Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amaze Me Monday #7

We did it!  You amazing ladies linked up over 100 entries to last weeks blog party!! 

Here are a few great projects from last week

You know how I love a great knock-off project…. and Nydia from Evolution of Home created a great Pottery Barn Truck Shelf

A few days before the holidays Two Carolina Nesters decided to paint repaint her guest bedroom!  I think she mentioned that all this room needed was a guest…..

Isn’t this wreath fabulous?  Bridget from The Rehab Boutique created this gorgeous wreath!  I want this for my front door!

  Take a guess what this Faux Metal Wall Art is made out of!  I’m      not going to tell you… hop on over to Suzy’s Sitcom to find out.      Amazing Suzy!

Serendipity Chic Design created a way cool teen bedroom for her very patient son. 

Let the PARTY begin!

Please share your decorating, crafting, tutorial, giveaways and other related projects for another fun week!!!

Linking up to the party is very simple.

  1. Copy/paste the web address of the specific blog post, NOT your blog home page.

  2. Add a title to your project.

  3. Choose a picture that best shows your project.

Please grab this button and add it to your post or sidebar.

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  1. Thanks, Carrie, for hosting!

  2. Thank you for hosting Carrie! Your party is fantastic! :)

  3. Thanks so much for hosting! Lovely inspiration, as always!

  4. Thanks for hosting!! I love all the great ideas! XOXO ~Liz

  5. Thanks Carrie for being such a great host!

  6. Thanks for visiting and inviting me over. This looks like a great link party. I do alot of thrifting and vintage collecting so I'll be back again.

    I love your blog! Can't wait to go through it a little more.


  7. Thanks for the invite to link up. I linked up a couple projects and am off to explore your blog some more. I loved what I looked at so far!

  8. Thanks for the feature Carrie...

    Your the best!

    Take care,

  9. Hi Carrie,
    Great features from last week!
    Thanks for hosting.

  10. Thanks for hosting... I was visiting from another blog & joined the party! Now, off to explore your site!

  11. New follower here! Thanks for hosting this party. Can't wait to check out your blog more. Posting your button as thanks.

    I would love if you can swing by and join me as well.

    take care. Deb

  12. Hi Carrie! I just discovered your blog, and linked up a project. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Thanks for hosting Carrie. I joined up my shabby curtain and added your button to my sidebar. Come back over and enter my giveaway~a sketch of your home!

  14. Thanks for the invite, Carrie! Excellent blog...

  15. Hey there! Happy Monday. Thanks for hosting ... I'm here to party. I loved your note on my blog ... so, doggie munched on the new sofa, did he? Oops. I really do love the sofa ... it doesn't recline, but it's so wonderfully comfie! I love all of your featured projects. That guest room is beautiful ... and, I'd love to do a wreath like that! What's your weather doing? They closed our schools last night and, alas, hardly any snow this morning. A flake here and there. Oh well ... maybe next time.

  16. PS: and, I meant to say "thank you" for your sweet note, as well. And, I seriously say the word "love" toooo much, don't I? Gotta work on that. lol

  17. And I am honored to be here! Thank you so much for making me so welcome!!

    m ^..^

  18. Wow, There is SO much to explore here! I've joined your fun party AND I'm your Newest FOLLOWER! I hope you will join and FOLLOW ME TOO!!!
    Warm Winter Hugs to you,

  19. Thank you so much for featuring my Faux metal wall art! You totally made my day!


  20. Thanks for inviting me! I just moved from SC to NC, enjoying the snow :P I feel like we should be friends! Future collaboration....?


  21. Thanks for the invite to your party! What a fun site you have :)

    Stacy @ Not JUST A Housewife

  22. GREAT party and such super inspiration. I am hoping to rediscover my creative side during 2011 and these post just stir the juices!!!

  23. Thanks for hosting, GREAT features!!

  24. Thanks for inviting me Carrie, I can't wait to visit everyone! Enjoying looking through your blog, too!


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