Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Half Way Mark


I’ve been 6 months without any soda!!! 


Yes, the first two months were hard but now I’m over it!  {kinda…. sorta….} The only time I miss a soda pop drink is when it’s pizza night.  

What do I drink???             Water… Water…. Water….            and when I’m tired of water I’ll have a glass of  lemonade, milk, or orange juice.

I don’t drink teas, coffees, or any other caffeinated beverage.  Where do I get my caffeine fix?!?!?!?  

Chocolate  Chocolate  Chocolate


I thought about making this my resolution for next year

 “A Year Without Chocolate”

Not. Going. To.  Happen.

Hey it was a thought.  But I know myself all to well.  I try to set goals that I know I can achieve.  Each year it’s a something different. Last  year it was to have $xxxx.xx in the savings and the year before that it was to read 50 books.

What was your New Year’s resolution?  and how are you making it happen?

What you think about You bring about,


Palmetto Tree Car Decal

I’m back home and as much as I would love to be in my craft~room….. there is always WAYYY to may things that need to be done after a trip….. unpacking, laundry, cleaning out the vehicle, laundry, bank, groceries, oh and more laundry!!!!

But I did manage to sqeeeeze in a quick project.  Whooo Hooo



This car decal has been on my “to~do” list for awhile! 

If you are not familiar with South Carolina, this is our state logo….. the Palmetto Tree.  I’m not sure how the hubby is going to feel about the pink color????? But seeing how I drive this vehicle 99% of the time…… I decide not to give him a vote.  He He

For all the vinyl Cricut  lovers out there ~ I used outdoor vinyl.  This is my first time using outdoor vinyl actually outside so I can’t say how it will hold up but not minutes after placing the decal on it started to rain!  I even drove in the rain later that day and it still looks perfect!


Have a Great Day,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Graduation Gifts

I want to start off by saying I’m sorry for being absent in my blog post.  I’ve been entertaining out-of-town guest during the week and now I’m attending a graduation in Upstate New York.    I have twin nieces that are graduating from the same high-school that I graduated from!  and to add to all the excitement it’s my 20th year high-school reunion!!!!! 

I did manage to find time to create a few gift for my graduating nieces using my Cricut!

Here’s what I used to create these t-shirts

        • Sure-Cuts-A-Lot
        • freezer paper
        • craft paint
        • fabric paint medium

Black t-shirt with silver paint.



White t-shirt with orange and black school colors.



                     Front                                         Back



I’m still in New York but wanted to say “Hi” to everyone!  {Hello Everyone!}  I have a lot of projects that I have lined up to finish and many more projects floating around in my head. Ha ha



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tribute To My Father

I made a quick trip to Charleston this weekend with my family.  I knew I wanted to go back there  but I didn’t think it would be this soon! 

The hubby came home Friday after work and said “It’s going to be warm this weekend. Let’s go to the beach!”   Easy to do when we are only 3 hours away.  So with bags pack we were on our way to Charleston for the weekend. Yippie!!!!  We spent most of our time at the beach {and eating ice cream}.  However,  I did do two new things that I didn’t get to experience on my first trip…..

  • walked the Charleston bridge {I don’t recommend you do this walk in flip~flops.  Ask me how I now!}
  • And eating a bowl of  She-Crab Soup!  {Yummy!!!!}



I didn’t get to spend the day with my Dad so I thought I would share with everyone how great and talented he is! 

He loves to work with wood.  Which is enough for me to know to be dangerous and to keep him very very busy!!!!!  he he

Here is a small collection of the wonderful things he has made for me:

My jewelry box that I sketched out and he built.


Side table


The top is a piece of granite that he found on the side of the road!


A night stand for my daughter.


A TV stand in my daughter’s room.


Shelf and Toy {I wish you could see all the detail!}


My favorite bowl.  Most times it filled with popcorn.


Adirondack chairs


And my ALL time favorite thing he’s made…..

the front panels to my refrigerator!!!  Love it!!!!!



I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderfully talented dad.  Remember this is an extremely small collection of the “gifts” he’s made.  {they’re still considered gifts even if I ask for them…right?}

We have been trying to finish up a project that we started over a month ago but either he’s out of town or I’m out of town.  I’m hoping we get to spend some quality time together in a couple of weeks!  I’ll be sure to share photos of our finished project.

Happy Father’s Day to my DAD

and all the other DADs out there.

Hugs and Kisses,



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lazy Homeowner


After redoing the boys bathroom I missed one little detail.  The hinges on the door are gold and didn’t match the other hardware.  Being lazy challenged for time, I decided to make the needed changes the lazy the time conscious way.

{Gold Hardware}



IMG_2830 Using the silver spray paint above {I’m still using the same can that I sprayed the ceiling fan!}, I sprayed some paint out into a small bowl. 


Then applied to the hardware with a small brush.

{Transformed Hardware}



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I would love for you to VOTE for your favorite.  {Mine is #18. He He}

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Did It Again!!!

I made the 10 Finalist in this months DIY Club!
{Faux Stained Wood Nightstand}
But I need your help….. I need everyone to vote!!!!
Go to DIYClubInc.   Click on the project you like the best.  {hopefully #18} And at the bottom of the page, click VOTE.
Everyone gets one vote to decide the winner.
Please HURRY. We only have till Friday before the winner is announced.  Thank you everyone :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cactus Wood

I know I’m suppose to be on vacation in Texas but……. in lieuuu of this East~Coast~All~Her~Lifer traveling westward I thought I share something really awesome!!!!

