Friday, December 17, 2010

A Homemade Christmas

A few years back, my mother wanted to get together with extended family over the holidays but didn’t want to put a burden on people to buy a present and a way for people to really give a gift from the heart.  So she came up with the idea of a Homemade Christmas.  Everyone needed to create a gift that was homemade to some degree.  You could purchase materials or an object and then transform it or start from complete scratch.

Who doesn’t love to receive a homemade gift that someone spent time making and creating just for you?!?!?

There are so many wonderful presents that I have personally received and I hope that the recipients of my homemade gifts would say the same.  I gathered a few of my favorite gifts and ideas to share with you.   I lost all my photos original photos recently in a external hard drive crash but I’ve gathered a few so you could see. 

S’more Camping Set

Camping Gift

smore gift set idea

Smore Camping bag

My family received this as a gift from my parents.  My dad hand turned the wooden handles for each of the skewers (so nice to have ones with long handles) and my mom stitched up the fun bag to hold all the skewers.  This gift set was complete with chocolate, marshmallows, and crackers.

Holiday Blanket

homemade Christmas blanket

Here’s a gift I made for family members.  Fleece material edged with holiday plaid  and embroidered with different holiday motifs in the corner.  {okay, I usually make an extra gift for myself!!!}

Wooden Bread Board and Knife

wooden Bread board and knife

This is another gift from my parents.   My dad cut the board and made the knife handle while my mother added a rooster motif to the other side of the board along with a loaf of homemade bread and jam!


Hand Painted Candles

painted candles

I hand painted these candles!  No, I don’t paint.  Seriously.  My mother is a wonderful painter and was gracious enough to let me barrow her painting books.  I spent the month of November and December teaching myself how to paint in the evenings while sitting at the kitchen counter.   I did 5 different candle that year and it literally took me hours upon hours to finish one candle!  The great thing I found about painting on candles is that if you don’t like it you can wipe off the paint and start again.   I don’t recommend that these candles be burned as they are meant to be purely decorative.

Sorry about the poor quality photo, I didn’t keep a candle for myself and I photograph this one at my mom’s house with my cell phone camera.  

Other great homemade gift ideas:

*Beautiful ceramic pie plate filled with homemade pie filling, crust ingredients, and towel/pot holder.

*Homemade embroidered monogramed outdoor flag and flag stand

*Collectors French Vanilla ice cream tin with homemade ice cream toppings (hot fudge and caramel) and an ice cream scoop.

*Homemade wooden serving tray with hand-stitched coasters, mugs, and drink mixes.



  1. I lake it,interesting ideas!!!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Kisses dear Carrie.

  2. I'm so craving a Christmas like this! I wish we could all just make little beautiful handmade gifts like this and stop all the over-spending on things we don't really want. My handy husband is making quite a few of our gifts this year, which is awesome.

  3. Carrie, You have a crazy talented family! Anyone would be thrilled with those gifts! My daughter just had an ornament exchange with her Girl Scout troop and I had so much fun helping her with the ornament. But I am afraid it does not hold a candle (No pun intended) to your cool gifts! I will be happy to send you my address if you want to include me in your families exchange. But I hate to tell you the styrofoam ball peace ornament will be coming your way! Please try to hold your excitement!

  4. I love all these ideas, but the bread knife one really intrigues me! My husband bought me one similar to it in Quebec a few years ago. Now all of my children want one and we can't find them anywhere! Would your Dad have a pattern or instructions? Would he be willing to share where he got the blade? I know my kids would love a hand made one from their Dad. Thank you so much!

  5. Hey Little Miss Carrie! I love all these fun ideas! I love the marshmallow roaster stick thingies:) HEY, I need your email so I can send you the label. Thanks:)

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  6. JUST KIDDING! WRONG PERSON:) I'm such a dork. The person that wants the label follows your blog. You're welcome to have one though, if you want:) Happy Day to ya!

  7. Love the holiday blanket and the smores skewers. So creative and you are all so skilled. Thanks for sharing. :-)


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