Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Closet In The Making

I’m working on my teenage son’s closet.  It is a walk-in closet but it is the tiniest of all the bedroom closets. 

{remember my youngest son’s walk-in closet that is 16 feet long?}

Walkin Closet

Closet at it’s current state:

  • Walls, ceiling, and baseboards are painted.
  • Closet rod and brackets are installed.
  • Shelves and shelving-brackets are primed and painted. {hoping to have installed this weekend}

Closet Self Layout

Here is what my father has to deal with. LOL. 

I make a quick phone call to let him know I’ve got a new project for us and he kindly replies, “Alright. Come on over.” 

I sketched out plans for two shelving units and two shelves.

MDF Closet shelves

And here’s one part of what I’ve sketched out on paper. 

A shelving unit made of MDF.

MDF Dato Blade Cuts 

My dad sets up his Dato Blades on the table saw.

{What’s a Dato Blade?  Several blades stacked together to your determined width.} 

In this case, the Dato is set up for 3/4 inch to accommodate the width of a MDF board.  The height of the blades are adjusted so that it only cuts half way into each side board.

Free Floating Shelf Hanger

These shelving units are going to be a little different from my youngest son’s closet unit.  Instead of setting on the floor, the two units will be anchored to wall.  {by these wooden brackets pictured above} My oldest son’s room has taken on a more modern feeling and I want to carry that over in to the closet.  This is why I used galvanized pipe and chrome brackets to hang his clothes from.

Check back for the final reveal. 

{I hope I’m able to photograph this less than 4 foot closet?!?!?}



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Sign FREE Download

If you created one of these 


and would like to change it to this

Halloween Treat Sign

You are in luck!

I have created a “TREATS” download!

The original family wall hanging was done using scrape book paper and vinyl letters.  For the “TREATS” sign,  I turned the original sign around, using the back of each block, designed the letters in Photoshop, and then printed out on glossy photo paper.

     Click to download (either .psd or .jpg)

    Page 1 “T,R,E”.psd                                                 Page 1 “T,R,E”.jpg 

   Page 2 “A,T,S”.psd                                                 Page 2 “A,T,S”.jpg

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simply Fit Shade Winner

I’m so honored to announce the WINNER of 

Dittle Dattle’s 1st Giveaway

according to the winner of the Simple Fit Shade is

Nicole at Coffee Talk

Redi Shade Simple Fit

Congratulations Nicole!!!

You will be receiving an email soon.

and thanks to all you gals that entered :D


Tuesday Tip Tablescape Arrangement

I’m am not an expert at tablescape arranging but I have learned a few things as I have spend a good bit of last week putting together my foyer table and a treat table in the living room. 

Let me share with you what I’ve learned……


Basic guidelines for creating  your own tablescape.


  • Light~ Lamps, candles {okay maybe both}
  • Hard Objects~ Picture frames, books, trays, plates, or mirrors
  • Greenery & Natural Items~ flowers, leaves, branches, nuts, fruits, baskets, or small foliage
  • Fabric Element~ napkins, table runner, dolly,  or ribbon


  • Try to take up no more than 1/3 of the tables surface, unless the table doesn’t intend to be use and will remain purely decorative.
  • Arrange items so the heights stagger.  Stacking books is a great way to add lefts and levels.  Use candle sticks,a lamp, or even a vase filled with branches as your tallest height and work with other smaller display items to fill and complete your tablescape.
  • Odd numbers are more appealing to the eye.  Group items in 3’s,5’s, or even 7’s. {think children's books ~ “The Three Little Pigs”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”}
  • Just as an artist paints a scenery, your table arrangement needs a foreground, middle ground, and a background.  You can create depth even on a small shelf!
  • Limit the color palette to just a few colors. 
  • Try to use “real” objects.  Items that you really use in and around your home.  Magazines, books, letter opener, reading glasses, candy :D
  • Create a focal point with either a large mirror or artwork
  • Overlap items.  Let one object break the line of another object.


Monday, September 27, 2010

PB Inspired Bed Assembly

Before assembling my teenage son’s PB Inspired Bed Set I snapped some photographs. 

