Monday, February 14, 2011

Vinyl Water Bottles

Thank you to everyone that left sweet and encouraging messages about my long stay house guest and the stinky septic system problem.  Two things that I would rather not be blogging about!  ha 

I can’t rest just yet….. see I coach the swim team at the YMCA and this weekend we head to championships!  It will be a long week of extended practices followed by a long weekend.  Then I should be back to my regular schedule of crafting, creating, decorating!  And let’s not forget gardening!  The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate this week and provide lots of sunshine.  Love it!


Valentine’s Day gifts for the kiddos {and me}

I have been searching for a long time, way back in September, for some stainless steel water bottles.  But not just any bottle (I’ll explain in a minute).

We go through an insane amount of disposable water bottles and I would like to control that amount!

It’s funny how things just appear before your eyes when you stop really looking!  I was in Lowes with the whole family…. Hubby, kids, and my parents!  It seems to be the place to stop after a nice meal out together!!! LOL  Anyways, we were all checked out when I decided that I wouldn’t be able to make it home unless I ran to the rest rooms.  And on my way, down an odd little isle, sat these water bottles on SALE!  Never thought to look in Lowes Home Improvement store for the perfect water bottles!  But there they were……


What makes them sooooo perfect?

The top! 

Wal-mart carries the ones that you have to unscrew just to take a drink, which seems a bit awkward to do while either on the elliptical or road bike.  The other bottles that I have seen have a squirt topper.  I don’t like these…… I feel like I’m drinking out of a baby’s bottle!  Is it me?  Am I strange in my thinking? 


These tops have a pop top!  and I just Love that!


My original thought was to cut a piece of vinyl large enough to cover up the SubZero logo, but I decided to turn the bottle around and add each of our names.



The font I used is called “Loki Cola”. Just google the name and it’s a FREE font. I also used glossy vinyl because I find that it holds up better around water.  

How is your New Year’s Resolution of weight loss going? 

Need a incentive to workout each day? 

Reward yourself with a personalize water bottle.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




  1. That is the best idea and I love that font!! I love Lowes and I usually find things when I stop looking for them too! :)

  2. Love this!! Yet another reason why I NEED a circut!!

  3. Love it, what a great idea. Good luck at the swim meet.

  4. That's so funny. We go into Lowe's after going out for dinner too! I find the best deals there. The bottles look awesome!

  5. Love the bottles. I perfer the pop tops too :o)

  6. What a super cool idea !! I've never seen those before at Lowe's ... may have to grab some next time !! And, my goodness, you *are* busy, aren't you? Wonder Woman, for sure! *Becca*

  7. I better get my fanny to Lowes! I love those!! It would be perfect for when on treadmill. We have a septic here, and I know that can mean trouble from time to time!!!

  8. Love this idea! I hate how many of those plastic water bottles we go through. I've been looking for one with a top like that. Perfect for the gym. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Holy smokes, Carrie, I have no clue how you do all that you do, you are truly are AMAZING!! Good luck with the swim meet! Love those bottles!

    Happy Valentine's Day!! XOXO ~Liz

  10. Oh so cute! I agree with you on the screw tops. My thinking is that by the time I get it open I'll have dehydrated and died!

  11. The water bottles are so cute! I'm going to have to look for them on my next trip to Lowes! :)

  12. Thanks for the tip! I prefer pop tops..and will head on over to Lowes today.

  13. LOOOOVE this idea! I'm really particular about my water bottles too, and can never seem to find just the right kind. This is a GREAT idea and so cool looking too :)
    Thanks for sharing. You are so clever Carrie!!

  14. LOVE these! I NEED one of those "Printy Outy Thingys"!!! My kids need those for school! You are AMAZING! You GO GIRL!


  15. I have the pink one! I found mine at Walgreen's. What a cute idea to put your guys' names on them!

  16. Love these Carrie! I bought quite a few stainless steel water bottles (wish they had the flip top) on clearance at Kohls in December with the plan to put vinyl names on them. You have motivated me to get started on that project now!!

  17. Vintage water bottles are really cool.


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