Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before Blogging Project- Wall Paper Projects in the Kitchen

The last “Throwback Thursday” I showed you my Breakfast Room Curtains, so I thought I would continue in the kitchen with some more before blogging projects.


Not knowing what to do with the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, I added a wallpaper boarder to give a splash of a color and pattern, allowing me to minimize the accessories.

Christmas Kitchen

I know a few of you went crazy asking me questions about the tri-fold screen that you all catch a glimpse of when I showed my kitchen decorated for the holidays. 


I have a corner sink and knew right away that I need help hiding the dust and cobwebs that would gather back in that far corner that I could not reach so I made myself this tri-fold screen.   I removed it from behind the sink so that I could photograph it better. (okay, the truth is that there are dirty dishes in the sink and I haven’t had time I have made one of the kids do them yet.) 

Here’s how I did it:

cut out three boards to a shape that I liked, the green is the ceiling paint, the center is a creamy white, I went around the outside with a gold paint pen,  ModPodge the wallpaper cut out to the center of each screen, applied a crackle finish, added a dark Umber glaze to highlight the crackle, and finally combined them together with a hinge.


Close up of the cut out wallpaper and crackle finish.


Close up of gold paint pen finish, and hinges.


The same treatment I used to make a coordinating clock


and trivet.

The trivet was made by my Dad.  He framed a floor tile and added little wooden balls to the bottom side.  I add a picture hook to the back side allowing me to hang the trivet when not in use, doubling as artwork.


Close-up of trivet and crackle finish.

I have already had a busy morning…. cleaned the truck, sanded down the chest that I bought at the local flea market (oh, haven’t seen the chest yet?  Follow me on Facebook), washed down the siding and the back deck, edited and wrote this very post, and now I need to take a quick shower and go to work! 

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Hope you have a productive day as well,





  1. Amazing makeover Carrie, amazing!!!
    I lake it!

    Kisses and nice weekend:)

  2. Love this! I love that you were able to use the paint and wallpaper from the room to create accessories. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.

  3. I love it all!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. I all looks so homey and comfy! When's supper?

  5. Very cute AND creative....I ♥ it!

  6. This looks fantastic! Love it!

  7. Hi - this is my second post navigating around you super site. I want to learn how to do sewing projects and also am so impressed with your little wood creations. Can you please share what basic power tools a novice like me (in my 50's - is it too late?) would need for such crafts. Keep up the creativity. It's a gift!

  8. I love both the clock and the painted picture of the collection of fruits.



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