Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas in the Kitchen

It’s a slow process but I’m getting the holiday decorations up and out.  It looks like Christmas exploded in my living room with boxes of holiday décor scattered everywhere.  Here’s a few photographs of what I’ve gotten done in the kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen

A vignette behind the sink.

I have a corner sink and I built this little folding screen to camouflage dust and cob webs back in the deep corner.  ha ha  Can you see part of the screen behind all the Christmas crap.  The three little Santa's are from a craft project that I did with my kids one year.  They are made from a wooden spoon.

Kitchen vingette

The other side other of the sink.

This little rooster plate was a gift from my daughter.  She picked it out and paid for it all by herself when she was 14 and had her first job!  I think she did a great job.  I will always cherish it.Christmas kitchen vingette

Another corner of the counter.

Merry Memories Greenleaf Candle

This beautiful candle is from Greenleaf.   I talked about them before and can’t say enough wonderful things about them!  This is from their Merry Memories collection.  It’s smells like Christmas in a jar!  Heavenly.

gingerbread Recipe Holder

This little gingerbread boy came in  a collection.  It was sold as a photo display holder but I thought it would be cute to use it as a recipe holder instead!

snowman cookie jar

Snowman cookie jar. 

This cutie was given to me as a gift a few years back.  I really loved him but he was blue!  If you know me at all I am not a fan of blue.  So I painted him!  I found a product {I believe at either Wal-Mart or Michael's} that allows you to paint ceramics.  The kit included a primer, paint, and a sealer.  You can not tell the difference!  I painted the scarf, hat, nose, and buttons.

kitchenaid subwayart vinyl

Kitchenaid Subway Holiday Vinyl.

My first subway art!   I have had my Kitchenaid mixer for….(do I dare say)….20 years!  My hubby bought it for me the first year we lived together for a Valentine’s Day present.  (In case you didn’t know, I started dating my hubby when I was 13 years old!)   I love it as much today as I did the day I received it!  It’s a work horse.  The mixer doesn’t usually stay on my counter except for the holidays.  So I designed a holiday vinyl subway art.  I haven’t done anything with my Cricut machine in awhile I was going through withdrawals. 

Subway Art kitchenaid

I got the inspiration from Wonderfully Wordy.  She has three designs you can choose from.  She has a vinyl subway art but with words referencing to baking.  something that you can leave on year round.

vinyl kitcheaid subway art

You know how people say they keep a little piece of their holiday décor out all year long, like an ornament or candle, maybe this will be my little reminder of this wonderful holiday season.

Christmas holiday kitchen shelf

A little Christmas shelf.

Bridgewater candle

This candle is from Bridgewater Candle Company.  Can you see the little hand print in the cup?  This candle is called SOLITUDE and is from their special edition collection. 

With every candle purchased an orphaned child is fed for ONE week!  Yes, one week.  If your in the mood to give to a good cause might I recommend you pick up a candle or two from Bridgewater.  

What does it smell like?  Very clean, a lot like rainwater with a hint of floral and vanilla.  Very lightly fragrant. 

christmas kitchen display

A photo frame that I am working on putting a picture in, soon.   The other gingerbread photo holders.  I got both the frame and the photo holders from Kohl's.

Christmas Plates

A collection of plates my kiddos made one year, using the same ceramic paint kit that I used on the snowman cookie jar.  The best thing about this kit is that you don’t have to bake in the oven like other ceramic paints. 

diy christmas  plate

Very cute!  They did a great job. 

What will be are craft this year?  I need to figure it out soon!

 ornament tassel

My sad little attempt to make a ornament tassel.

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen holiday décor.  I have a kitchen tree but I haven’t finished it yet.  I love Becca’s little kitchen tree and what it so badly setting in my kitchen!  Let’s make a deal!  LOL

For some more photos of my Christmas Kitchen.



Free Holiday Blog Backgrounds

Here’s a few Christmas blog backgrounds that I made and intended to use.  Then the Ballard’s holiday catalog arrived!  I loved the simplicity of their logo on a white background.  Darn you Ballard!

I redid my header and loved it!  I tried to leave my background white but that just wasn’t me.  I’m just naturally drawn to color!  So wanted to keep with the simplicity of Ballard, I added just a touch of color to sooth my palette.

But I thought I would pass on a couple of backgrounds that were in my top contenders.

Warning: I’m not a web or graphic designer so go easy on me….

the dimensions are set up to my blog settings at

  • 1600 pixels wide total
  • 300 pixels left and right design sides (design)
  • 1000 pixels for the main wrapper (white)

I hope that someone will be able to use them.

Click the downloadable link below the picture for your FREE Christmas Blog Background.


