Thursday, November 11, 2010

Printing Multiple Pages

I had this idea for a DIY project which would require a large copy.  Ya’ll know I don’t live anywhere close to a copy store….

and even though my printer has the option to print poster size prints, I gave up trying to figure it out! 

That’s because I stumbled upon this awesome web-site that within 3 simple steps I could get exactly what I wanted!!!  For FREE Open-mouthed smile


Step 1

Upload your image.

Printing Multiple Pages- Step 1


Step 2

Decide how you want to slice your image.

Printing Multiple Pages- Step 2

Step 3

Download your image and print.

Printing Multiple Pages- Step 3


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Give it a try.

Don’t forget to come back and see my project!

Edit:  I didn’t mean to confuse anyone.  LOL.  Yes, your image will print across several pages ( in step 2 you will determine the size and the larger the image the more sheets of paper it will print across). Then piece together like a puzzle. 

Projects that I’ve used for:





  1. Okay, that is too cool. I will have to wait and see what you do with it before I figure out what I could do!!!! lol

  2. I'm confused.. Does it print in sections and you assemble like a puzzle? Cool!

  3. FYI the link is "blockposter(s).com" I sure do wish I knew this site was out there when I worked on this little diddy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My bad.... I fix the link. That's what I get for being excited and trying to write a post in a hurry!

  5. This is awesome! We went to a concert and were in the front row and I got this awesome shot of the lead singer. This will look soooooo cool to place each sheet in a frame and have it as the centerpiece in our living room!! THX!!
    ~ Nikki ( a new follower!)

  6. This is a dumb question, but how do I up load a picture of a letter... do I just put it in Word?

  7. Thanks for sharing the steps to do this.



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