution for my living room! The windows aren't nearly as tall, but taller than the norm!

  13. Carrie--I absolutely LOVE what you did! I think everything looks great and so amazing! Super cool :) You're one hip Mom!! He he!

  14. I actually gasped when I saw the thumbnail picture on my sidebar of the teen lounge! It looks FABULOUS, Carrie! The sofa/loveseat is perfect for lounging and it looks microsuede, which will be easy to wipe up any soda spillages. And, I love how you just casually mention how you built those awesome end table out of crates! Once again ... impressing us ALL! The curtains are awesome ... love how thick and plush they are with the brown bottoms! Once again, Carrie ... you rock! xo

  15. I think that room is fabulous and the side tables are amazing!!!! How clever of you to add a ledge! I think they would be gorgeous stained. You are amazing!

  16. Wow what a fantastic space for them to hang out in.

  17. I love this use of pallets. This looks like a great space.

  18. I LOVE it! What a smart idea too to give your teens a nice place to hang out! I have seen so many projects with pallets but never table like these! I would love for you to link them up to our first ever 4th Friday Finale @ Over the Big Moon!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lisa from Over the Big Moon

  19. the room looks GREAT!!! and i love the pallet tables!!!

  20. This is gorrrrrgeous!

    If you're interested in linking up at more parties, I've got one that just started! I'd love to have you!

    Once Upon a Weekend @ Family Ever After, Friday nights

    ps- Newest Follower!

  21. It looks great Carrie! Nice score on the couch!! The tables are so neat. I think using the woodworker's transfer tool on the tables would be so neat. That way you could put whatever images you wanted on there. Please let me know if you try it.

    Have a great day.

  22. Great area for the teens to hang! Love the brown addition to the bottom of the curtains. Gives them a hip look! :)

  23. I really love your apple crate end table! I bet the teens love it!

  24. LOVE the side table! the things people make out of pallets amazes me!! :)

  25. It looks wonderful so far...great end tables, too!

  26. We created teen retreat for our kids too. I am so with you on making sure that the bedrooms are out-of bounds! Your space is so gorgeous-well done!

    I am hosting my weekly Pinning & Singing Pinterest party at the moment and I would be so honoured if you could pop in and link up this post-it is very Pinspirational!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  27. Thank you so much Carrie!!! This made my day!

    Your room looks amazing! Your clock is beautiful!

    I'm a Carolina girl myself!

    Happy Fall!

  28. What a great spot for the kids to hang out. I love the side tables, what do boys know? :) I like the idea that your dad had with the stain. I really love those lamps! I have not seen them at our store. Gorgeous!

  29. That table is so awesome! I cannot wait to create a teen lounge in my house. My oldest is 11 and the youngest is 5. I'm about over the playroom experience! LOL. I'm your newest follower =) I would be delighted to have you stop by and link this up to my VIP party this weekend! Have a safe and happy halloween!

  30. thank you sooo much for linking this amazing room at my party last weekend! you are being featured tonight as one of the top hits! you can stop by and grab a featured button if you'd like. hope to see you again!

  31. What are the measurements for the pallet side tables?

  32. The clock you have hanging up there is beautiful.


  33. You could put clear rope or Christmas lights inside the table and use as a nightlight, or when the lights are low during movie time. They'd be easy to install using the vinyl coated screw in cup hooks. You could also sit the table over a basket that could hold pillows or throws, or sleep over sheets.

  34. Love the tableI I have been looking for unique ideas for pallets lately, so I am thrilled to find this! :) Thanks!


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