Thursday, July 28, 2011

MX Nationals

Loretta Race

I’m going to take a break from blogging.  Not because I want to but because where I am going does not have great service.  I will be at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in TN for the amateur motocross nationals.  I know… weird place for a motocross race but this is the biggest of the year for an amateur motocross racer. 

Loretta's Lynn's MX start

The story goes that Loretta’s husband was a huge fan of dirt bikes and dirt bike racing.   He built a track and only one week out of the year is the track raced on.     Between tore-up nervous, feeling like the sun literally sat down on the place, being stuck in an RV for 10 days, and being around all the male testosterone,  I most certainly do not call this a vacation!  Plus, and this a biggie, my husband’s boss went in to the hospital a week ago and he won’t be able to go out with us.  I’ve been to races before were it’s just me and the kids but like I said before, THIS. IS. THE. BIGGEST. RACE. OF. THE. YEAR.  

Over 22,000 riders will try out to attend this one race.  A rider must pass through at both a local and regional level in order to qualify to go onto the top national ranking.  Just going to the nationals earns you the right to say that you  are ONE OF THE TOP 40 FASTEST RIDERS IN THE NATION FOR YOUR AGE!  You must be physically fit in order to race this demanding track for 20 minute plus 2 lap all in a 100+ temperatures!   

I so proud of my son for making 5 years!   

But after the crazy busy weeks that I have had, I am afraid that I will be bored out of my mind!  What will I do for 10 days while the boys are outside running around, swimming,  racing golf cards (if you aren’t on a dirt bike you find the next best thing to race), scouting out girls, jumping off high cliffs, and attending all the other functions that they have planned when the boys are not on the track racing?  I have been racking my brain to come up with something (a craft or two) that I can do to keep my hands busy.  With all the other prep work that it has taken to get ready, I don’t even have the time to prepare a craft anyways. 

Looks like I will be reading a lot, taking my usual morning walk (about 3 miles) up by Loretta’s house, editing photographs, and getting some much needed rest. 

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  1. I returned from vacation now and again continue to follow your blog.
    Beautiful photos full of adrenaline!

    I am sending you a big greeting and a kisses:)

  2. I wish I could see you! You are a little far though. I wish you could come to Nashville while you are here . I could show you around and take you to some thrift stores! Let me know if you come close! Good Luck to the boys!

  3. Hey! You may know Will McRacken and his mother Susie. I work with Susie. When they went to the last race I was telling her about reading your blog and your name and she knew you! Small world. We're from Laurinburg NC. The McRacken's left today for the race. Here's hoping they all do well and stay safe!

  4. Enjoy and rest up! I am sure you will as there isn't a whole lot to do in that area!! We camped there one time and just did a lot of walking and hiking! Congrats to your son. That is such an accomplishment!

  5. Great blog =]
    I am following you for obvious reasons ;] would love for you to check me out as well

  6. Good luck to your son! We are a MX family also. My kids don't race at that level though.

    What a small world through a blog Angelchi... my son races and is friends with Will at Wide Open MX right there in Raeford.

  7. Good Luck!! I've had no problem with getting a connection, but today is the first day I've logged onto a computer, because I figure I can't give my boys a hard time about being glued to their laptops if I am, too. It's too bad about the hubs not being able to go. I hope you're able to find some time for yourself to relax.

  8. First, good luck to your boys! Secondly, sounds like a wonderful opportunity to catch up on the 3R's - resting, reading, & relaxing!
    :) CAS

  9. Best of luck !! I hope you get to take a few fun drives around the area and take in the sights !! Safe travels, friend ....

  10. Good luck to your son at Loretta Lynn's. I know you said you wouldn't have internet access, but just on the off chance that you do, I thought I would post :) Be sure and check out my cousins at their 811 Foundation booth at the races. They will have information on proactive injury prevention. The foundation is in honor of Josh Lichtle #811 who passed away July 4 after suffering heat stroke during an MX race in Michigan.

  11. Most be so exciting to watch this race.



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