Monday, December 27, 2010

I Did It!

Every year I set a new goal for myself!  Some times it personal, some times financial, and some times educational 

For 2010 I set a goal to go 365 days without a soda

Just for your FYI, I don’t drink coffee or tea.  For months I claimed to be caffeine free!! 

Until one day someone mentioned that I should check the ingredients in my vitamins.  Oh crap….. I’m addicted to my vitamins!!!    Yep, my one-a-day vitamins have 90mg of caffeine.

But….. I can claim to be


for one whole year!

What do I drink?

water, water, water

and the occasional lemonade, milk, chocolate milk, or hot cocoa

This wasn’t a big deal for me…. see I never drank much soda years ago.  In fact, if I had a soda it would be a Sprite, which everyone knows is caffeine free.   But a few years back…… 

we started to travel a lot….

and if you have small children…. you know it’s a lot easier to travel at night.  Well, I need something to keep me awake while I drove or better yet…… help the hubby stay awake while HE drove!!! 

Of all the sodas, I was hooked on Mountain Dew! 

This stuff shouldn’t be legal! 

By the time we reached our destination or back home I couldn’t sleep!  It would take me a good 2 to 3 hours to come off my caffeine high!

Well…..I started by giving up the DEW for something less toxic and then moved on to giving it all up!

The first few months were the hardest…. (no shock there)

but now I don’t think twice about having one….

except….. on Pizza Night


they go together like hugs & kisses!




So the burning question is….

Will I continue to be SODA FREE?


Well, honestly I haven’t decided….

But I DO know for sure,  I won’t ever let myself be addicted again!



PS     Do you how the magazine articles say if you give up this ?????  for a year you could lose this ???? many pounds a year?  Well, that’s crap!  I didn’t lose any weight from just giving up sodas.   Okay, it’s probably my fault.  I gave the empty calories of soda and most likely replaced them with another form of empty calories, such as eating more chocolate!  ha


  1. Good for you Carrie. That is a wonderful goal to set and stick too. I sure hope I stick to more of my goals I am setting up for this year.

  2. That is a great goal! I would like to cut my caffeine as well but I am addicted to Chai Tea Lattes! I am going to try to drink more water this year, I go through spurts so hopefully it will last! Oh and my friend did the no soda for a year and didn't loose any weight so yeah some of those are crap..but it is healthier! :)

  3. Congratulations! I cut soda down to nearly nothing (consumed in an occasional mixed drink) and don't miss it. I was ADDICTED from the unlimited free soda I got in high school, I couldn't go a day without coke :D

  4. omg Congratulations! That's really fantastic!!! I love setting goals and actually accomplishing them! Nice job! Hope your holiday was wonderful! and Cheers to a happy new year!

  5. Congrats Carrie!! I'm so proud of you. I'm addicted to coffee. I have one large coffee every morning to wake up! Good for you. Maybe one day I'll be able to kick the caffeine bug! lol! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

  6. Good for you, Carrie!

    I have "kicked" my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction numerous times. I thought it was gone for good, but 4 months of early morning church classes has me hooked again. One of these days, though...

  7. Yay! I'm so proud of you!!! I had the same problem with pizza night, plus, it's the only time we allow our kiddos to have soda. We make our own dough and all, so we know when we're having pizza ahead of time, so we'd make an effort to pick up a two liter or something during our grocery shop for the week. UNTIL.... I realized... hey, in school, they'd serve us milk with our lunch, even when they served pizza and that never bothered me. So I started serving salad and milk when we have pizza. I do still occasionally crave the soda with my slice, but for the most part, that's diminished.

  8. Good for you!!! Thats a big accomplishment! I am so bad with caffeine. I have at least one cup each morning and of course I am completely addicted to chocolate.

  9. Good for you! My daughter did that one year. I am addicted to coke. It's either all or nothing for me. I need to get unhooked myself. Proud of you, I know how hard it is, especially if you don't drink coffee or tea.

  10. WOW -- that is a feat that I don't think I could accomplish! So tell me...did you notice any health benefits from being soda free?!?! I am a sodaholic and would love to know.

  11. That is truly an accomplishment! I have done it too but never for a year. Keep up the great work.

  12. Congrats! That's huge. I'm obsessed with Diet Coke....and I want to at least cut back, but even saying that makes me want to go get another! I'm truly impressed, that's quite an accomplishment!

  13. Congratulations Carrie! Last year we switched to diet & caffeine free Diet Coke... I love it! but, everyone says I should stop drinking it period... I think not! lol Happy New Year!

  14. That is great! It takes a lot of will power. My guilty pleasure are chips with hot sauce and of course a gulp of non-diet sprite or coke after.

  15. I can't believe that you gave it up for a year! WOW! I drink caffeine free coke but I limit it to one a day. My addition is Chick Fil A sweet tea! I go and buy one If I don't get my tea then I drink the coke. I try not to have both in one day. I am going to try and wean myself off of the tea and just have it occasionally. I would rather drink that than eat. Not good.

  16. So proud of you girl! I know how hard it is. I have just recently kicked a 30 plus year Coke habit. I drank them every day and at my worst would drink 3 liters a day. I haven't touched a drop since September and plan to never go back.

  17. Hi Carrie--
    WOW...that's awesome! Being addicted to caffeine is a hard thing to break! When I was pregnant with our daughter (she's 12 1/2 now) I stopped drinking Diet Coke (which was all I drank for years and years...I was SO ADDICTED!) but I quit cold turkey when I got pregnant. The day I gave birth to our daughter I was so excited to have an ice cold Diet Coke again, so I made my husband get me one. I about croaked when I tasted it. It was AWFUL! It tasted like sweet syrup....bleh! Since then I haven't had anymore! I don't miss it at all.
    Good luck with your 2011 resolutions! I need to start making my list :)

  18. WELL DONE!!! That is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY harder than one would think! Maybe i can shoot for "Reduced Soda intake"!!! I MIGHT can swing that! Good job girlfriend!



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