Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foyer~ Part 2

The new addition to the foyer 

a pair of 

DIY Demi Tables!!

Overhead view of foyer

I am so over joyed at the results!   The table/disk  didn’t cost more than $20, however,  the fabric was a bit of a splurge.  Up till now I have managed to keep my foyer decorating cost very low.

I  realize that the flooring that I currently have needs to be replaced.  For now I’ll just have to live with it, but hoping to have it replaced this fall. 

Foyer Part 2

Okay I’m rambling on about all the things I still want to, need to, wish to do in the foyer and what I really need to be talking about is how I made these tables……

DIY Demi Table

I purchased a round disk, measuring 24” across, at Lowes  (Home Depot no longer sells them)  found in the moulding isle.   Then I had my Dad cut in half for me. 

Demi table Bracket

I made a bracket to mount the half round disk to the wall.  My original plan was to mount the disk to the wall using simple metal L brackets but my genius father suggested this type of bracket so if the table on the left side of the front door (at the foot of the stairs) could be removed (when hauling large objects up and down the stairs) with easy.  The wedge in the bracket makes a snug fit and holds it tight but it still can be lifted off.

Foyer Demi table skirt

Foyer Demi Table trim

I found the fabric and trim at Hancock Fabrics.  Actually I found several that I really liked, but this one was still in my budget.  I wanted a fabric that was classic yet with a contemporary flare.  I think this fabric does just that with it’s swirled pattern.

I sewed a simple half skirt and stapled it to the back of the table.  The best thing about the easy accessible brackets is that it will allow me to change out the skirt quickly.  I would love to have several of them for the different seasons and holidays! 

Left side of foyer

Traditional Foyer

Foyer lamp

I found the lamps at a bargain discount store (Fred’s) on sale for $7.50 each!  The lamps measure 22”, a bit shorter than what I was hoping to get.  Not to worry, I thinking of a way to solve that problem. 

Potpourri Box

Here is a lovely potpourri box that my parents made me!

Foyer skirted demi table

Okay, I don’t want to hear it…. I know the candy dish is empty!  I’m a bad hostess.  Actually, that candy dish is just holding the spot until the silver palmetto (SC state tree) dish that I’ve had my eye on goes on sale!!!

Foyer demi table


That’s a lot of photos for one post!

My foyer is taken on quite a traditional style.  I’ve never felt like I would classify my style as one way over another, but rather, I enjoy all styles to some degree.   I’m a bit nervous that this foyer is leaning heavily on traditional.  I am currently in search for a new mirror for the opposite wall.  Will I shake it up and find something totally unexpected? 

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  1. Clever lady! They totally look like full tables instead of just little ledges. I like it!

  2. Beautiful work dear Carrie, I lake it!
    Kisses and happy weekend.

  3. They look terrific! I'd never guess they were just ledges. Love that you went with the french cleats. Very clever! Love the fabric you chose - so pretty! That potpourri bowl is gorgeous! Your parents do such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a clever idea Carrie. I have to say the fabric was worth the splurge.

  5. Love, love, love !! These look gorgeous, Carrie !! Genious way of making them, too ... and, the fabric was worth the splurge, for sure !! xo

  6. Lovely entrance! Your table idea is adorable; I know this is crazy, but I love the black touches of the hinges to the white doors too--I'm replacing mine just like this. Everything looks great!

  7. Hi Carrie! Oh, these look wonderful and you made them! You're my idol! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Very clever and creative Carrie! They look amazing! Martina

  9. You table idea is awesome, and they look great!! What a clever come up with everything girl :) I ♥ the fabric and the trim!

  10. Everything looks beautiful. I love the fabric you chose. Now just fill that candy dish and you will be fine...LOL

  11. Really lovely and it looks great.

  12. i dropped the S bomb when i saw your sneaky disc ways. i know, i have told you before, but genius.

  13. Great job with the tables and kudos to your Dad for the great (and very versatile plan).

    Love how you used the tassel trim on the edge of the table too.

    (I never post tons of photos so I find what you've done appalling and shocking) LOL :)

  14. Hi Carrie, your entry way is stunning, great job!
    have a great 4th,

  15. You have done a fantastic job on your foyer it looks just gorgeous and the tables I would have never thought they were a lil slab of wood cant wait to see what you do for xmas!!!

  16. What a wonderful idea. There's nothing a little wood, ingenuity and lots of great fabric, can't make look better.

  17. I am picking my jaw off the floor - this is GORGEOUS and CLEVER and amazingly stylish! I am following now AND I have pinned several of your pics to my "foyer" Pinterest board because now I want a shelf like yours! :) Thank you so much for posting about it!!

  18. I love that glass design that is on your door. Really pretty.



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