Friday, April 30, 2010

Fresh & Clean

{Start with a $1.00 thrift store vase}


{Several coats of primer and paint}



{Add some $.99 grocery store flowers!}

Ta. Da.




Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


My Motto 

“What you think about you bring about”

{ looking around my house… I can honestly say I haven’t been thinkin ‘bout cleaning.  Ha ha}

I am a firm believer that what you heartily desire and actively act upon, it will ultimately come forth.  Think about it.  Is there anything in your life that you {having control over} really really wanted that you haven’t gotten?   

  • You want to loose weight …
  • You want to get married…
  • You want a baby…..
  • You want a new house….   

So you loose weight, get married, have a baby, and move into a bigger house.  Maybe not in that order!!! But it all starts with a burning desire!!!  Let me make this clear… you nor I have control over the lotto, weather, life or death, and we can’t make someone love us.  And  sometimes the things we want will require many many steps while others will have few.  But if you keep your “EYE on the PRIZE”…. in the end you will “OWN IT”!!!

My kids have heard me say my motto SO many times that they now finish my words for me!!! 

Enough with my dittle dattle, the reason for this post…… I felt my son need some encouragement, motivation,  and visualization.  See he competes in motocross racing across the US and Internationally.  On a local level, he races very strong with lots of confidence.  However, when we go to national races he doubts his ability and strength.  So what does this mamma do


Yes, that is a photograph hanging over his bed!!!  It’s a photo of a podium at one of the largest youth nationals in the US.  I took this last year, edited the date to 2010, enlarged it to a 24x26, framed it (without glass), and nailed it to the ceiling!!!! It’s the first thing he sees in the morning and the last thing at night.  He visualizes himself and his bike sitting on that podium in 2010!!! 


Now this is only a fraction…. he does need to apply himself to his workouts and practices.   He can do this!!!

And to quote one of the fastest motocross racers of today-

“It’s all mental, baby!”


Hope all your dreams come true,


Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Time


{First Purchase at Goodwill}

I have been a long time donator of the Goodwill.  It’s so easy to box up my “unwantables” and donate.  Way easier than conducting a yard sale. I love to browse the store and see everyone’s “unwantable”.  But I have never bought anything!

I know you think I’m a snob… I’m too good to take other people “JUNK” home with me….

Not true at all!!!

The truth is… I look at your blogs and see all the trash goodies that you find at really really great prices!

The trash goodies I see are really really over priced!

Is it me?….am I cheap?         or          Is it the store?…are their prices too high?

Well~ today my luck changed.  Not in a big way {I’ll still be playing the lotto} but I did find some small hidden treasures.




Total cost $3.52

large frame ~ $.99

glass container ~ $1.00

small frame mirror ~ $.30

Waverly fabric ~ $1.00

I’m sitting here thinking to myself…. maybe it is me….maybe when I enter the Goodwill, I don’t see things the way you do.  Maybe I’m so practical that my creative side only puts in front of me what I need. (or can handle)  Let me explain….

the frame… I picked out because I thought I could use it on a project I’m doing for my mother.

the framed mirror…. I need something to go on my family photo collage wall

the fabric… even though I haven’t finished son #2’s bedroom I thought the colors palette would be great in son #1’s bedroom

the glass container…. I could see it filled with colorful….M&M’s!!! (okay not exactly a need but definitely I had a vision)

Happy Thrifting,


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too much of a Good Thing

{Being Proud without being Tacky}

My boys are very talented.  So talented that we have these all over the house.

There here


and here


and more here


and lets not forget here


Big ones


Small ones


Interesting ones


Yes, I’m proud of them ……but…… don’t you think it’s getting a bit tacky?

What to do with all of them?

It’s a bit over whelming…. and something needs to be done!  There in the bedrooms, the garage, the attic, the foyer {I usually show-case the newest one}, and in closets and drawers! 

We’ve have thinned this collection down already once before.  There are hundreds {and I’m not kidding} in our attic!  The boys have even stopped getting some of their trophies because there are sooooooo many!  Unless the trophy really means something to them they don’t bring it home.   Sad I know.  I can’t part with them but there is only so much room in my house!

How do you handle your children’s ever growing-collection?


This is kind of cute……  The spell check on my phone {blackberry} always wants to change “Dittle Dattle” to “Little Cattle”.  LOL  Which I think if I started a family blog that would probably be the perfect title for this family!  I’m always trying to herd up the cattle {I mean kids} and get them to stop with what ever their dittle dattling with.  I thought it was funny… and wanted to share with everyone.


