Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping at the CSN Store

Remember the Gift Certificate to CSN Stores that I won last week from Jessica at Vanilla Bean

To keep everyone up-to-date, I made my  decision on Tuesday and received it Thursday!!!!  Yeah your reading that right….only two days to process and ship!!!

You gotta love that :D

Its was a bit over whelming look around the CSN Store.  In fact last Saturday night I was up to one in the morning browsing the website.  There is so much inventory to look at! 

I put these in my shopping cart first:

Spring-Step-Kaylee-in-Red cute…cute…cute….

But then the practical mom side of me decided on this:


This has been on my need-to-buy list for a long long time.

My current one is  “Avocado Green”!  I’m not kidding…. I’m too embarrassed to show you an actual picture.  Although with all the retro products coming back, I could be in style and not even know it.   I’m pretty sure it once belonged to my mother {possibly my grandmother}


It came with a spatula, whisk, and two beaters. 

LCD display 


And the best part is…..{look kids}…… No more lumpy pancakes! 

I am so happy at my new little toy.  I have retired the old avocado green beast.   


I’m so sorry that I haven’t had any FINISHED projects to show this week.  {I do have plenty on UNFINISHED projects ha ha}  I’m hope to wrap up a few projects for next week.

In the mean time, {right after I finish my Buttermilk Pancakes breakfast} I heading to the beach for a nice long Memorial Day weekend with my family.    I hope everyone has a glorious Memorial weekend! 


Happy Memorial Day,



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabulous Finds


I have a four projects in the works right now!  All of them are on hold for one or more reasons.   I’m trying to be patient but it is sooooo hard.

In the mean time, I thought I share with you some of my fab fines.

{Thrifty Finds}


Look at all these cute Laura Ashley Fabrics!! All from the thrift store!

{only .25cents each}


They each measure 25”x25”

BONUS: There is a tag claiming to have a soil & stain release finish!  Whoo Hooo… you gotta love that!



Ohhhh and check this out…..

{also from the thrift store}


$3.00 for this huge massive roll of brown craft paper.

What would you do with it?


I’m thinking this is going to be great for gift wrapping.  How versatile this one paper will be!!!! 

  • Wedding Wrap ~ Just add a wide white satin ribbon and bow
  • Child’s Birthday Wrap ~ Colorful rubber stamp motifs
  • Christmas Wrap ~ Fresh greenery, pine cones, and twine
  • Graduation Wrap ~ Cool school stickers
  • Valentine’s Day Wrap ~ White paper dollies and red velvet ribbon

I’ll also use it on messy glue/spray paint projects and to create patterns!!!

Now I need one of these stands


{Fabric Store}

The fabric store had upholstered fabrics for 50% off!  I got over a yard of each all for $12. 

I have a few ideas in mind.


From my Home to Yours,


Friday, May 21, 2010

Let’s Go Shopping

I need to shout out a BIG thank you to Jessica at Vanilla Bean for presenting me a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores. 

How cool is this:  It’s Vanilla Bean’s first Giveaway and my first ever entry in a giveaway!!!  And I WON{I’m still in shock}


Ladies….. Let’s do a little shopping!!!

{I’ll be back with my finial selection}

Feeling Lucky?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matching Camera and Camera Bag Strap


I’ve been working on a few projects for other people that I thought I would take some time and make something for myself.


{Camera Strap}

I love all the camera strap covers that I have seen around the bloggy world!  This idea is so simple that you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I knew I would need to make mine out of dark colors on the fact that this camera gets toted all over.  {I’m currently struggling to keep a creamy white purse clean.  Yikes!} I also knew that I didn’t want to add any 3-D items like ruffles, bows, and fabric flowers.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re adorable!  However, sometimes I ask my hubby or kiddos to hold on to the camera and I was just trying to think of them.  Ha Ha

At Hobby Lobby, I found a black and white floral fabric and fell in love instantly.  I combined it with some leftover material from my darling daughter’s curtains.

Here’s my version:


No flowers, no ruffles, no bows, but…..

a little monogram!!!! 

Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones to own an embroidery machine.  Haven’t used it in years. 

{funny little story…. went to clean my sewing/embroidery machine after a long hibernation and found 3 pins and 1 zipper foot down inside the bottom of the machine!  Think that might affect the way it stitches?}


I surprised myself again.  I’m really not a fan of blue!  Could my taste be changing? Nahhhh, it was just what I had on hand already.  

I didn’t use the blue fabric for the entire inside.  The inside of the strap starts and finishes with the black and white fabric and the blue fabric is only in the middle.  {photo#1 shows this the best}

*The sad truth… I had a French tip manicure done 3 days before this photograph was taken.  If you look closely, my pointer fingernail is completely covered in silver spray paint!


When it was all done and I was going to return the camera back to the camera bag….something was missing. 

A girl needs to coordinate!!!! 


{A Strap for the Camera Bag}


I left it very simple… black and white on the top side and blue on the inside.   I thought about monogramming my entire name but I figured the shoulder pad would cover most of it up. 