Candy Cane Background

Holly Christmas Background

Holly Christmas Background

For personal use only.   The sweet and kind Summer Driggs designed these digital papers used in making these backgrounds and are intended for personal use only.  Thank you.



Monday, November 29, 2010

First ever Linky Party! Amaze Me Monday #1

I’m so excited to start this party!

Please share all your decorating, crafting, tutorial, and other related projects!!

Linking up is very simple.

  • Copy/paste the web address of the specific blog post, NOT your blog home page.
  • Add a title to your project.
  • Choose a picture that best shows your project.

    I only ask that you link back to Dittle Dattle in your post!

    that way more people can come and join the party!!

    here is a button you can add to your post or side bar.

    Dittle Dattle
  • Please take the time to enter the “Eat Something Pretty” giveaway!!!


    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Oh Christmas Tree….pillow

    Christmas  Tree Pillow.  I got up early Thanksgiving morning before anyone else got up and went straight to my craftroom.  The best quiet time of the day!   I made this little pillow using scraps of fabric that I had left over {from making Halloween costumes in past years!}  Another FREE-2-ME project!!! Yippeee

    Chrismas Tree Pillow DIY

    Felt Christmas Pillow

    Pillow Instructions

    Christmas Pillow Supplies

    I made a 2” circle template from the back of a cereal box and cut out a LOT of circles from four different shades of green felt!  I used felt because it’s what I had on hand plus I knew the material wouldn’t ravel!

    The shears I’m using are called pinking scissors.  I thought it would add texture and depth to the “tree” and hide any imperfection from my cutting!  If you have never seen pinking scissors before, they create a  zig-zag edge and they can be found in most notions department.

    Christmas Tree Pillow outline

    I cut out 2 16x16 squares of velvetish (is that a word?) material.  I don’t think it’s actual velvet?  Just something I picked up out of the remnant bin a few months back.  I also cut a quick template to decide how big I wanted my tree and trunk.

    I outlined the tree and trunk template with a disappearing ink pen.  This pen writes in purple and will fade away in time.

    Christmas Pillow using eyelet stitch

    Back in the day I managed a sewing store and bought this big fancy shmancy sewing machine.  I thought it would be fun to use some of the features, like the eyelet stitch.

    The nice thing about this stitch is that it locks in the stitch with a knot and cuts the threads when it’s done.   All I have to do is press the green button and away it GOES.

    **You could easily do this with a back and forth running or zig-zag stitch.

    Sewing a Christmas tree pillow

    Set the felt circle down on the right side of one pillow square and place the presser foot down in the center of the circle and sew.

    Lift the circle that you just sewn up and lay the next circle half way over the circle you just stitched. {like in the photo above}

    Mix your shades of green as you go along.  I used the lightest color of green sparingly compared to the darker greens.  This is just my personal preference.

    Making a Christmas tree Pillow

    I thought I would  stitch the circles in rows starting at the bottom of the tree but thought it might end up looking too perfect.  I opted to stitch a row of circles around the outside edge and then fill in the center.

    Christmas Tree Pillow with felt

    When it’s all filled in go through and clip any long threads.  I had some circle that stuck out more than others so I simply gave them a trim with the pinking shears.   

    pintuck Christmas Tree pillow

    Time for the trunk of the tree.  I thought I would have some fun and add a little texture instead of just a plain brown appliqued square tree trunk. I’m using a brown fleece material, only because it was a darker brown than what I had in felt.  Cut the brown fabric twice the width that you want to end up with.

    I created the trunk using a bit of a pin-tuck treatment.  Fold over the material and sew on the edge of the crease.  The farther you sew away from the crease the large the “pin-tuck” you will create.  No need for pins or pressing, I just eyeballed the creases. 

    Pintuck technique Christmas Pillow

    Practice and you will have it down in no time!  You can see my first few I did (on the left)  looked ununiformed but they got better each time.    Lay the truck pattern over the best pin-tucks and cut out. 


    Sew the trunk on the pillow front slightly under the green circles center of the tree with a wide zig-zag stitch.  Set the zig-zag length down low, so the stitches are close together but still sew in a forward motion.  ****If you turn you dial down to zero it will stay in one place, that’s not what we want.

    Christmas Pillow simple bird

    I cut out a simple pattern of a bird and appliqued it to the top of the tree just like the tree trunk.

    DIY Christmas Tree Pillow design

    Sew up the pillow by laying the 2 16x16 squares right sides together and sewing around all the sides but leaving a small opening on one side,  turn right side out, stuff the pillow, and hand stitch the opening close.

