Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life’s Adventures

I’m going to share a few recent occurrences that have happened to me over the pass two days, just so you can laugh along with me.  Honestly, I was not laughing while in the mist of these mishaps, but some how, now, laughing keeps me grounded.

Up first…..

I mentioned on the Amaze Me Monday party post that I made a quick trip to Kentucky over the weekend for a MX race for the boys.  Now most of these dirt tracks are out in remote locations and I don’t think to much about being stranded in a field in the middle of nowhere.  So when the GPS lead us off an exit and on to a gravel road, it wasn’t a big deal.  I did look over to the Hubs and asked him if he saw a sign for the track before leaving the paved road….. He did answer.  Not more than a few hundred feet on this road I realized this in not going to be good.


( Photos taken from my cell phone)

Do you see how narrow this road is? 

In my most calm voice (anyone that knows me knows that does not even exist) I looked at my husband and remarked, “What if someone else is coming the from the opposite direction?”  There isn’t any shoulder to the road, only a large drop off into a cliff.   I’m not exaggerating either!

About a mile on this road (notice there isn’t a place to turn around) the road changes from gravel to sand.  Wet soupy sand.  The Hubs starts to speed up and I YELL, “Slowwww Down!”

He exclaims that if he slows down we’re going to be stuck!


About two miles in we find a cross road to make a 101 point turn around!  With my biggest eyes (and they are huge even at unpanicing times) and whiniest voice, I say…… “I don’t want to go back on that road.”  The Hubs calms my nerves and says, “I don’t want to either.”

At this point I am putting away my phone and everything else because the RV is swaying back and forth from the uneven road (if you want to call it that?  more like a logging trail!) and the RV is fish tailing it from the rear, sliding in the soupy sandy muck, and all I think to do is put all objects that can become  flying missiles to my head away.  Really all I could envision was us rolling over and over again down the side of the mountain.

When we finally rolled back on to asphalt, everyone breathed a bit easier and started to share their stories of how freakin’ scared they were.  Literally I was shaking.  A million prayers have been said since Saturdays fright!

DANG YOU GPS for sending us down the wrong road!!!

I honestly don’t think I could recapture what we went through.  The closest thing would be the part of the movie “RV” when Robin Williams is driving the RV by himself through the woods.

Funniest move ever!

I told the kids that we just discovered the original “Wilderness Trail” that Daniel Boone blazed. The irony….  the MX track is named Daniel Boone!  No lie.

Next up……

On the way home from Kentucky, the radio station said NO RAIN in sight for two days in our area.  

Then yesterday afternoon I wanted to get outside to put my deck furniture back in order (had to take every thing down for the roofers) when  the clouds started to get a dark shade of gray.  So I called my neighbor, my mom, to discuss the weather.  As I am talking to her, she ask me what that sound is?  I told her I’m standing next to the window and I think it’s all the loose stones from the new shingles that went up last week.   When it dawned on me… that it wasn’t loose stones or other debris from the roof but in fact it was HAIL! 


I ask you….

Who has this kind of luck?

Who has a new roof installed because of a wind and hail damage only to have it HAIL only days after the new roof gets put on?


Thanks for letting me vent and sharing a laugh or two with me.

When I was younger, early twenties, my folks and I  had a psychic reading.  JUST FOR FUN!  The psychic told me that my life (mostly my kids) would keep me on roller-skates.  If it was one thing it would be another.  She wasn’t kiddin’!!



  1. OMG! What an adventure! Glad you made it out of there without getting stuck. What a crazy couple of days! Did you climb up and check out the roof after the storm?

  2. Nothing like life throwing you a bunch of curves!

  3. My pulse was racing reading this post. Ugh! I hate the idea of driving on a road that isn't safe. I'm so glad you were able to get turned around safely!

    Sorry about the hail! I hope your new roof did well through the storm.

    Have a great week.

  4. Whew! Girl I was scared for you on that narrow road lol. Reminds me of my snow field adventure. My GPS likes to try to kill me I'm convinced so I replaced her with one that doesn't like to talk to me until the last possible minute lol

  5. OH MY GOSH that must've been so scary getting lost!!! Good you can laugh now...but not so funny at the time! I can't believe that hail either...CRAZY! What are the odds of that happening RIGHT AFTER you re-do the roof?!!!!
    I hope this week goes much, much better for you!

  6. AH! That sounds like a couple unwelcome adventures...but I'm glad you survived 'em both! :) What timing with the roof, though!!!

    Earlier this summer we were up at a friend's family cabin and decided to drive around the area so she could show us some places she explored as a kid. We hopped in our cars and we followed them through town. When her husband turned onto a gravel road we thought it a bit odd but she walkied back that she was pretty sure it was the right way, and if not, it'd be "the scenic route". So we followed them down this narrow gravel road, thinking the same thing as you (what happens if somebody comes) but it turned out to be an ATV route! (Apparently we all missed the sign!) So here we are, a few 4-wheelers driving past giving us some eyebrows, and we're unable to turn around anywhere (they had a minivan and any turnarounds were much too narrow yet). After a LONG drive, we made it to a real road again! :)

  7. I had to go ahead & read the end to make sure you were okay before I could finish reading the middle! I'm glad you are all okay. Hope you didn't get any damage from the hail.
    :) CAS

  8. Sounds like you have had an exciting (and scary) couple of days! I wanted to let you know you won the UPrinting giveaway!

  9. We've been stuck in sandy muck before. Not fun! So happy to know y'all didn't get stuck on that road.
    What are the odds you would get hail just days after the new roof install!

  10. My GPS takes me to the incorrect address a lot.
    I have put an address in where I know where it is to test my GPS it has failed . So now I don't like relying on it in larger cities

  11. LOL! Yes the GPS sometimes has it out for us too!

  12. Oh my gosh! What a weekend! We had a bad hail storm a week or two ago...my car got it pretty bad... :( She's only 4 months old and now is very dent-y and has about a 16" crack in the windshield. Finally got in with my insurance company for next week, so then it hopefully won't be too long until it's fixed! Also, your gps story reminds me a little of the episode of the office where Michael drives the car into a pond because the GPS told him too! lol

  13. Wow, that is just weird! After you get your roof fixed because of hail damage, you get another hailstorm? That’s just strange! I hope there wasn’t heavy damage this time around. No big hail stones that can really destroy things, though. And thankfully, no one got hurt during the storm. At least you know your new roof held up! I’d say it’s a baptism of fire, but hail isn’t made of fire, is it? Haha!

    Rodney Orton

  14. Oh! That was not good for your roof. Was there any damage to your roof? What's your roof material, by the way? If it was asphalt material, I suggest that you replace it with a metal roof, so that you wouldn't have to worry if there would be hail storm again.

    Mary Martin

  15. You were very lucky that you got the new roof. At least it was sturdy enough to protect you. If it was the old roof it could have given over and have done worse damage to your property. I am just glad you were safe. Let’s hope that the roof was able to hold up, if not then you can use the insurance to have the roof repaired or changed.

    Will Peartin

  16. “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” There are so many mottos about life, but one thing they have in common is that it is unpredictable. Philosophers have thought about life, and in the end they just say: "Life is a mystery in itself.”. Aside from that, I’m glad you are all safe. I know hail is dangerous, but how is your roof? Being new, I hope it only suffered minimal damage.

    Kermit Lukacs


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