 Matchy…. Matchy


Using one of the kids camera. 

Why does it always look like I need to comb my hair? 

I would comb it more often if the 3 kids and 2 dogs would allow the time.  The fact that it’s not in a ponytail says it’s a good day!


While were talking about cameras, I wanted to show you one product that I can’t live without.  

The Nikon Lens Pen Cleaner


It has a brush on one side and this magical little felt-like tip {best way I can think to describe it} on the other.  Brush off any large dust particles with the brush and then in a circular motion gently rub the felt-like tip over the lens.  I like to start in the center and work my way out.  Perfectly cleaned ever time!  These make great gifts and I even use them to clean my sunglasses!!! {NO I’m not getting endorsed by this product or company}


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    Photograph in Style,



  • Another Fabulous Award!


    I was given “The Versatile Blogger” award by Julie @ It’s Sew Stinkin’ Cute but before I could post this award, the sweetest blogger around, Cindy @ Creations by Cindy awarded to me again!

    Thank you Julie and Cindy.  I love my new award!!!

    7 things about me:

    1. I have been together with my husband since I was 13 years old!
    2. I have 3 children {age 15, 14, and 10} that I get to home-school.
    3. My New Years resolution for 2010 is to give up all sodas!
    4. My biggest pet-peeve is hair on a soap bar.  {we have his & her soaps}
    5. I’m a Yankee.  Born and raised in Upstate New York. {moved to the south when I was 19}
    6. I love chocolate and peanut butter and if there together… all the better! 


    *** I’m sitting here trying to think of #7 when a comment comes in from Whitney @ Life’s A Highway Surrounded By Corn presented me the “the Versatile Blogger” award!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.   Julie, Cindy and Whitney ~ you three ladies have made my day and my week!

    I’m leaving #7 blank because honestly I can’t think of anything interesting to tell you about myself.  Folks, I’m really not that interesting. 

    But if you there’s something you want to know…. ask away! {I’ll answer as long as it’s not toooo personal}


    Hugs and Kisses,






    Quick Find

    Have you ever been all over three counties in search of something? 

    Want to know the quickest way to find it?






















    So many times I have looked all over God’s creation trying to find that one thingamabob that you need to make your project perfect.  You know, the mad dash in and out of a store looking only for that one and only whatchamacallit.   

    My latest example:

    Remember this project HERE.

    This was not the rod I envisioned.  I settled after a long hard search. {waving white flag}


    This is the one I saw in my mind’s eye!!!  {Sing with me… Oh Happy Dayyyyyy}


    How did I find it?  I walked in to a little discount store on my search for another whosamadinger and “the one” caught my eye. 

    Now my first reaction :    

    “Are you kidding me?  Here of all places.  Less than 2 miles from my house.”

    The second reaction:

    “Oh my lucky stars!!!!! I’ve got to grab this fast and make the switch-a-roo!!!!…….{half way across the parking lot}……what did I come here looking for?”


    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Wedding Gift

    As I mentioned, I not only had a baby shower to go to this past weekend but I also had a wedding to attend. 

    The bride-to-be loves monograms.  I know this because I rode in her car a few months ago and spotted several monograms.

    {three monogrammed handbags in the back seat and a monogram decal on the car window} Edit: the wedding decorations had monograms everywhere.  Even the topper on the cake was a monogram! 

    I knew I had to create a monogrammed gift for her home.

    Edit:  Let me explain the date ~ The bride and groom had a small wedding before the groom left for military service.  This past weekend they were able to renew their vows and celebrate with family and friends.


    Just a simple wooden plaque spray painted black and a stenciled letter “K” cut on the Cricut machine painted with silver craft paint.  The stenciled letter could have been done on the computer with any font of your choice.   


    The silver paint was a little over whelming and I knew I had to calm it down.  Sand paper to the rescue!!!  A little distressing over the “K” and on the edges.   Much much better :D


    Simply applied white vinyl letter on top.  Done. 

    This plate holder I used to photograph is mine and is too large for this plaque.  I purchased a different one but forgot to photograph it but it’s similar to the Anniversary one I did in March.

    Plus, one small gift  ~  a Paula Deen candle “Creme Brulee”.  I haven’t  tried this candle scent yet but I love the container it comes in. 


    More vinyl and little ribbon to add some color.

    {Wrap It Up}



        My daughter and I at the wedding.

    Darn wind…messing with our hair.

    Dittle Dattle

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    Love Always,



    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Modern Baby Girl


    I’ve been invited to a baby shower! A baby shower for a couple of young modern parents-to-be.  I knew I wanted to create some gifts that were fun and edge-y, hip, happening, cool, etc.  {what ever the “word” is today)


    {Name Blocks}

    Blocks that spell out the baby’s name in hot pink vinyl on black and white scrapbook paper! I’d say that’s modern.   Click here to see a tutorial on how to make these scrapbook paper Mod-Podge blocks.  I simply added hot pink ribbon and a few rhinestones.