Thanks for visiting,




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me and My New BF! (Blogger Friend)

For over a year now I have been stalking viewing Kristen’s Creations blog.  She has the most beautiful blog.  If anyone can make a blog feel welcoming, it’s Kristen.  When your visiting you feel like family {or is that Olive Garden….. no no definitely Kristen’s Creations blog}  

Kristen’s home is so warm and inviting!  I wonder if she has to ask people to leave?  She would me!!   If only we lived closer. booo   I’ve only recently became a true Google Friend follower!  Why you ask?  Ummm…I just figured out how this whole bloggy thing works!!!!  I know… techNO…challenged.  Oh oh oh and the greatest thing, Kristen became my 3rd follower!!!  I was doing the happy dance all day. {after I picked myself off the floor}

Kristen has the most beautiful family and a beautiful home.  I’m in love with her color palette!  REDS….and…..YELLOWS  She has spent 15 years working as a floral designer.  {do I need to say more?} What a cool job that must be.   Her projects are so lovely.  It’s hard not to want them all in your own home!   

I tried to hack recreate one of her beautiful frames for my darling daughter’s room.  See!!! See!!! See!!!  Cute!!! Cute!!! Cute!!!

{here’s my attempt}

frame 3frame 4   

Now  for Kristen’s Fabulous Frames




Beautiful!  What’s not to love?

Those ribbons are TO. DIE. FOR.

Now if only she would create tutorial-post on how to make those wonderful bows (hint…hint)

I’m going to stop talking writing now so you can hop on over to Kristen’s place.  She’s so sweet. Please say hello for me.

CLICK HERE for Kristen’s Creations Fabulous Blog


Enjoy your day,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Have Lift OFF!

Plan B worked!  The big beautiful beast (the shelving unit) is now standing tall inside the closet!!!

A cut was made on both sides below the top shelf, moved inside the closet, and reattached together with glue and nails.

{here it is primed and ready to be painted}


The shelving sets away from the wall {for now} so that I can paint first. 

Just my luck, I ran out of paint.


Have you ever had a project that just seemed to…….


 have a road block on every step?

{waiting…. fingernails tapping on the desk}

That’s how I feel about this closet.   Between work and homeschooling, it will be Saturday before I can tackle this closet.  

But on a good note, I did find some storage bins!




Friday, April 16, 2010




You all Rock!

I’d love to send out a 100 Benjamin’s to each of you!

Love your sweet comments.  Love seeing your smiling faces.  Love the way you motivate me.

That’s a lot of LOVE!!!

Wishing you a 100 times a beautiful day,


Houston We Have A Problem

See this big beautiful beast??? This is the center to my youngest son’s closet makeover. 

{I’m spring cleaning the closets… let’s hope it doesn’t take me all summer to finish} 

After heaving the beast from my dad’s workshop through our front door and up the stairs…  it won’t fit by the door and the hallway.

No Worries.  On to plan B.


I love to take step by step photos of my projects but this won’t be one of them.  Most Sometimes I get carried away with projects, always sometimes underestimating the time and skill level.  See I thought I’d pop on over to my dad’s workshop, have him cut the boards, and I have this thing nailed up and ready to paint in a few hours.  Ha Ha.  My father informed me that the shelves would not hold together with just nails alone.  He did make a good point when he mentioned that the “bouncing baby boy”  would probably want to climb up the shelves! {am I raising monkeys?}  I swear he used 20 different tools.  Every step…a new tool!  In the end, this closet won’t be brought down by a 10 year old.  Thanks Dad!

Till next time,



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

“Dishing It”

Amanda from Serenity Now is having a party for fellow bloggers to share a little bit about themselves.    All bloggers are welcome to join.  I hope that after you finish reading you’ll hop on over and join the party.  Who doesn’t like a good party?

~How long have you been blogging?

I haven’t been blogging very long!  One month and one week!

~Why did you start blogging?

My family says I never finish any projects.  This blog is my journal and witness because I have a very short memory.  LOL.  No seriously… since having children my memory has left me.  I always say, when you are speaking to a mother…you really are only speaking to half a brain… because whether her children are with her or not she is always thinking about them… hence you’re only dealing with half a mind! 

~Tell me about your blog's title. Why did you choose it?

I’m always telling my kids to hurry up and stop dittle dattling.  This blog is my way to pause for a moment and take time to Dittle Dattle!

~What do you blog about?

My home and craft projects.  I might add some gardening  as time goes on.

~What is your favorite thing about blogging?

The encouragement to finish the next project!  I love to read all the beautiful comments everyone leaves.

~If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next devoted reader, who would you pick?

Patrick Demsey ~ who doesn’t want a little Mcdreamy following you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Wall

{Another trash to treasure}


          For a quick tutorial on how I made this:

          1.  Cut old molding into blocks

          2.  Painted the blocks

          3.  Mod-Podge scrap paper

          4.  Distressed edges

          5. Apply vinyl

          6. Hot glued ribbon

          7. Hang on curtain rod

{This is the same process as the Easter Blocks.  To view more detailed directions CLICK HERE.}

The rod was an adjustable curtain rod.  I didn’t need the extra length.  I just removed the extension rod and hot glued the knob on the end.  The brackets that were provide made the blocks come out too far from the wall.   So, I screwed into the wall two long screws and sat the rod on top.  A little black paint made the screws disappear. 

