Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip



{PREVENT glue strings from a glue gun}

  • On a clean glue gun tip,  apply petroleum jelly.
  • After applying a dab of glue, pull the tip up slightly from the pool of glue, then SWIRL the tip a few quick times. This will break off that sting.      Glue….. pull up slightly….. swirl.   Tah-dah! :)
  • If you still end up with a glue string, run hot air from either a hair dryer or embossing tool over the strings.  

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oil and Vinegar Cruets


I was in need for some cruet bottles.  See my kids {most of the time} would rather eat at a sub~shop than most other fast food places.  With school back in session, we will be making a lot of subs for lunches at home.  I found these bottles at the local Wal-mart. {ohh how I wished I lived closer to a Target}  They were a little plain, so I add some vinyl. 


{oil and vinegar cruets}

I had in mind a really ornate font, however when I couldn’t find a FREE font that I liked, I decide to make my own ornate font. 

Used SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) program to create my own font

  1. Start measuring out a square about 2x2”
  2. Find a corner design with lots of scroll work and copied it four times
  3. Make 2 corners small and the other 2 corners a bit larger 
  4. Placing the 2 small corners opposite of each other on the square and repeat with the large corners
  5. Find a font “V” and “O” that you like and place on top of the corners.
  6. Click “WELD”.   Now you have a square, 4 corners, and a letter that will cut out as one!



 Now I’ve got my eyes out for a small plate or basket to hold the oil and vinegar cruets! 

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

More of This

Well the weather has cooled off some>>>>> dropping down into the 80’s!  The high was 89 for today….. hey it is the 80’s !  and on the plus side the humidity has dropped!!!!!

That let’s me do more of this

Paint Tray with Can and Roller by Victor Spinski

While I’m at it, let me share with you my favoritest paint.

{okay I know what it’s not a word but…}

{BM Iron Clad Low Lustre Latex Metal & Wood  Enamel}

This stuff paints like a dream!  It is a paint and prime all~in~one.  I have painted our back door and railing, the boys’ bathroom vanity, and my oldest son’s bed set with one gallon of this paint.  BE WARNED----- this paint doesn’t come cheap!  At least I think $44.95 for a gallon of paint is a lot.  {but stop and look at all that I painted with just one gallon?!?!?!}

This is the first Benjamin Moore paint I have tried and if any of the other paint formulas are as good as this one… I’ll be a “Benjamin Moore lifer”!  In fact I’ll be able to let ya’ll know just how great {at least in my opinion} the other formulas are  later this evening.  See, I just picked up a quart of  BM “Regal” low~lustre paint.  I tried to paint with Behr’s top off the line paint and it was like painting with water compared to BM.  I haven’t been able to nail down the right color for my youngest son’s head and foot board.  If only they made a machine to scan the color I keep seeing in my mind’s eye.  {you’re right…. that could be scary}


Right now the bed set looks a little too “COUNTRY” blue for me to live with.  I’ve mentioned it before I’m not a huge fan of blue so it drives me even more insane than usual to find the right color.

Have a great evening,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fabric Key Chain


It’s time to face the facts, my darling daughter is finishing up Driver’s Ed and will be receiving her driver’s license in a few days  …..ouch…….   I know. 

I want to surprise her with something special and after running across this great tutorial on how to make a Fabric Key Chain from the Idea Room, I knew I had to make one! 

 {I did say one. Right?}

Key Chain0070

I knew I had enough scrap fabric and ribbon to make one, I just needed to find the hook.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby.

Key Chain0038

Key Chain20100824_0062Using two different fabrics requires a different threat in the bobbin.  Notice black on the top and the lime green on  bottom.  

At the last minute I decided to add one more layer by glue on the pink poke~a~dot ribbon. {I used fabric tack glue} 

I love the way this fabric key chain turned out! 

And it was sooooo easy!!!!  I just want to make a 100 of them.  {if I only had the time}  I will definitely be making one for myself….. maybe one for fall,  one for Christmas, one for Valentine’s Day, one for Spring!??!?!?!?!  Just LOVE them. 

Did I mention how easy they were to make?  {it took longer for me to photograph, upload and edit, and to write this post!}


One last thing……

I had a few of readers had asked about the Camera Bag that my mother made my daughter


She purchased a pattern from an individual over at Etsy.  Click here to find the Camera Bag Pattern.  You can see more photos of the Camera Bag HERE.