Did you know that this


Could be turned into this

Catus vase 1

My aunt, whom lives out west, came to visit and brought all kinds of neat things with her.  One being a piece of wood from a Saguaro Cactus.  Now I don’t know if this is just me or not but did you know cactus was a “woody” plant?  I always thought it was a “fleshy” plant….. like a household plant.  {insert my western bloggy friends’ rolling eyes} 

So in my defense, I really have never seen a Saguaro Cactus in real life.  I’ve been told that they have them here in Texas but they must be west of Dallas/Fort Worth area.

My wonderful father does a lot of woodworking.  His favorite thing to do is turn bowls and vases.  As he has never worked with this kind of wood before, he carefully turned the cactus wood on his lathe.  After he was done polishing, my mother inserted a small test tube.  The end result…

One Unique Vase!!!!! 

He started with a piece that looked like this

{kind of reminds me of a luffa sponge}




As much as I love this, it’s going home with my aunt. Booo :(

Don’t they know that I get first dibs on everything my father creates? hee hee


My father has had a great week at his Etsy store!  Please check out all his wonderful creations.  Click Here

Have a wonderful weekend,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Texas Bound

I left South Carolina last  night and I’m now arriving in the great state of Texas!  My boys have a large motocross race that they will be participating in this weekend. 

         Now I’ve been to Texas quite a few times and have come to realize one thing….

      the Texas armadillo is an equivalence ……..                                to the South Carolina opossum

Armadillo Triplets

Every armadillo I have ever seen has been laying quietly by the roadside. 


Here are my boys in action.



Wishing my boys a great weekend of racing!

Let’s go racing,


Hobby Lobby Finds

At a recent trip into town, I had some time to kill and what better place to do that than Hobby Lobby.  Could you not just spend hours there?  {ohhh how I wished I lived closer to town}


My daughter and I have been eyeing that Eiffel Tower for some time but I wasn’t will to pay the sticker price but at 70% off it was coming home with me.  WHOO HOO!!! 

The frames were only a few dollars each!!! 

The sandal frame looked like it was missing something from the strap.  Can you see what I’m taking about?


My quick fix.


I got all this for less than $15.oo!  Can I get another


Happy Shopping,



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Patriotic Star Pillow

My youngest son’s bedroom has taken on a patriotic theme.  I decide to make a pillow that would use up some of the red, white, and blue material that I had left over from other projects. 

WARNING:  This is was not a quick project for me.  I would consider myself an intermediate sewer, however,  I probably have over 8 hours into this one pillow. 


{The Front}


 If I started with a pattern, I could have saved myself a whole lot of time.  To make my own pattern, I googled “6 pointed star”, printed and enlarged until I had a point the size I wanted. 

Then I cut 6 sides/points out of different fabric.  Next I sewed 3 points together and then repeated with other 3 sides, so I ended up with two halves.  Still with me?!?!?!  That allowed me to have one center seam to sew the star together!!!  I just used the top quilted star as my pattern to cut out the bottom solid red fabric. 


{The Back}


{The Cording}

I made my own cording using clothes line cord that I had around the house.  There are several ways to make your own cording but I have a super simple fail~proof way. {Buy it!!!….LOL}  Really I can show you a very simple way… tutorial to come.




{Fabric Covered Button}


I know that’s a lot of pillow for a boys bed!  Trust me… it will only look like this when I help him make the bed.  I’m thinking about adding an upholstered chair to his room and a few of the pillow will most likely end up there.

In the end, this pillow turned out fabulous!  Better than I could have ever hoped for and didn’t cost me a dime.  I had all the materials already!!!


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God Bless,



Team Clipboards


Here’s a little project that I worked on over the weekend for the local summer swim team.   If  you have never been to a swim meet before there are people {usually parents} that stand an the end of the swim lane with a stop watch.  Clipboards are need so the timers can write down the swimmer’s lap times.

Plain old clipboards wouldn’t do!


Spray painted blue and added white vinyl cut from my Cricut.


10 Clipboards.


These clipboards were a bit more time consuming than I had originally planned for.  But what the heck…..home-school mother of three…you know….. I have all this free time on my hands.  HA HA



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patriotic Boys Lamp

I’m still making my way through several projects for my youngest son’s bedroom.  Without really realizing it I have given his room a  patriotic theme.   Because of the time of year, it’s made it easy to shop for accessories for his room!!!


{The Before}

$3.00 lamp from Goodwill

Doesn’t it look like the shade is trying to swallow the base?




{The Base}

Painted with Krylon Fusion Red.  I had originally spray painted the metal base silver but opted to paint it completely red.  Still using the same can of red spray paint I used on the fan!  This paint covers so well.  Definitely worth the money.

Added some extra weight to the bottom. {left over from another lamp redo}   Very easy to do by unscrewing the nut off the bottom.


I spotted this cool sticky backed felt in  Wal-Mart and knew it would work perfectly to cover all the nasty!  and secondly it would prevent the lamp from scratching the faux stained treatment!!!! 


While I hade the base apart, I added a little extra height by cutting a piece of PVC pipe {a product used for plumbing}, spray painted it silver, and slipped it over the lamp rod!


{The Shade}  

Nothing is easy as you want it to be…..

I had a hard time finding a shade that I liked.  I ended up finding this shade at Target.  I wanted white….you would think that would be an easy find….I had to settle for cream.  The shape didn’t make it easy to cover either.  Because it tapper at the top, you simply couldn’t run ribbon around the center and glue. 

Here’s what I did: 

  • Loosely measure around the lamp’s middle.
  • Cut a 2” band of blue fabric.
  • Sew red ribbon on top of the blue fabric ban.
  • Pinned ban around the shade wrong side up. Pinned the excess material at the corners.
  • Sew the corners and trim off excess material.


Here’s the ban sewn and trimmed. 


Turn the ban right-side out and slip over shade.  Add a dab of hot glue to secure.


I originally had three little red stars but as you can see in the “After” photo, I changed it to one large star in front for a bigger impact!


{The After}


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You light up my days,


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