Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #11

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a relaxing weekend after a very hectic week!  Yesterday, I grabbed my daughter and declared it a NO BOYS day!  We went shopping, had manicures and pedicures, and just a nice meal out.  It’s so much fun to hang out with my daughter.  Today, my Hubby loaded up the boys early this morning and took them away for the day. (they’re still not home as I’m writing this post) I really needed this peace and quiet to regain my strength to do it all over again this week.   See….. that house guest that I told you all about last Sunday, has decided to stay for another week!  And along with him came more kids! yeah.   Please keep me in your prayers ~ Carrie

Let me share with you some of the amazing projects from last week!

Christina’s Adventures in on a pillow roll! How fabulous is this pillow!?!?!

Jill from Envirocraftiness is running a Sisterly Spa Series.  You must check it out!

The sweet Kaitlyn from The Birds Nest made an easy no sew Ballard knock-off!  Love it….’cause ya’ll know that I would have complicated this project by embroidery and sewing.

Liz from Savvy Seasons has combined two ready made curtain panels together and created height and drama!!!  Way to go Liz!

Heather at The Black’s Best just oozes with yummy goodness with this creation!

Ten June amazed me with this striking mirror!

This has to be the sweetest little Valentine’s gingerbread house by Giggles Galore.

And the list goes on… you ladies are so talented and inspiring! 

Please link up and share your decorating, crafting, tutorial, giveaways and other related projects for another fun week!!!

Linking up to the party is very simple.

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  2. Add a title to your project.

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Please grab this button and add it to your post or sidebar.

Dittle Dattle

Just one quick note~  Linky Tools has give bloggers just a few days to either pay up or have their links deleted!  Up until now it has been a free service.  It’s pretty extreme!!   After looking around and not being happy with the other options, I paid for a year subscription.  However, until just now, I realize Linky Tools has made other changes.  The thumbnail sizes only go as big as 120px and the title characters only go up to 50.  I have been running the blog party at 160px and 70 characters.  This is not what I wanted for my blog party but I will have to live with it until I can figure something else out.   Sorry for the changes.


  1. ahhh thanks so much for the feature!! I also featured your DIY notepad today! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Carrie! Spending the day with your daughter must have been so much fun!! Thanks for the great party!!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Doesn't the linky charge just drive you crazy? I'm too cheap for that. Unless I can find a freebie alternative, this will be the death of Not "Baaad" Sundays with LambAround.
    Phooey! :p

  4. Hi Carrie!
    Girls Days are the BEST! Love 'em ;)

    Love what you shared, thank you! I am a huge fan of Liz at Savvy Seasons. She has great ideas!

    I'll think happy thoughts for you this week with extra house guests! I hope it goes well!

  5. Hi Carrie~ I am not happy about the linky charges either... I am not sure if i will switch over to that other one that the other bloggers use all the time or just try and make mrlinky work. I noticed there were changes, and it seems also like the pictures are not as clear as they used to be, plus linky tools has seemed to be so unreliable lately. Makes me cranky. Have you heard anything about the other popular one at all? I have to pay or switch before Thursday for my party. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

  6. Sounds like yall had a lovely day! I need a day like that! Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

  7. Hey girl I had some glitches in my blog and had to recreate a new one will you come follow me there its thank you!!

  8. Hi Carrie! Oh, it sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful time! I remember those days! Thanks for hosting and now I'm off to visit the pretties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi Carrie, thanks so much for hosting! I know that linky charge has got to be a pain in the rear but I really love your linky parties and am soooo happy you are continuing them!

  10. Carrie, thank you *so* much for featuring me. Love ya, Liz

  11. Hey Doll, I don't believe I linked my table up to your last party but if you find I did. Please feel free to delete. I am trying to remember where I linked and didn't and in true dingbat fashion I forgot ;) haha. Thanks for the linky as usual you rock!

  12. Thanks for the feature! I've been hearing about the linky changes and it sucks. I understand it, but it makes for some hard decisions for some bloggers. Thanks for continuing to host a great party!

  13. This is my first time at your thanks for hosting.


  14. Thanks for hosting...glad you got some girly time with your daughter!

  15. Hi Carrie, I have got to remember to join you for Amazing Mondays. I need to get some order to my blog! lol...Anyways, I've been meaning to tell you that I love the way your son's room turned out! It looks awesome! I am fixing to redo Chase's room. It's been the same since we moved her 7 years ago. He wants something more grown up. You have inspired me! Thanks! Kristen

  16. Thanks for hosting! I love all the inspiration you can get from a linky party. Have a great day.

  17. Good for you paying for a subscription and keeping your linky party alive! It looks great too, lot's of inspiration here!

  18. Thanks for hosting this party. I love getting inspiration from all the linked projects.

  19. Thanks for hosting the party! However, I accidentally put my Valentine Candy in twice, so please delete #105--so sorry.

    I love seeing everyone's projects!!

  20. I think your drapes for your son's bedroom look amazing. Super job! I love the speed limit sign -- perfect for a boy's room.

  21. i found you over at Keeping It Simple. I likin' what i see :) Thanks for hosting a party. I had to start over with my Linky Parties List so feel free to hop over and add your party button to my blog list!

  22. Hi I just posted #134 the football party decor. I just wanted to give a huge thank you for continuing your link party - I love it here - and it is greatly appreciated!

  23. Thanks so much for featuring my sunburst mirror!! Love all the fun projects : )

  24. OH! A "girls day" sounds heavenly! I have no boys but getting away from my "I picked Ninja Assassin for our date night movie" hubby would be nice! :)

    Thanks for hosting!


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