All It Takes

{Is a GOOD Night’s SLEEP}

I spent the better part of last night trying to correct an error message that I kept getting in Photoshop CS5.  I tweaked, updated, scanned, and googled for hours without getting anywhere closer to a solution.  I put the computer in sleep mode and went to bed………

Woke up this morning, dragging my heels to the computer, and in less than 20 minutes had the problem solved and no more error message! Can I get a ….. Whoo Hooo!!!!!

cs5 screen shot

Sunday night…….. I was blog hopping and saw a post over on the Idea Room about setting your camera in RAW format.  {okay I thought to myself….. why not at least try it for a few clicks of the camera in RAW}

Monday night……. Researched how to view and edit RAW files in Photoshop CS5. {okay.  seemed easy enough}

Tuesday night……  Clicked a few shots on my Canon 50D and tried to view and edit in CS5.  That’s when I kept getting this annoying ERROR message.  And I tried and tried and tried to correct this error with NO such LUCK.  That is until…….

Wednesday morning….. the heavens opened and the angels sang!!!! 

I always knew I was a morning person!  I really need to schedule all my major THINKIN’ projects for the mornings and leave the evening for mindless activities….. oh say ….. cleaning the toilets.

Hope everyone had a good night’s sleep,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Holding On To Summer

It’s getting to the end of summer and everyone is looking forward to FALL!  I really love the fall season as much as the next person but I can’t seem to decorate for autumn season just yet.  Let me enjoy the last bit of summer to at least……..Labor Day.


With that being said…… here is a small summer beachy vignette.  The small black stones are ones you would use to decorate the bottom of a  fish aquarium.  I  also have orange stones!  Black  and  orange stones….. perfect for  fall spooky decorating!  {when the time comes}



Friday, August 20, 2010

Headboard Update

Will this project ever END? 


My very last patience is being tested  …………  cause I’m dying to see these headboards in the boys’ bedrooms! 

But for NOW they sit in the garage, where I have been fighting this awful heat, rain and humidity.  I can only paint every other day {the humidity is that bad!} and the paint is still a little tacky!?!?!?!  At this rate they’re gonna made nice Christmas gifts.  ha.



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Special Treat Jar

I turned this clear jar {found at the local thrift store} into a special treat jar for our two dogs, Abby and Rooty!

The kids have started school this week and I’m thankful to be back on a schedule.  I’m also thankful to have a few less kids at my house.  You see, my home has become the “FUN” house and the  place to  “hang~out” for a few local teenagers this summer.  I’m not completely complaining because I’d rather have my kids hanging out at my house {where I know exactly what they’re doing} but it is nice to have my house to myself and my three kids, even if it’s only until  3pm  {they’re still dropping by after school!}

_MG_0509Enough of my tirade…. let’s get back to the project. 

_MG_0500As always….. I must add  vinyl.

_MG_0503 Along with a ribbon ruffle and a wired shape dog bone. 

{See previous post on how to create an easy ribbon ruffle}  

I have the largest spool of copper wire.  I have owned it for years and yet have never used it before.  I decided to spend last evening playing around with the wire by bending and twisting it in to the shape of a dog bone.  Once I was happy, I primed and painted the wire black.


I loved this jar for its wide mouth!   It’s so easy to fit your hand in and pull out a doggy treat.


I’m lovin my Dog Treat Jar!  Such a nicer way to store the puppy treats than in those plastic bags.   

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Have you done something special for your pet today?


Easy Peasy Ruffles

Have you been seeing a growing trend for the use of ruffles? I’ve seen ruffles on everything from window treatments, decorative pillows, camera straps,  shower curtains, and more.  

Do you want to know how to make a quick ruffle…….

  • with very little sewing experience?
  • without buying a special ruffling foot for the sewing machine?
  • and be able to adjust the amount of fullness in the ruffles?

Start with elastic cording and ribbon. {one could use a strip of fabric but I’m using ribbon in order to keep it “Easy Peasy”}


Set your sewing machine to a zig~zag stitch.  Then adjust the width to a wide setting and the length to a long stitch.


Place the ribbon upside down with the elastic cord centered on top. 

Note:  I left the cord a little longer than the ribbon.  This will help when you are ready to make your ruffles.  Also you don’t want the cord to slip out from under the stitching while you are sewing.  You could pin in place if you felt it necessary.