I hope this will help answer some of the questions that I’ve had from my younger son’s bed

Both bed sets are made for a full size bed but can easily be adjusted to fit a queen size bed.

PB Inspired Bed Frame

These headboards are inspired by the “Hudson Collection” from Pottery Barn.  We {my father and I} used the measurements provided in the catalog to determine the height and for the width we measure the mattress.    The MDF board in the center is cut to the width of the full size mattress.  The width of the 4x4 post is what allows the bed to expand to a queen size.

PB Inspired Headboard

On top of the MDF board, we made, glued, and nailed two picture frames.  Next attach the 4x4 post to the sides with glue and nails.  The post and the MDF board are of the same height.  A 2x8 board sets on top.  Lastly we add molding to the front and a small piece to the sides just under the 2x8 top board.

***I had numerous questions about the 4x4 post made of MDF!  I plan on doing another post showing how easy these are to make.

PB Inspired Bed Frame Brackets

To attach the side rails (2x10 boards) to headboard and footboard we used an “L” bracket on my youngest son’s bed.  However, this left a small gap between the boards.  So when assembling my teenager son’s bed, we tried a combination of two brackets.  This worked perfectly!  Not only did it get rid of the gap……this bed is incredibly strong and sturdy!!! A good thing for young boys :D

PB Inspired Bed Frame Assembly 

Attached to each of the side rails is a small cleat (about 1x2) and running horizontally from cleat to cleat is a 1x3 board.  We used five 1x3 boards across and screwed in place.  These boards are very inexpensive cuts of wood.  I think they were less that a dollar each.

PB Inspired Back of Footboard

The footboard is made the same way as the headboard except……

  • obviously the overall height is smaller
  • the top board is a 2x10 (instead of the 2x8) – this allowed the top board to hang over just a bit on both sides
  • we also added a small piece of molding to the back board of the footboard- this gave added support as well as being decorative

Molding Cut too Short 

And the whole project would have taken less time if my father didn’t have to keep fixing my mistakes….. lol

“Measure TWICE and cut ONCE”

Honestly my father did such a great job fixing this boo~boo of mine that I had a hard time getting a photograph to show it!

I hope that clears a lot of questions and please come back to see how to make your own 4x4 post!

Please don’t forget to enter the Redi Shade Simple Fit Giveaway

Giveaway ends September 28th at 10:00 (est)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Sweet Treat Table

I knew the minute I decorated the foyer entry table in a more formal setting that I would do another table in the living room but this time it would be to the kids liking!!!

{Sweet Treats}

Halloween Treat Table

This little table is actually my night stand!  I love to change out tables and stands from room to room! It’s such an easy way to get a new look :D

We’re not big celebrators of Halloween and last year I didn’t even buy candy.  None.   Not one single bag.  Not one.

But this year, I wanted to do something fun for the kids.

Halloween Treat Bowl

Yes, I had little monsters waiting on me to finish taking the photos so they could munch!

A little secret between you and me…… I used crumpled up newspaper in the bottom of the bowl and sat the candy on top! I only needed one bag to “fill” the bowl.  A little trick….. for my treaters.  {they weren’t amused!}

Halloween Wall Decoration

I’m still debating if I add any thing to the black plate.  Any ideas? 

Trick or Treat Plate

I’ve never been a huge fan of this saying and decided to change it out. 

Halloween Treat Sign

Do you remember my “Family Wall Art”?  I simply turned the sign around, designed a new saying in Photoshop, printed it out on photograph paper,and used two sided tape to hold them in place.   Would anyone be interested in a download? 

Fall Decor - pumkin on a pedistal

Spring colored candle sticks got a quick coat of white spray paint!  Then I hot glued a small white plate to the top.

Halloween Ideas - Spider in a Jar

   Halloween Ideas - Candy Corn pots

Terra cotta pots painted up like candy corn!  This is a Halloween project I did with the kids a few years ago :D



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st Giveaway Redi Shade

I’m so happy to have Redi Shade as Dittle Dattle’s first give away!!!

