Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas in the Kitchen

It’s a slow process but I’m getting the holiday decorations up and out.  It looks like Christmas exploded in my living room with boxes of holiday décor scattered everywhere.  Here’s a few photographs of what I’ve gotten done in the kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen

A vignette behind the sink.

I have a corner sink and I built this little folding screen to camouflage dust and cob webs back in the deep corner.  ha ha  Can you see part of the screen behind all the Christmas crap.  The three little Santa's are from a craft project that I did with my kids one year.  They are made from a wooden spoon.

Kitchen vingette

The other side other of the sink.

This little rooster plate was a gift from my daughter.  She picked it out and paid for it all by herself when she was 14 and had her first job!  I think she did a great job.  I will always cherish it.Christmas kitchen vingette

Another corner of the counter.

Merry Memories Greenleaf Candle

This beautiful candle is from Greenleaf.   I talked about them before and can’t say enough wonderful things about them!  This is from their Merry Memories collection.  It’s smells like Christmas in a jar!  Heavenly.

gingerbread Recipe Holder

This little gingerbread boy came in  a collection.  It was sold as a photo display holder but I thought it would be cute to use it as a recipe holder instead!

snowman cookie jar

Snowman cookie jar. 

This cutie was given to me as a gift a few years back.  I really loved him but he was blue!  If you know me at all I am not a fan of blue.  So I painted him!  I found a product {I believe at either Wal-Mart or Michael's} that allows you to paint ceramics.  The kit included a primer, paint, and a sealer.  You can not tell the difference!  I painted the scarf, hat, nose, and buttons.

kitchenaid subwayart vinyl

Kitchenaid Subway Holiday Vinyl.

My first subway art!   I have had my Kitchenaid mixer for….(do I dare say)….20 years!  My hubby bought it for me the first year we lived together for a Valentine’s Day present.  (In case you didn’t know, I started dating my hubby when I was 13 years old!)   I love it as much today as I did the day I received it!  It’s a work horse.  The mixer doesn’t usually stay on my counter except for the holidays.  So I designed a holiday vinyl subway art.  I haven’t done anything with my Cricut machine in awhile I was going through withdrawals. 

Subway Art kitchenaid

I got the inspiration from Wonderfully Wordy.  She has three designs you can choose from.  She has a vinyl subway art but with words referencing to baking.  something that you can leave on year round.

vinyl kitcheaid subway art

You know how people say they keep a little piece of their holiday décor out all year long, like an ornament or candle, maybe this will be my little reminder of this wonderful holiday season.

Christmas holiday kitchen shelf

A little Christmas shelf.

Bridgewater candle

This candle is from Bridgewater Candle Company.  Can you see the little hand print in the cup?  This candle is called SOLITUDE and is from their special edition collection. 

With every candle purchased an orphaned child is fed for ONE week!  Yes, one week.  If your in the mood to give to a good cause might I recommend you pick up a candle or two from Bridgewater.  

What does it smell like?  Very clean, a lot like rainwater with a hint of floral and vanilla.  Very lightly fragrant. 

christmas kitchen display

A photo frame that I am working on putting a picture in, soon.   The other gingerbread photo holders.  I got both the frame and the photo holders from Kohl's.

Christmas Plates

A collection of plates my kiddos made one year, using the same ceramic paint kit that I used on the snowman cookie jar.  The best thing about this kit is that you don’t have to bake in the oven like other ceramic paints. 

diy christmas  plate

Very cute!  They did a great job. 

What will be are craft this year?  I need to figure it out soon!

 ornament tassel

My sad little attempt to make a ornament tassel.

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen holiday décor.  I have a kitchen tree but I haven’t finished it yet.  I love Becca’s little kitchen tree and what it so badly setting in my kitchen!  Let’s make a deal!  LOL

For some more photos of my Christmas Kitchen.




  1. I love it all Carrie, so festive and fun. I can't believe you have been with hubby since you were 13....I have a 13 year old...WOW!~ What a great idea on the mixer, looks adorable!

  2. Oh Carrie all your Christmas touches are just beautiful! I love your little eleves. I might just have to try and make them with my grandsons. Thanks for sharing a part of Christmas decorating with us. I can't wait to see more!

    Enjoy your day,

  3. Wow!! My decorations are pathetically few compared to yours. I've been decorating a little bit each day.

  4. I LOVE the subway art on the mixer!! That's so awesome!!!

  5. Wow, this all looks so beautiful!

    I am lovin your gingerbread people, too. We have a sweet shop theme going on at our house, too.

  6. I would love to see a close up of the screen you made. Did you build the whole thing yourself? If so, do you have a tutorial?

  7. Wonderful decorations! The subway art on the mixer is a fabulous idea. What a fun way to bring some Christmas into the kitchen.

  8. Your kitchen is looking quite festive. Everything is adorable and very well put together. Love, love, love the mixer all decked out too.

  9. festive fun...i paint signs and loved this on your mixer...so ool. New follower too, come on by!

  10. Your kitchen looks great, Carrie! I love your Santa's in that pot - wooden spoons, you say? I also love your gingerbread people. That frame is great. I have some Christmas frames out myself that are waiting for pictures. I'm looking to get some of my new granddaughter in them. I just hope it won't be like my pretty "Family" frame where I've had to make up names for the people in the picture that came with the frame.

  11. Stopping by from BCD... really cute Christmas decor!!


  12. Hi, I am stopping by from the Crafty Soiree from Katie's Nesting Spot. Nice Christmas stash and good idea with the mixer! It looks so cool:)

  13. OHMYGOSH ... first of all, I love that you've been dating your hubs since you were 13 ... now, THAT'S true love! And, speaking of love ... I'm totally diggin' your subway art on your mixer. How stinkin' creative is that? I'm more than impressed and now want to go buy a white mixer (that I'll never use) just for the purpose of decorating it with subway art! LOL Your precious gingerbread men scattered about is so fun. You never fail to inspire! Hugs, Becca

  14. What cute and adorable ideas--some homey and inviting! Thanks for linking up!

  15. Lovin' the way you jazzed up your KA-too fun:@)

  16. I would love to know the dimensions you used when designing the vinyl for your mixer. I have a Silhouette and a mixer that needs some vinyl! ;D

  17. Hey Carrie! Love your kitchen holiday spirit! I do not have much in ours so I am slowly collecting things to one day be able to bring the holiday into there.

  18. Hey I loved your tassel. In fact it makes me want to pull out some old ornaments and try it...then I'll move on to something more substantial! Loved your tour. and how sweet about your girl getting you that gift. My daughter bought me something and everytime I look at it I smile...just kind of makes you happy!
    Great post.

  19. Awww everything is so cute!!! I love the gingerbread men and the santas. :)

  20. I'm going to join the crowd an say I love the subway art! Did you do it with SCAL or just with different cartridges? Great job!

  21. This is my first visit to your blog and I LOVE it! You kitchen decor is GREAT!!! I never knew that you could PAINT ceramics!!!! I will check that out for sure!!! Your snowman came out GREAT!!! I would love for you to come visit me at my blog, it is very new so I need more followers!!!:):) xO, Pinky


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