    To get nice crisp corners, cut the material off at the corners as close to the thread on an angle (see photo above) without cutting the threads.

    DIY sewn Christmas Tree Pillow

    Admire. Admire. Admire.

    Christmas tree pillow close up

    Close up of the satin applique stitch and pin-tuck detail.

    Simple red bird sewn on pillow

    Is this my partridge in pear tree?

    DIY Christmas Pillow

    Christmas Tree Pillow

    I got to thinkin’…..

    Hey all you non~sewers

    you could probably make this pillow by adhering the circles with fabric glue onto a solid readymade pillow!



    Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

    How do you do most of your holiday shopping?

    I would say I’m a Cyber Monday shopper on Black FridayWhat do I mean?

    In my past experience, I have found that on Black Friday I can get just as good of deals while sitting at home on my computer!  Yes, most of the sales offered in stores are also offered online!  With FREE shipping!!!  You gotta love that Open-mouthed smile

    Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

    I’ve been disappointed with Cyber Monday in the past.  Again Black Friday is where it’s at!   In fact, this year it will be just another Monday to me.



    I usually pretty much know exactly what I’m looking for so it’s just a matter of find the best deal!   

    Once, and I do mean ONCE, I had ALL my holiday shopping done before September.  It was great but depressing at the same time. 

    I mean really…….There is nothing like a little shopping spree to get you in the holiday spirit!  Am I right?

    Are you a Black Friday Shopper or a Cyber Monday Girl?

    I am participating in Infarrantly Creative and Tatertots and Jello’s Blog Hop for a chance to win a Mint Cleaner. It is the revolutionary machine that cleans your hard floor surfaces for you.
    Click here to join the blog hop and a chance to win!Mint_cloth2
    The Mint Cleaner is available at the following places:

    I need this!  With 3 kids and 2 dogs, my biggest cleaning challenge is my FLOORS!   Doesn’t this little gadget look neat?  I wonder if it’s up to the challenge?  ha ha


    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Copycat Challenge Giveaway #1


    As promised I am sharing my winnings from the “Copycat Challenge”! 

    I have for you…..

    Eat Something Pretty recipe book

    A collection of beautifully written recipes by Kyla and Angie from This and That blog.  Over 100 recipes to help you with your entertaining!

    Comfy Food
    Super Cool
    Keep it Simple

    Plus may extra tips….. like party favor ideas,  basic culinary building blocks, sample menus, and skill level rating system!!!

    You know you want it!  You know you need it!

    {$20. value}

    To Enter:

    Simply leave a comment saying        “Yummy”

    Additional Entries:

    1.   Become a follower of Dittle Dattle and leave a comment stating that you do.

    2.  “Like”  on Dittle Dattle facebook and leave a comment stating that you do.

    {That gives you 3 possible entries!!!}


    This giveaway will end Sunday, December 5 at 12:00pm est


    Good Luck!


    Fab Friend Friend ~ Like Grandma’s

    Erin at Like Grandma’s really was thinking outside of the box with this project! 

    A lampshade base turned Chicken Wire Basket!!!

                 Before           After

    Could you not think of a dozen different ways to use this basket? 

        • Fill it with beautiful holiday ornaments
        • Use it as a small trash can
        • A magazine holder
        • Lined with fabric to hold clothes pins
        • Fruit basket
        • and the list goes on and on…….

    Love it Erin!!!  Thanks for sharing.


    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    mdf Post Construction

    DIY post made out of MDF is what was used to anchor the headboard and footboard of our PB Inspired Beds.  

    Please stay with me even if you don’t plan on making the bed.  I have something exciting to show you. 

    See them here:

    PB Hudson Bed knock-Off from www.dittledattle.blogspot.com

    PB Inspired Bed #1

    PB Knock Off Bed

    PB Inspired Bed #2

    Click here to see

    Assembling the PB Inspired Beds 

    We went with this method for cost savings plus we knew it wouldn’t twist, warp, or dry and split like a solid 4x4 post would over time. 

    MDF Post

    I know many of you have been waiting for this tutorial and I’m truly sorry it took so long.  I wanted to do a video tutorial and well……………...

    I had to learn how to use my daughters Flip Video, master video editing, and then it took two days to figure out how to upload the video to YouTube!!!   you think I’m kidding???     The MDF post took about 15-20 minutes to make and this video tutorial post took days!!! 

    Constructing a 4x4 MDF Post

    Are you still with me?

    Good.  There are so many things you can do with this basic post.  I’ve gather up a few ideas to help you get the wheels turning.

    DIY 4x4 Post Ideas

    DIY 4x4 Post Ideas 2

    DIY 4x4 Post Ideas 3

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