Redi Shade contacted me a few weeks ago to test and review their Simple Fit shade.  The first thing I did was to hop on to the site to see for myself just how simple these shades really are and found this video.

I just hung another manufactured shade in my youngest son’s prior to getting an email by Redi Shade and I had to laugh at this video.  Why?  Because it’s so true about the time that it takes to hang other shades.   The other shade company had me confused with their written directions, I had to find out my own dimensions to hang the shade, and it was a two person job! 

Could Redi Shade really be this simple?

Redi Shade Give Away

YEP! I couldn’t even time myself hanging it up because it went up so fast!

Now for the best part…….

You could have your very own Simple Fit REDI SHADE

{each step gives you one chance to the give away}

  1. Follow Dittle Dattle Blog and leave a comment here that you do.
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  3. Mention this Redi Shade giveaway on your blog and comment here.
  4. Follow Redi Shade on Facebook  and leave a comment here that you do.

Please make be sure to leave your email address!

Hurry! This giveaway will end Tuesday, September 28th @ 10:00pm (est)

Good Luck!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip – Quick Seal


I have a Seal-a-Meal but sometimes I just don’t feel like hauling it out just to seal a single bag.


A quick alternative is to use a drinking straw! 

Seal a zip lock bag all but enough to place a straw between the seal.  Remove the excess air by sucking on the straw.  Quickly pinch the straw, slide it out of the bag, and seal the rest of the bag.

Welcome Fall Decor

Here’s a few photographs of our home decorated for fall. 

Fall Wreath Front Door

Our refinished door!  I just realized I forgot to show photos of this completed project.  Oops!  It turned out really nice.  Third times a charm! I couldn’t have done this with out the hubby’s help.  This was a huge refinishing project.  Lots of sand, stripping, scrapping,  more sanding,  more stripping, and more sanding.

I’ll be right back…………

Okay I’m back.  This wreath is hanging way too low.  I raised it up a few inches.  Much better :D

I made the wreath last year.

 Fall Entrance Table

Come on in! 

Here’s our front entrance table all decorated for the autumn season.  And here is the fall decorated candle sticks with one modification.

Fall Decorated Glass Candle Sticks

I added glass candles to the top of the candle sticks.  I got a little nervous with the floral stems being so close to the flame.  What do you think?  Probably a good idea. Huh?

Ceramic Pumpkin 

I think this pumpkin came from Wal-mart and the stand is from Hobby Lobby.

Fall Vignette

Pumpkin plate from Wal-Mart and the little welcome sign is from the Dollar General store.  I purchased the frame from TJ Maxx but gave it a quick spray of ORB paint and a dry brushing of gold paint over the accents. 

Fall Wall Vignette 

Accent wall in the foyer.

Fall Frame

A little message to you from me!   Vase made by my dad.

Wooden Pumpkin Basket

A cute little pumpkin basket made by my kids!

Fall Decorated Back Door

Our back door.

This door was inspired after I saw Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chic paint her back door black and the vinyl came from Shelley from Wonderfully Wordy

The wreath was made with the left over supplies from the front door wreath. {and the candle sticks were decorated with the left over supplies from both wreaths!}

Back Door Wreath hook

I spray painted a 3M hook black to hang the wreath.

Are you curious about the “behind the scenes” as much as I am?  I’m always wondering what other’s use to hang things.  screws?  nails? suction cups?



My Crazy Sleepless Weekend

I was at this concert on Saturday


and this game on Sunday


Before you get too excited,   let me tell you that I worked both these events.  I’m some what of a gigolo.  When you home~school, you need to find odd jobs that will work into the already hectic schedule.   I also work at the local YMCA instructing a water aerobics class, swim lessons, and coaching the swim team.  See why I call myself a gigolo??