Now I need to collect some black frames and photos to hang above.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

It’s All About The Bag

I received this bag as a FREE gift with purchase {Jessica Simpson perfume “Fancy Love”} from Belk at the Southern Woman’s Show back in …..October (I think?).  It’s been sitting in my closet when……I got a wild hair!


I know….. more vinyl!  Why not?  Vinyl is the bomb!  I’d tattoo myself with it if I could.

{Ooooohhh do you think it’d work?}

A little Oh La La


Well, spring break has come to an end and it’s back to homeschooling.  I’ll have a little less me time but I promise to do some non-vinyl projects in the near future. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Boys’ Bathroom

This bathroom took longer to remodel than any one should.   I’m glad I can finally say its done!  It was worth the wait because it looks great!  Click Here to see earlier photographs of this room.    I’m still kicking myself for not taking photographs before I started this room.   I miss the cute blue  and yellow nautical theme it once had.  {weeping mommy}  Why do they have to grow up so fast?  

This make-over all began with a trip to IKEA with my kids.  There we found a medicine cabinet and a shower curtain.   My oldest son was a great help.  He caulked, sanded, primed, cleaned, and was may right hand when I need to have two.  



I fell in love this waterfall faucet.  It wasn’t in my original plan to replace the sink.  But hey- anything that will encourage the boys to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

IMG_1151 I replaced the old towel bar with these smart looking hooks.   My theory is that the boys will actually hang their towel up {instead of leaving it on the floor}. 


The art work above the hooks are all done with scrape paper on my Cricut machine.  {pre-vinyl era}

collage 1

Because I added the sink and faucet, I also need to replace the counter and backsplash.

The “Wash Your Hands” artwork originally had “mom said so” but it fell and broke.  As a joke with my boys, I had changed it out to “that’s what she said”.   You know it’s a hit when other boys are calling home and asking their mom’s to make one for them!  How cool is that?

The shower curtain rod is an arc rod, giving additional 6 inches of space!

collage 2

Everything is new except for the tub, the toilet, and the vanity base.

There is a shelf that runs around the entire room about 24 inches below the ceiling.  I could leave it empty….(and be okay with it) or I could place some white vases or even colored sculptured glass.  But if this was your room what would you put on it?

Any ideas? 

It once had cute little sailboats and sea shells. {sigh….sniff…..sniff}

Wait just a second…. their bathroom looks better than mine.   I’d love to say the master bathroom make-over is next but as any parent knows ~ you can not do for one child and not the other.  So I will be saying, “On to the next bathroom, my darling daughter’s!”  {on the look out for inspiration}



There’s Gonna Be A Party!

My darling daughter is turning “Sweet 16” this summer! {ouch}

I’ve started collecting ideas and pre-planning.  I wanted to plan a surprise party but she a young lady that definitely know what she likes and what she doesn’t.  So I came to her one day and say, “Let’s plan a party!” Plus it’ll be fun to do it together.  I know I have several months but I don’t like waiting to the last minute plus our summers are pretty busy.

While flipping through the latest PBteen catalog…. I spot these


Which inspired me to create

full image 

Here’s how

Poke a pin in a  ping~pong ball.  {I used a total of 16 balls}  Poke the other end of the pin into styrofoam. 

TIP:  Use quilters pins if you have them.  There a bit longer.


Paint.  I used satin black satin paint but wished I would have used glossy. I personally would have loved to see these painted in pink but my daughter chose black.  The color scheme will be black, hot pink, and white.

TIP:  I use plastic shower curtains (found at the dollar store) as drop clothes.


Apply vinyl letters, numbers, and dots.  I used my Cricut machine but you can find vinyl letters and numbers just about anywhere. 


Finished.   Here they are!  So cute right?

finished balls 

I was going over my photos that I wanted to post when….. I got a wild hair.  There’s more that could be done.

Added some ribbon and  made a cute little topper with my daughter’s name.

Wouldn’t this make a cute center piece?  I was thinking about putting either “her birth date” or  “Sweet 16” on the back. 

 Which one would you do?

sweet 16 collage

Have a wonderful day,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Vinyl Order

Vinyl is in - Let the projects begin!

My order of vinyl has finally arrived!  I have  several projects waiting to be finished and many more projects in my head waiting to come alive.  Getting this package was a lot like Christmas morning. 

Plus I need to create some “gifts” to place in my new gift wrap closet for those unexpected occasions.

Here are some quick projects I worked on to start filling up that bottom shelf.

collage 1  

collage 2 

My kids are taking their spring break this week.  So I thought this would be a perfect time for my youngest son and I to tackle his bedroom.  It has gotten out of hand….EXTREMELY MESSY.   I’m ashamed that I allowed it to get that bad!  Don’t worry, I won’t be posting any before and after photos. 



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Blocks

Now that Easter is over I couldn’t bare to put away my Easter blocks

{Click Here to see tutorial}


To keep the blocks up longer, I decorated the backs!




Happy Spring Everyone!



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