Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #13

Hello Friends,

Here we are…. lucky number 13!!! 

It’s been a long weekend for my family…. we have been stuck indoors, next to a pool, on this glorious spring-like weekend.   

We ended our swim season on a good note and I couldn’t be more proud of my swimmers!  Everyone did their very best!!  It will be nice to have a small break (about 2 months) before we start the summer league.  If you have children of different gender and age ranges, then might I suggest swimming as a sport.  Not only is swimming a wonderful conditioning sport that won’t take a toll on their bodies years later but where else can you drop off all your children in one location!  No more running little Timmy to the ball field and then making a mad dash across town to get little Susie to the dance studio only to repeat an hour or two later to pick them up.  Really????  Why put yourself through all that!  just a thought

Thank you for your support each and every week that you link up to  “Amaze Me Monday” blog party!  I thank you for making it a successful blog party!

Jennifer from Peas & Crayons created a beautiful vintage master bath with a modern twist.

Michelle from Emerald Cove creates a beach themed faux fireplace.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of your beach master bedroom!

Second Time Furniture knocked it out of the ball park with this Shabby Yellow Dresser!  Do you realize the amount of work it take to restore a piece of furniture like this?  Fantastic job, Kim!

Karla at Home made a warm and inviting lounging area using twin mattress!  I have a couple twin mattress in the attic that I’ve been wanting to do the same thing with.  Thanks for the inspiration, Karla.

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower Invitations from Glitter to Gumdrops.  I can think of at least a half a dozen spin off ideas from this oh so cute project.  Thanks Christy!

Love me a good Knock off project and here’s one from The Cre8tive Outlet!

Please link up and share your decorating, crafting, tutorial, giveaways and other related projects for another fun week!!!

Linking up to the party is very simple.

  1. Copy/paste the web address of the specific blog post, NOT your blog home page.
  2. Add a title to your project.
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Dittle Dattle

Please don’t forget the exciting fun week I have planned with bloggers Becca, Kara, and Liz!  You DO NOT want to miss this… Mark your calendars for a week of decorating ideas!!!



  1. Thanks for hosting, love this party! :) Have an awesome week!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I LOVE love that airplane art! Been meaning to do that same thing and she beat me to it:-)

  3. Great features Carrie! I am so amazed by the airplane art and the mattress transformation is beautiful, they are all beautiful and thank you so much for featuring my faux fireplace!!

  4. Ahhh thank you so so SO much for featuring me! <3 This made a boring day quite exciting!

    Hope you have a fabulous week! I linked up a soup I made that was pretty darn addicting! MWAH!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Thanks Carrie for hosting!~ Swimming is a fantastic sport. I wish my boys were interested, however they are not willing to get up that early on a Saturday morning...lazy boys!

  6. Great features Carrie. Thanks for hosting.


  7. Hey, hey! Congrats on a great weekend with the swimteam! I know you're looking forward to a small break though, so you can dive into some fun projects to share with us! And, thanks for hosting ... I crashed your party with my sitting room tweaks! Have a great night! Hugs, Becca

  8. Thanks for hosting, I added your party to my side bar. Enjoy your short break from the sports activities:@)

  9. Carrie,
    Thanks so much for including me in your list of favorites! All the other projects are so great!

  10. Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. Thanks for hosting....Made your meatloaf was sooooo good! I really liked the brown sugar in the pan! It baked in and gave it such a great flavor...thanks for sharing it!

  12. Lots of fun featured blogs and projects to check out! Thank you for hosting!

  13. Hey-O!!!! SO EXCITED for our GREAT week ahead! FUN STUFF! Im linked up...thank you for hosting! Congrats on the SWIMMING!


  14. I love when you do your parties! So much fun ;)
    Thanks Carrie!
    Hope you have a great week!

  15. First time visiting and I love what I've seen so far. Thanks for hosting, gonna run and look around :)

  16. I'm new to your linky party and a new follower :)

  17. Hi Carrie! I'm excited to have found your blog today. From your profile I see we have much in common (only I didn't homeschool my 3 kids..good for you!)

    This looks like a great party and I hope to join in very soon.

  18. Thanks so much for the feature! I always love visiting and seeing the week's projects, and it's an honor to be among the ones you shared from last week. :O)


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