Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Holiday Blog Backgrounds

Here’s a few Christmas blog backgrounds that I made and intended to use.  Then the Ballard’s holiday catalog arrived!  I loved the simplicity of their logo on a white background.  Darn you Ballard!

I redid my header and loved it!  I tried to leave my background white but that just wasn’t me.  I’m just naturally drawn to color!  So wanted to keep with the simplicity of Ballard, I added just a touch of color to sooth my palette.

But I thought I would pass on a couple of backgrounds that were in my top contenders.

Warning: I’m not a web or graphic designer so go easy on me….

the dimensions are set up to my blog settings at

  • 1600 pixels wide total
  • 300 pixels left and right design sides (design)
  • 1000 pixels for the main wrapper (white)

I hope that someone will be able to use them.

Click the downloadable link below the picture for your FREE Christmas Blog Background.


Candy Cane Background

Holly Christmas Background

Holly Christmas Background

For personal use only.   The sweet and kind Summer Driggs designed these digital papers used in making these backgrounds and are intended for personal use only.  Thank you.




  1. I want to show case one of your wreaths on my site..http://nf1andpre-kwhisper.blogspot.com

  2. Cute! Your blog looks great, too!


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