Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foyer Chest of Drawers

Please come on in and meet the new member of our family. 


I must start by saying that I am sorry that I teased everyone with all the color options that I shared in my Photoshop collage.   I really am thinking about repainting her (yes, I am going to refer to her in the female sense), but something stopped me quickly….. the approaching holidays!!  

Please , please, please tell me that the majority of you decorate your homes with the holidays in mind.   The color that I am thinking about painting her  just wouldn’t go with my winter holiday decor.  Is that silly?

So if I remember,  in January, I think I might try giving her a new color.


I purchased this sweet chest of drawers at the local flea market about a month ago.  From looking at the before photo you don’t see all the chips on her top and at the drawer edges.  I could have fixed it  and restained, but I have a lot of stained furniture in my home and really wanted to add a painted piece. 


I broke down and placed my first order of chalk paint.  This piece is painted in Old White.




Here is the reason that this piece took me a month to finish~

I added another top over the existing top. (see top left photo)  This was way over my head and I had to have my Dad do most of the work.  Two Poplar planks were glued together, then the edges were routered to marry the two tops, and then stained a dark Walnut.

I used the original knobs.

I love this unique copper emblem from the manufacture in the side of one drawer.  I didn’t show a photograph of it  but the drawers are dovetailed (a sign of good craftsmanship).

In this top drawer there is a divider.(bottom right photo)  I don’t know much about furniture, does anyone know it’s purpose? 

Chest knobs

I was a little shocked at the size of the holes behind the knobs and that’s part the reason why I didn’t change out the knobs.  The other reason is that the ones that I want to replace them with haven’t gone on sale yet.  lol. 


New top in it’s dark Walnut stain.


Ooh la la.  My Pottery Barn mercury pumpkins!!!  Love. Love. Love them. 


Please ignore the awful looking floor.  New floors are the next thing on my to-do list for this foyer!  

Later I will share with you my thought on AS chalk paint.

PS.  Doesn’t the new chest look awesome with the new foyer mirror?!?!



  1. Very pretty love the color and the pumpkins are so cute

  2. I love that chest Carrie! I'm debating on whether or not to order those mercury glass pumpkins (I have a PB gift card - yay) but haven't yet. I did find a gorgeous mercury glass pear today at TJ Maxx and I got it...I can use it all year round.


  3. Looks gorgeous! Love the color. And the mercury pumpkins are so pretty! :)

  4. Yes I do things like that too Carrie. I think you may be better off keeping her neutral..unless you do not mind painting per season LOL. Looks so pretty.

  5. this turned out amazing!!! Love the white with the dark top and LOVEEEE those mercury glass pumpkins!!!

  6. Yes Carrie we are all guilty. We paint neutral so that the holiday colours won't clash. Love your find. Oh the mercury glass. I need to go shopping at pottery barn.

  7. This is beautiful! I wish I had a foyer.

  8. I love her, she's so pretty! Yes.. I'm one of those that think about my decor and if it will clash with holiday colors! I love the dark finish you added to the new top.
    Your mercury pumpkins really stand out nicely on the dark top. I like the original knobs, too.
    You're so lucky to have your dad to help you out. How awesome! I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on the AS paint.
    I think she turned out fabulous!

  9. Love her. Really beautiful. The top looks amazing. I really like that you left most of the top bare to show that great wood. You are a lucky lady to have your Dad still around to help. I am sure he enjoys being needed and appreciated.

  10. Hi Carrie, I love your entry piece. It has such a presence about it! And I just adore the mercury glass pumpkins. Very pretty! My home is painted in reds, golds, and green. Do you think we had the holidays in mind?? LOL!

  11. I paint my whole house with the holidays in mind and try not to do any colours in the 'main' areas of the house that might clash with any of the major holidays!

    Love the dresser and really love the pumpkins!

