Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If only I had a pool!

Hello there! 

My little sanctuary is kind-of-sort-of coming together.  I say that because right now my backyard looks nothing like this at all.  In fact, all the backyard “goodies” are piled up in a heap as the new roof is going on.  I did have the whereabouts within me to take some photos the night before construction started, hence, the very dark photos.  


I stained the chairs and the stand with SW’s solid deck stain in “Lodge Brown”.

*The “SPA” blue umbrella is leaning because I just plunked it down in the stand while it awaits the base to finished (DIY concrete in a flower pot with a PVC pipe in the center).


For some reason I was thinking that I had this plan in my inspiration file for along time.  For me to complete a project in one year’s time is not bad at all!!!  Giving myself a “You go girl” pat on the back!

I’m not sure if the plans can be order from Lowe’s or even downloaded off their website, but I did stumble on to The Design Confidential blog that has a printable plan for the PB Chaise Lounge,  the PB Umbrella Stand and Side Table, plus pretty much the entire collection of PB Chesapeake outdoor furniture!! 

Might I add, if you are planning on making a chaise lounge for yourself, please, don’t skip on the wheels.  They are heavy and it will require two people.   I was able to move the lounge chairs out of the garage and to the backyard by myself with easy even with a sore neck.


These lounge chairs are so comfy!  I love that I was able to snag the cushions from PB outlet at such a great price.   I am not crazy about the stone color.  What??? between the kids and the dogs, I don’t see them staying clean for very long.


Let me tell you about the coming of this color palette.

  • It first started with a few purchases from Pottery Barn Outlet. Lounge Chair Cushion in stone and a Navy Blue Umbrella.
  • I was thinking nautical or even patriotic at this point.
  • Last Friday, I pick up a Double Chaise Lounge Cushion in a Jade Green and Stone stripe. (oh you haven’t see that yet?  Follow me on Facebook for all my sneak peaks.)
  • Then over the past weekend I picked up another great umbrella from Pier 1 in the prettiest “SPA” blue.
  • Now I am panicking a wondering how I am going to pull all these colors together?!?!?
  • And luck would be on my side when I spot this pillow (pictured above) at Home Depot.  It has all the colors….. Navy blue, Spa blue, and Jade green!     Most designers would have started with this pillow as their color inspiration but I’m different.  I like to make it hard on myself for one and let the end-of-the-season-sales be my inspiration!  lol


Oh, so I also snagged some new chair cushions and a few extra pillows for the dinette set.  The bamboo placemats I have had for years but have never used (price tags still attached).  With the recently overhead construction going on, I will have to wait to do a more spectacular tablescape.  This outdoor set is in need of some TLC.   I do have some plans for this table, just not sure if I will get to it this season. 



  1. Looking really great Carrie. I love how you placed those place mats on the table...really neat. Have a great day.

  2. It's looking amazing! Love the color palette! They're perfect for poolside living. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So far so good, I can only imagine how it will look when you're done, picture perfect.

  4. I love everything you've all looks so wonderful! XO ~Liz

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Love the fabric on the pillows! Home Depot did have some pretty pillows this year. Kristen

  6. Love how the lounge chairs look...and with the umbrella...everything looks GREAT! Well done :)

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I love that it is all coming together so well and on sale. You inspire me with your "make it work" attitude. That color combo is great as well. I can't wait to see it all done up.

  8. Everything looks wonderful!! I love the colors!!

    And, wheels.....thanks for the tip! I would have not thought of that!

  9. Carrie how relaxing looking. It looks great!

  10. Looks soo nice, I lake it!
    Kisses and happy weekend:)

  11. Wow...I am so jealous! Got to talk to the hubby about doing this...we got the tools....just need to DO IT!
    Hope your roofers are neat freaks and pick up all the mess when they are done!

  12. You did an absolutely amazing job! A big yahoo to you lady!


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