    To package them ~ cut a piece of foam board and tie with ribbon.  The fun little circles were all cut on the Cricut Expression


    {Personalized Blanket}

    I took a store bought blanket and customized it with the Cricut Machine!  Yes, the Cricut cuts fabric too!!!!! How cool is that? 

    A little zebra fabric, cute little pre-made flowers, zebra ribbon, and a little bit of sewing turns a store bought blanket into a hip modern baby blanket.

    ***Please do not email me  on the danger of choking with babies and small objects.

    I thought long and hard before adding the little flowers.   Rest-a-sure each one is sewn on very very well.


    A little detail.  I painted a baby safety pin with black poke-a-dots. and used it to keep the blanket rolled up.


    {Wrap It Up}



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    Be Blessed,



    Friday, May 14, 2010

    In Search Of



    I had plans to make curtains for my youngest son’s bedroom.  But after looking at fabric… or better yet the PRICES of fabric… I knew I could buy ready made curtains a lot cheaper.

    Really ~ after adding up the cost of fabric, grommets, AND my time ….. store bought curtains were looking better and better :D  It didn’t take me long to find the base of what I wanted to sew for a fraction of the cost.  Now all I need to do is customize them to my liking to my son’s liking.

    Here’s what I picked up at the store:


    My plan is to customize these curtains with ribbon.  Here’s the problem….

    I can’t find ribbon by the yard.  Okay I have found ribbon by the yard at a few places {one super Wal-mart, Hancock, and Hobby Lobby)  but no one has a really good selection. 

    Anyone know of a place that they could suggest?   a store in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC?  (I live equal distance to both)


    There always is a little store called Mary Jo’s (about 45 minutes away).  Maybe ya heard of it?   This store is huge!  If you can’t find it there you can’t find it anywhere!!!  For a little eye candy, click on the “Virtual Tour

    I try to stay away for obvious reasons!   Ohhhhh to try and stay calm and focused.  See… I already lost focus on what this post was about! ;)

    Your Friend,



    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    And the Award Goes to……

    It’s been a long week so far and I have a crazy weekend ahead of me.  For Saturday and Sunday ~ a baby shower, a wedding, swim practice, shopping for a dress {to wear to the wedding…nothing like waiting to the last minute}, and I need to drive to Charlotte {50 minute drive} to fill out paperwork for job #4.  Whewww!!!   Monday can’t come soon enough.

    But today I’m having a good day!  I have been awarded not one but two awards.  Yeah! 

    I’d like to thank Amy from Positively Splendid for the “Sunshine Award”

    Sunshine Award

    And now to thank

    Jan over at The Simpler Life  for the “Trendy Blog Award”


    I’m truly thankful that you have all enjoyed this lil’ blog.  It’s my goal to bring you some inspiration when life gives you time …….to dittle dattle. 



    Now, I want  to pass the torch and award some other fabulous blogging ladies.

    {Here’s how the award works}

    • To receive this award {Trendy Treehouse} you have to promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.
    • Post about your award in your blog.
    • List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs. 
    • Share with them. 
    • Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button. 
    • Tell them they need to give this award out to 10 as well.

    Here are the fabulous blogs I’ve chosen.  Please visit each of these wonderful blogs and  CONGRATULATE them! 

    1. Amy & Jeni ~ PEPPERtowne
    2. Debbie ~ Debbiedoos

    Thank you to each of you for all your hard work and inspiration.  Please wear your button with pride.

    Warmest regards,


    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Painted Ceiling Fan

    Do you remember this girlish fan that hangs in my youngest son’s bedroom?


    It’s white…it’s plain….it’s B.O.R.I.N.G!!!

    Well…..not anymore……



    {sorry for the awful photos.  I had a dickens of a time photographing it}

    I simply removed the fan blades and spray painted! 


    Here’s how I did it:

    {cause you know you want to do this too}


    • Remove the fan blades with a screw driver.  (assuming you want them a different color) 
    • Clean all the parts really well!
    • Protect the areas that you don’t want painted with masking tape and newspaper.  I masked off the ceiling and the electrical light sockets.
    • Open up a window to provide good ventilation. 
    • Spray paint the motor assembly of the fan and the screws one color.  (2 coats)
    • Spray paint the fan blades another color.  (2 coats) 



    • Let the paint dry.
    • Remove masking tape and paper.
    • Reassemble the fan blades to the motor mount.
    • Turn on the fan.
    • Step back and WOW yourself and your family!!!

    One last thing about the paint…..

    Red paint ~ Krylon Fusion (Wal-mart)

    Silver paint~ I used a combination of these two spray paints.  The Valspar (Lowes) was the first coat because it has a deep dark under tone.  The Rust-Oleum (Wal-mart) was used as the top coat because it has a light shimmering quality.  Almost to the point of being glitter-like.  I like the way the two paints worked together to give it dimension. 






    I just can’t get over how well this turned out.  Again I’m sorry the photos aren’t doing it justice.  This is a project that I had been thinking about for awhile and now I couldn’t be more excited about the way it turned out :D

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