Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #41

Hello again!

Thank you for visiting yet another fabulous Amaze Me Monday blog party!

I have have spent the week tweaking and futzing with my fall decorations.  Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy.  I have seem to find myself  distracted by too many other things, like furniture arranging,  some much needed dusting, and day dreaming about the next room I’m going to paint. 

Let me ask you a question? 

How do you decorate for the fall????

  • a)   Do you stay in one room until it’s done and then move to the next?
  • b)  Work on one space at a time (mantle, bookcase, or table top)?
  • c)  Pull out an object from the storage box and find a home for it?
  • d)  Commit to decorating a room, lose focus and try to work on one section of the room until half way through you realize an object would look better in another room, and then completely start working in another room?

I bet you can guess which way my fall decorating has been going!  Yep, I have been a complete scatter brain and have to call it a day.   It’s is coming along slowly nicely and I hope to have some photos to share this week.



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  1. Thanks for hosting again!

    I decorate by taking something out of the storage box and then walking around my house like a lunatic until I find just the right spot for it! (even then I sometimes move it again!)

  2. Thanks for hosting, Carrie! =)

    I go "FALL-CRAZ-E" and take out all my fall storage bins and get to work. I drag them all into the house and usually make a huge mess and go room by room until I'm done. I clean up (days later), light my fall candles, and sit back and enjoy the fruits of my! Umm, and maybe sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte while I'm at it. HA! Love fall!

  3. Hi Carrie and thank you for hosting your fun party! Hope you've had a nice weekend
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I am always moving things around from one spot to another when I decorate. I'm slowly getting my fall decorations out. The weather is starting to get cooler so it puts me in that mood to bring out the pumpkins.
    mmmm...a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  5. I don't do as much decorating as I used to. Thanks for the linky party!

  6. Linking up for the first time. Thanks for hosting! New follower =)

  7. Hope the linky is just down for a bit. Have been trying and I can't seem to link to the party this week.

  8. Thanks for hosting....So many great ideas!

  9. Trying to link up but all parties using Linky are allowing me to link up.
    Hope to link up later.

  10. OOPS!. They are NOT allowing me to link up.

  11. Carrie, thanks for hosting this great party! I'm a newbie, so this is a first for me. So many inspirational photos. I'm excited to visit them all!

  12. Hi Carrie. thank you so much for hosting all of us and the wonderful inspiration! look forward to visiting all the others as well!


  13. Thanks for hosting! I'm your newest follower and will add you to my page of link parties on my blog. :)

    I'm planning to start decorating for Fall today, and I have a feeling that I'll also be a little scatter brained about it! I typically end up pulling things out, placing them in the room they belong, and then working room by room to arrange everything just right. We'll see how it goes this year with a one-year-old running around everywhere! ;) Have a great week!

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  14. Since I live in Florida the "fall" like weather doesn't come in to play until November/December, and since we decorate like crazy for Halloween we start decorating in September so we can enjoy it in October. So my Fall decor (pumpkins, fall leaves, etc) don't go up in our house until November in time for Thanksgiving. With that being said my house currently looks like Halloween has thrown up in it... I'm a little every where and can't just concentrate on one room. boo.

    Thanks for hosting!

  15. I bring everything downstairs and try to do one room at a time. I am trying to link up but having a problem. Hopefully, I can later...


  16. Hey Carrie! My decorating consists of: "Gosh, I need to so something"--the first thing (pumpkins, leaves) I happen to find gets used. I don't store a lot of full stuff.

  17. Hi Carrie,
    Ideas For The Home
    We have downsized quite a bit with this home. That can be good and bad. The limited space can make one think of new ways to incooperate items. The seasons change but not necessarily the decor in all aspects. I sometimes have to add little touches of color for Fall and Winter, and take away color for Spring and Summer. This container of flowers is one such item that has colors that can take it through all of the seasons with the exception of Christmas. I guess I am frugal....My favorite of course is to cut flowers from the flower gardens. Fresh is always the best, but not always available. Sometimes you have to improvise.

  18. Hi Carrie,this is the first time I'm joining this fun party and I'm now following you. Thanks for hosting! I'm looking forward to visiting all these inspiring links. Have a wonderful week~Poppy

  19. Oh, I am definitely a "C"! Everything looks like a bomb exploded in the house before it all gets put back together again. LOL! I'm so thrilled to be linking up with you this week and appreciate you hosting this super fun party Carrie! :-)

  20. Definitely find places for things out of the storage box. You would think somehing could go into the same room year after year, but usually the landscape has changed so much in the last year, everything needs a new home. :P

  21. Thanks for hosting! So I have this tendency to get everything out and displayed and then I proceed to change everything around for the next 4 days. Nothing ends up where it was originally placed (unless it was moved 3 other places and then back to the original spot).

  22. Hi Carrie! I am a "B". I work on one spot at a time. After tha spot is done, I move on to a different area. Thanks for hosting!

  23. Just found out about your blog from a friend... how exciting to see all links. Re: Fall decorating...I pull everything out and try my best to get everything done in one day. As the years have gone by however, I notice I'm keeping things much simpler and use a lot of natural elements... It's a season I look forward to every year!. I'll be looking forward to your pictures!

  24. Linking up here for the first time!! New follower. Thanks for hosting!!

    Come visit us @

  25. Girl,! LOL ... totally scatterbrained when it comes to decorating for the holidays. All over the place, for sure! I can't wait to visit linkies at your gathering ... look at all that Fall! Woo Hoo ... thanks for hosting, friend! xo

  26. I like to leafs that fall from the tree and put them all over my house. That is how I decorate for fall.



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