  12. Oh my gosh, Carrie that looks amazing. I see you waved your paint brush and worked your magic. I am sooooo impressed. I love all the distressed detail. Your fall display really stands out and I love the mirror. Love it all, girl!! XO ~Liz

  13. Love the chest of drawers, the mirror, the pumpkins, well I guess all of it. Just gorgeous!

  14. Looks great Carrie! I love the color :) And I love the pumpkins too :)

  15. My heart went pitter pat when I saw this chest of drawers, Carrie. Seriously. It. Is. Gorgeous. I can't even begin to imagine how that top came together but whatever it took, the whole thing looks beautiful! (And you're really making me antsy for chalk paint one day!!)

  16. Girl, I LOVE it! And, am so happy you went with Old White. Does this paint not rock? You did a beautiful job distressing ... and, the new top is amazing ... as always, impressed with your skills! Loving our mercury pumpkins, too ... did I tell you I found two more at Tuesday Morning for only $9.99?! The lights look fantastic in them ... so much brighter than mine ... I had to put battery operated votives in mine since I don't have an outlet close by. Waaaa. Again, well, well done ... looks perfect in your great space!

  17. So beautiful Carrie! I love everything about your foyer! You have such a beautiful sense of style and taste girly! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. That is a beautiful chest and you did a GREAT job! It is also the perfect color!

  19. Carrie she is GORGEOUS!!!! You did an amazing job and I had to giggle when you said decorate your house with the holidays in mind because I was just thinking of changing some paint color so I could decorate for all the holidays if I wanted!! LOL!
    I love the pumpkins, I saw those and drooled!!
    Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  20. Carrie you put the Dittle Dattle in this restyle! I'm loving it, it looks perfect and I love the pumpkins too. Isn't it crazy that we can't enjoy our completed projects to the fullest because we are always ready to move onto the next ?! I'll see you Monday have a great weekend.

  21. YES! I love what you did with this....this is gorgeous.

  22. Beautiful! Perfect for your entry way under the AMAZING mirror. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Turned out great! Love the white!

  24. That is really beautiful! Great job Carrie!

  25. I love what you did with this chest! Looks so GOOD!!!! The pottery barn mercury pumpkins aren't to shabby either! I gotta get some of those:) Visiting from The Idea Room

  26. I absolutely love her! Gorgeous and those pumpkins are so pretty!! You really have a great sense of style.

  27. I say, leave her the color she is now......she's gorgeous!!

  28. Carrie, it's gorgeous!! I love it! And I kinda like the knobs!

  29. Perfect, Carrie! Love how it goes with your entryway which I don't think green or red or most colours would.

  30. Carrie it is sooo beautiful!! A true inspiration piece! Makes me want to finally dive in and paint our buffet in the dining room!

  31. Love it! The Old White is such a warm white. Love the built up top, too! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Carrie, this is absolutely my favorite foyer in all of blogland. The chest is absolutely perfect! I totally understand not wanting to paint it so it is more neutral for the holidays. I love the antique white with the dark wood and that mirror. Oh my how I am drooling over the mirror. Would you share where you got that? I may have to find it! I want to move the main painting over my fireplace because it has too many colors that don't look fall'ish to me or wintery! I get your neutral thing!!!!

  33. Carrie, The chest is beautiful! I am in love with the mirror too. Thank you for joining the Open House party.

  34. I forgot to tell you I am a new follower.
    :) Sherry

  35. Great makeover on the chest! Those mercury pumpkins are beautiful!


  36. Hi, I just found your blog at Savvy Seasons. I love the transformation of these drawers, they turned out lovely. I love the ASCP in Old White. I have a couple projects that it's getting used on. Your mirror is awesome! Your newest follower,

  37. Love, love, love it, Carrie! The furniture piece and the way you transformed it is so pretty. Beautiful mercury glass pumpkins!
    :) CAS

  38. Oh Carrie...just lovely! Not sure what your thoughts are on ASCP, but this piece is just gorgeous...the distressing is smooth and really adds to the overall beauty. I am a lover of the stained top with painted bottom look.

    A lovely soft statement...well done. Love the pumpkins!

    janet xox

  39. I really love your mercury pumpkins.



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