Drop the needle down manually.  The needle should be on one side of the cord and then as you slowly, by hand, walk the needle forward one stitch and it should finish on the other side of the cord.



                           {zig}                                                       {zag}

         Needle started on the right.                 Needle finishing on the left.

 Once you know that the zig~zag stitch will clear the cord.  Stitch down the center of the ribbon.

Note:  The rule of thumb with ruffles is to use TWO ~ to ~ THREE times the length needed.  If I needed a finished length of12 inches then I would need to start with 24 to 36 inches of material.


Holding the end of the cords, simply pull the ribbon along the cord to create ruffles.

Note:  If  you accidently sewed on the cord and it won’t pull, there is an easy fix! Just clip the stitch and the cord should slide and stretch easily.  {Ask me how I know?} 


Play and adjust to your liking.  Once you have it where you like it you can pin the ends in place and sew…. or….. you could sew a straight stitch down the center.


How did I use my ruffle?  I tied the ends together and placed around a rim of a jar.


As I promised…… Easy Peasy Ruffles!!!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vertical Roasted Chicken

Just to had to share….. I thought this was an ingenious idea! 

Roasted Chicken in a Bundt Pansc0000{via}

Place a whole chicken over the center of the bundt pan.  Surround the chicken with carrots, potatoes, and onions.  Place the pan on a cookie sheet and bake as usual.  So simple…..So clever!!! 

Found this idea in the current issue of Real Simple.  I’m not crazy for the magazine as a whole but I loved loved loved this idea!  It’s kind of a play of the Beer Can Chicken Recipe, where the chicken is roasted in a vertical position.  Hope you did too?



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Handmade Camera Bag

It’s hard not to be a crafty~do~it~yourselfer when you have talented parents such as mine.  For as long as I can remember, my parents have always been creating projects with their hands.  My father has his own workshop {I’m guessing its as big as our garage which is 30’x40’} and my mother has her own craftroom.

Edit for memory lane:  I remember coming home from school one day and mother {all by herself} built a picnic table along with benches!  I was impressed even at 10 years old!


They create amazing gifts and I just needed to share with you a gift my mother made for my daughter’s birthday.


They bought Olivia a very nice camera. {nice as one it took me several years to acquire…..but I’m not bitter……}  So my mother sewed together a camera bag custom made with her own monogram!



{And plenty of storage compartments}






Pretty cool…. huh???  All of this will come in real handy.  You see, Olivia has signed up for a photography class this year.  And I’m not bitter really…. because now I won’t have to share my camera!  J.K.

Can the creativity continue another generation?

Have a blessed weekend,



Friday, August 13, 2010

A Month of Sundays

Want to know what I’ve been doing every Sunday morning for the last month and half? 


………working with my father in his workshop building not just one but TWO complete bed sets!  We’re almost finished with the assembly then it’s on to sanding, priming, and painting!!!! 

These matching headboards will belong to my boys, whom have never had a headboard.  {I’m a bad mommy}  My oldest son wants black and for my youngest son’s room I’ve ……well……I’ve changed my mind at least a half a dozen times.   Brown   -   Red  -   Brown  -    Blue   -  Red   -   Blue.    In fact, my Dad jokingly will ask, “ What color is it this week?”     I’m currently set on blue.  It’s just paint right? 

I saw a plan for a headboard over at Knock Off Wood.  We didn’t follow the plans but it did give a general size and material list.  Actually, it’s more of a Pottery Barn Hudson Collection knock~off!

Hudson Bed & Chifforobe Set

                                     {Pottery Barn – Hudson Collection}

The original idea was to make each of the boys’ headboard different but I grew a bit impatient and decide it would be easier {and faster} to make two identical bed sets.  Actually my dad is ready to rap up this project and have his workshop back in order. {he probably wouldn’t mind having his Sunday mornings back either. he he}

Have a wonderful day,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet 16 Party

My beautiful daughter had her 16th birthday this past Saturday!  We planned a small party in less than 24 hours.  NO ~ I didn’t forget her birthday…. and…. I wasn’t trying to deny the fact that she’s growing up {okay, maybe just a little in denial}…………………. 

I really had every intentions to do a really nice party for her.  The whole works…. big balloons, Limo, party dresses, fireworks, photo booth, DJ………………………..

