Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Umbrella Stand & Side Table

As soon as I sat my Pottery Barn knock-off chaise lounges in the back yard I just knew that I had to have the Umbrella Stand Table too!!  Pottery Barn has this lil’ table listed in the catalog for $299.  Ouch!  A little rich for my blood.  Even the PB outlet price was $199. for this 20” table.

Me, I have ZERO deniro  invested for money and only 1 days worth of labor.  Yep, I am still working through the pile of pressure treated wood that once was my parents old deck.  I’m sure I have another project or two left before it’s gone.



Remember I showed you that I had been designing my own table using Google Sketch-Up

It came to life rather well, but I will admit that if I had to redo this Umbrella Stand Table over I would have used an even number of slats for the top.  And the reason why…….  when cutting out the 2” hole for the umbrella, the center would fall between two slats instead of one like mine did.  I did have to reinforce the bottom prior to making the hole.


I love end of the season sales!  It allows me to actually shop at places that I usually just go to window shop (like Pottery Barn and Pier 1).    However, you are faced with the added challenge finding all the items you need, as well as, mixing and matching colors. 

I showed you the navy blue PB umbrella that I pick up for a steal a few weekends back, but blue didn’t go with anything that I already had.    I need an inspiration fabric to pull all the colors together……

Can you believe that I found this perfect outdoor pillow at Home Depot? (on sale of course!) 

Stay with me for my next couple of post when I show you how the new color palette as it comes together!


A quick note of yesterday and today’s agenda~

I am finally getting my new roof from the horrible storm back in May and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I spotted some water leaks in the attic!  I was in a total panic at the thought that my newly painted second floor and foyer would be ruined Sad smile


I must say one thing before I close out this post. 

Without the Kreg Jig, that my Dad bought when I was making the Chaise Lounges, this cute little stand would have screw or nail heads showing all over it.   The Kreg Jig places all the screw holes from inside, leaving you with a nice clean look on the outside.  Thanks Dad.



  1. Love the umbrella stand!! You must be loving your outdoor space! We too had some crazy hail rip through our neighborhood and people have been replacing their roofs like crazy. We have a guy coming out to check on ours... but the weather said another hail storm is headed our way this week... so we'll see. Hope your damage is minimal!

  2. Love the table! It looks fantastic! We love our Kreg jig, too. Can't wait to see the whole patio reveal.

  3. Hi Carrie, Wow! That umbrella stand turned out great! Looking forward to seeing your whole patio! I'm glad you are finally getting your roof. We got a new roof a few years ago due to some gigantic hail. Have a great day! Kristen

  4. Wow. What a wonderful job on the umbrella stand. I had never heard of a Kreg jig before. Thanks for sharing that info with us.
    Good luck with the new roof.

  5. What a wonderful job on the umbrella stand. I would love to relax in your outdoor space! ;)

    Good luck w/the roof, Carrie.


  6. You did a beautiful job with them!! I'm glad you're getting your roof fixed before it ruins your new paint job!

  7. Carrie that awesome!!! Your did a great job! ooh that jig sounds so cool, I think I might have to see if Santa would bring me one. :)

  8. This is great! I keep looking at umbrella stands for my table and am too cheap to buy one (I've been using a pot filled with sand). This is waaaay cuter.


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