Thursday, November 25, 2010

mdf Post Construction

DIY post made out of MDF is what was used to anchor the headboard and footboard of our PB Inspired Beds.  

Please stay with me even if you don’t plan on making the bed.  I have something exciting to show you. 

See them here:

PB Hudson Bed knock-Off from

PB Inspired Bed #1

PB Knock Off Bed

PB Inspired Bed #2

Click here to see

Assembling the PB Inspired Beds 

We went with this method for cost savings plus we knew it wouldn’t twist, warp, or dry and split like a solid 4x4 post would over time. 

MDF Post

I know many of you have been waiting for this tutorial and I’m truly sorry it took so long.  I wanted to do a video tutorial and well……………...

I had to learn how to use my daughters Flip Video, master video editing, and then it took two days to figure out how to upload the video to YouTube!!!   you think I’m kidding???     The MDF post took about 15-20 minutes to make and this video tutorial post took days!!! 

Constructing a 4x4 MDF Post

Are you still with me?

Good.  There are so many things you can do with this basic post.  I’ve gather up a few ideas to help you get the wheels turning.

DIY 4x4 Post Ideas

DIY 4x4 Post Ideas 2

DIY 4x4 Post Ideas 3


  1. Ooo thank you for the tutorial! I'm one of those who have been waiting, patiently though :)

  2. That is awesome Carrie! Love the cute video of you too! I have not been brave enough to post a video yet. :)

  3. Absolutely inspiring! Thank you.

  4. Carrie ... what an awesome tutorial! I'm super impressed (not only with your carpentry skills, but your video skills as well)! You and your pretty self make it all look so easy, as though someone inept like me might even be able to accomplish! Thank you! *Becca*

  5. Thank you! This was wonderful. My head is spinning right now with ideas of what to do with this.

    PS, I live in SC,too.

  6. I lurve all the ideas for a 4X4 post. I sooo love your PB inspired bed.

  7. I love the small amount of green in the room on the wall.



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