My weekend schedule:


AM:  Lay out and iron all clothes and meals for the entire weekend.   Worked in my Dad’s workshop cutting and assembling shelves for my son’s closet. {I had to squeeze in one project!}

PM:  Off to work at 1:00 pm {Lady GaGa Concert}  arrive back at home 3:00 am  {if only I could should share some of the things that I saw at this concert!?!?!  LOL  It looked like Halloween night in down town Charlotte!  So fun and entertaining!!!}


AM:  Up at 6:30 to head to the Carolina Panther game!  {let me do the math for you….. that’s 3.5 hours of sleep TOTAL!} 

PM:  Back at home at 6.  At this point I’m total exhausted but I had to read all of your lovely comments from the weekend and spent a few hours with the family before I took my last blink of the night at 8:30pm.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Featured at Remodelaholic

I was linking up this morning to the Friday Blog Parties


When I landed on Remodelaholic

……… and a  previous post caught my eye


It was my entire post of the PB Inspired bed!!!!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful blogs that have featured Dittle Dattle this week.  Please check out all the other fabulous sites.  {located to your left}

Fall Candle Sticks

I pulled these candles sticks out of the attic the other day.  They were in the attic not because I don’t like them but because I like to change out the accessories in my home.  If  something doesn’t have a “home” for the time being it gets stored in a section of the attic I call “The Prop Spot”.   

Bronze Candle Sticks

I wanted to dress them up for the fall season.

Fall Candles Stick Supplies 

Gathered the supplies.  ***Plus a pair of  kitchen shears and floral foam not pictured.

Fall Revamped Candle Sticks

Fall Decorated Candle Sticks

So quick and easy.  Well….. it only took me about a half an hour to finish over the coarse of two days!  Some days I have a hard time finding a little time for even  the simplest projects.

I started by making a 4 looped bow using 2 ribbons.  {4x2=8 loops}   Okay the homeschool mom in me get’s a little elementary on ya’ll some times.  Sorry.

  1. Make a bow.  Rapping the center with a long piece of wire.  
  2. Hot glue the ends of the floral stems and stick them into the floral foam.  I placed stems in the top and the bottom.
  3. Wrap the bow wire around the floral foam. 
  4. Now wrap the entire bow and foam around the candle sticks.  My candle sticks had small rings to help hold in place at my desired height.
  5. Fluff bow and floral stems.


{Behind The Scene}

Back of Fall Candle Stick

The not so pretty side of things but I just wanted to clarify everything.   This was a great project to use up all the extra materials left over from other projects!!!



Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Frames

After seeing the photos of the PB Inspired Bed, I knew I needed to add something above the headboard.  I know you were thinkin’ it too! Plus there was the need to cover the holes from the large poster that once hung above the bed in my attempt to cover~up the fact there wasn’t a headboard!

The hubby and I made two 20x20 photo frames {after a quick 101 on how to use my Dad’s fancy tools}  from some left over 1x4 boards not used on the bed.   

This was pretty much a complete DIY project. After we made the frames and painted them white, I cut down the large poster frame’s glass into two pieces, and mounted the photos to mount board with 3M Photo adhesive. 

White Frames above PB Inspired Bed

The only thing I didn’t do is print the photographs myself.  I sent the Photoshop edited images to Snap Fish and had them enlarged to 16x20.  The frame openings are 15x15 which required me to cut the photographs down. 

MX Racing Photo Framed  20x20

***Since acquiring Photoshop CS5, I’ve been trying to spend an hour a day to learn this program!  I’ve still have a lot to learn.   I did learn how to remove a group of trees from the background in the original photograph on the right!

Paper Cover Framed Back

I totally went professional and covered the back with brown paper!  Remember this HUGE roll of brown paper that I found at the thrift store.  The backing will help keep dust from collecting between the glass and the photograph.  Even added some rubber bumpers!

Black & White Photos in 20x20 White Frames

Ahhh YES!  The look I was going for….. square chunky photo frames!!!  I thought about adding a white mat but the chunkiness of the frames already created that look! 

*** I didn’t make a tutorial on how to create these frames because I’m sure there are hundreds of sites to show how it’s done but if you would like I would be happy to share…. making the frame, how to cut glass, mounting a photograph to mount board, and even how to apply a paper backing.


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