It just didn’t come together like that.   First of all, most of  her friends ended up being out of town, at camp, or working. {bummer} Then, the birthday girl had to work on her birthday! {double bummer} 

I decide on Friday that I would put a small party together with a few friends and family for her birthday on Saturday.   I know, nothing like waiting to the last minute. 

Picnik collage


I found these adorable cupcake liners at the grocery store. I know…. aren’t they awesome!!!! 

Picnik collage 4

I had the “Olivia’s Sweet 16” banner ordered a week before. {on the off chance we would have a party}  I spotted it on a “hot deals” website  for only $5.98!!!  I couldn’t pass up a deal like that!

Picnik collage 5

I had to do all my quick shopping for food and party supplies at our local Wal-mart (which isn’t super sized)  and the grocery store.  I tried to serve all of the birthday girl’s favorite foods….. Dr. Pepper, Doritos, potato salad, Subway party platter, cheesecake, chocolate cupcakes, and ice cream with all the toppings!!!  

Picnik collage 2

The birthday girl gets a hug and a birthday wish from daddy!

Picnik collage 3

And just because your sixteen doesn’t mean you get out of having a birthday spanking!!!!  Followed by a hug…. courtesy from Papa! 

We all had a good laugh and I think it’s become a requirement in my family to embarrass you on your special day in front of your friends and loved ones.  Not to worry…… Everyone gets a turn!

Happy 16th Birthday Sweet Olivia!!! 



Carrie {aka MOM}


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pasta Bread Bowls


My family was introduced to these fabulous “Pasta Bread Bowls” from Domino’s .  Have you tried them?  They’re delicious and full of carbs….. but I did mention…… fabulously delicious!!!  and oh so worth every fat~filled bite.


Wanting to do something fun for a Friday night dinner, I decided to try my hand at making them at home. 

The Bread:

I made a basic white bread dough in my bread machine.  {so far… so easy}

The Filling:

Dice up a little over a pound of skinless boneless chicken and sauté in a little EVO and a Tbsp. minced garlic.  At the same time cook the pasta noodles.   When the pasta is cooked, toss in with the chicken and cover with alfredo sauce.  {I used Bertolli Garlic Alfredo but I think next time I’ll go the distance and make it the sauce homemade.}

The Preparation:

Divide the dough.  {I was able to get 8 generous bread bowls from a 2 lb bread dough.}  Roll the dough out into a circle.  Transfer to a pizza stone and punch down the center.  Lightly brush the dough with butter!  {forget the diet for one meal and enjoy yourself}  Spoon the pasta~chicken filling into the center of the dough.  Heap up the filling a little more than you think because the dough around the edge will rise.  Sprinkle shredded parmesan cheese over the filling.


450 degrees for 10-15 minutes


Now I’ll have to find a copy~cat recipe for Domino’s Chocolate Lava Cakes!!!!   Yummy…..




Monday, August 2, 2010

Re Refinishing The Front Door


About nine months ago we acquired this gorgeous 9’ solid mahogany front entrance!  It replaced an ugly standard builder’s 8’ metal door. 

I love this door in so many ways.   The extra foot is exactly what our entrance needed to make an impact from the road.  Plus the morning light is just lovely when it comes streaming through the glass.


It needed to be refinished when we got installed but shortly there after the weather turned cold.  I had to patiently wait for the long winter months to end and for the return of some warmer days.  

SPRING ATTEMPT:   In the spring I made an attempt to refinish the door myself.    IT DIDN’T GO SO WELL :(    I tried to lightly sand down the old faded finish.  I thought that would be enough to allow me to reapply a fresh coat of stain.  It’s didn’t work.  The stain never penetrated the wood and only sat on top of the old stain/lacquer/polyurethane???  Needless to say, I was pretty bummed about it and it looked awful.

SUMMER ATTEMPT:   Okay it’s blazing hot outside in this South Carolina August heat and probably not a good time for our front door to be open but Friday night I got a wild hair to tackle the front door yet again.  This time I recruited my hubby to help in the process.  

In this photo, we have gone through 2 cans of stripper and will need one more can before it’s completely down to bare wood.   I really hate doing prep work.  I just want to start applying the stain. {that’s probably why I’m doing this whole process over again?  Ya think???} 

Oh NO,  a storm came upon us on Saturday late in the day and we quickly had to cover the entrance in plastic.  It rained and rained all night long.  On Sunday there was so much moisture/humidity in the air that we decided to wait. 

Check back soon as I hope to have my front entrance back in working condition.


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