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Modern Boy’s Closet

As I mentioned before, my teenage son has the smallest closet of everyone in our house.  It measures just under 3 and half feet by 5 feet.  However, we have 9 foot ceilings on the second floor!  As Christopher Lowell would says, “If you can’t build out, build up!” 

And that is exactly what I did.


My son’s BEFORE closet was a complete waste of space!  Image 2 crappy wired shelves and plain builder’s white paint included with child’s hand writing over the lower walls.  It was bad!  Ohhh and the top shelf was bent…. from when my son tried to store away some of his heavy trophies. {Now I remember why I didn’t take a before photograph!?!?!}

Coset Rod and BracketAfter everything was removed and the walls, ceiling, and base molding were painted,  we {my son and I} hung two galvanized bars.  The top bar is for shirts and the bottom is for pants and shorts.  We measured the longest shirt and add a few inches for growth to determine the spacing between the two metal bars.

WARNING:  You can’t paint galvanized metal!  After applying a coat of paint and wondering why it wasn’t drying in our 90+ degree weather????  I read the back of the spray can!  Go figure… you can’t paint galvanized metal.  At least the can of spray paint that I had purchased.  Well enough, I was going for that lofty urban look any ways.

Opps Closet Bracket

Opps!!!  I missed this one!  My OCD wished this side of the bracket was on the other wall where it would have been hidden and the nice round bracket was on the visible side.  {see shirt  rod for the correct bracket}

I should mention here that the walls are painted the same color as the bedroom and the shelves and shelving units are two shades darker than the wall.  I had Sherwin Williams color match “adagio”  and  “rocky coast” from Benjamin Moore Paints.

MDF Closet Shelves

Two MDF shelves were cut and hung.   Simple strips of boards {left over from my son’s PB Inspired Bed} were used as brackets for the shelving.  A piece of molding is added to the front of the shelves to complete the look. 


On to the shelving units! 

I designed these units to be “floating” on the wall.  The lower unit hangs just above the base molding and the upper unit is hung near the ceiling.   I purposely left a space in between the two units just at my son’s height for  ……… a mirror. 

I jokingly tell him we’ll never be able to get him out his closet ‘cause he’ll be looking at himself all the time.  ha ha


{The Lower Unit}

We do not own a single dresser!  These shelving units take the place of any need for a dresser.

The lower shoe shelves are 7 inches apart and the top shelves are about 15 inches.  I purchased the black metal bins several months ago from Target.  

measures: 32” W x 50”H x 11”D



{The Upper Unit}

The whole reason for redoing the closet….. “the hats”!!!  Just kidding but I let my son think that that’s the reason. LOL

Again there are three hat shelves at 7” apart and one larger shelf at the top.  I would need a ladder if this was my closet but for my much taller than me son, this is a perfect height for him.

measures: 32” W x 34”H x 11”D


{The Mirror}

Every teenager needs a mirror.  And if this shelving unit is to act as a dresser then it’s only fitting that a mirror sets between the two.  I can only see the top of my head in this mirror because I’m too short! 

Boys Modern Closet

 {The Details}

There is about 6” between the right side of the shelving and the light switch.  The unit is only 11” in depth and passes the door frame by about an inch.  On the left side, the clothes have plenty of room to hang.  Don’t you love it when your calculations come out right?

Closet Light Switch

Tight shot of the Unit Shelves

{The hangers}

I ordered the black slim velvet hangers from Amazon.  I love them.  They are so slim and they glide extremely easy! I also ordered heaver velvet hangers for the pants and the sweatshirts but they haven’t arrived yet :( {they’ll be on my door step the day after I post this}  UPDATEI was right!  The rest of the hangers arrived the very next day.  I have updated some of the photos :D


Will this closet remain this organized?  Yep!  Both my teenagers do a great job at keeping their rooms clean.  Was it always like that?  Heck NO!  I promise you if you, as a parent, stay strong on the fight of clutter and disarray….. YOU CAN WIN!!! :D

Closet Mirror

I’m thinkin’ this is a great spot for my son to set his watch, coins, and other small items.  In fact, a nice silver engraved tray look awesome setting on this shelf!  What a great gift idea!


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  1. This looks great! I think I should get you to design my mom's closet! It has the opposite problem, it's super huge and we're not sure how to best utilize the space!! Great job! I really love the mirror!

  2. WOW...that is one FANTASTIC closet!! AMAZING job!! Everything is so well laid out and organized. Thanks for sharing! Xo ~Liz

  3. Super impressed! Your son's closet looks fantastic! I need to do this to my son's closet. Thanks for sharing ... very inspiring! *Becca*

  4. Love it!! Makes me want to organize. Found you on Between Naps On The Porch.


  5. WOW ! Impressive !!!!!!
    thanks for sharing,

  6. Sleek, organized, functional. Great work.

  7. His future wife will be so proud of how you've got him trained. That closet is awesome!

  8. Nice! I am going to build shelves for my bathroom and I was thinking of edging the shelves with molding like you did. Totally guyish but I want it!!

  9. Hanging my head in shame over the condition of my boys' closets...slinking off... :)

  10. Looks GREAT! I bet he really likes it!

  11. Great job - here from TDC. I am going to be tackling both my boys rooms this fall (including closets). Your shelving for "the hats" is a Godsend! Great job.

  12. It looks fabulous!!! Kind of makes me want to go tackle my son's closet.... kind of... ;)

  13. You have one lucky son! I'm sharing your project and suggestions with my daughter. Thank you for showing your lovely project. Cherry Kay

  14. WOW! You did an absolute amazing job! And, as a teen girl with too many clothes and other, well, crap, in her closet, I'd kill for a custom closet like that!

  15. Love what you've done. It is perfect! I hope to do such a fine maximizing of space in my oldest son's room as I set it up next month. TFS

  16. What a great closet! Thanks for linking up with Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  17. I am amazed at the organization. I love it! My son has a large closet, but we are not using it to its full potential. This is just the inspiration we needed.

  18. Wow! I've been looking for an affordable way to organize/up the resale value in our home and this might be the ticket! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  19. Carrie,
    I am just amazed with your blog, I love this closet! You are so good at this. I am having Melissa check this out. Any chance of you moving home! :) We could use all this wonderful advice.

  20. Fantastic! It looks so nice. I really love the colors that you chose for both the closet and the room. It is modern and masculine.
    I also have to say thanks for the little pep talk about keeping kids rooms clean. I really needed to hear that tonight. I just helped my three young boys clean their room and I was thinking that I need to stay on top of them to keep it clean. It is so much nicer and they like it better too when it is clean.
    Anyway, great job!

  21. Awesome job! I was looking for ideas for the same sized closet!

  22. This is fabulous-- I am totally bookmarking this page!

  23. Wow, all I can say is wow! It is so amazing.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Becky's right – I've bookmarked this entitled *BEST CLOSET EVER*

  24. I love the idea of the bins to put clothes in - like socks and undies, especially. I'm tired of losing the neat and tidy drawer war. This post makes me want to move my two boys into separate bedrooms and overhaul the closets and get rid of the dressers. I'd love it if you could give details about how to install a shelf and how to hang those shelf units so they won't fall off the wall.

  25. This is so smart, and looks fab. Wanna come to south FLA? I have a couple of closets that need a make over.

  26. Hey there, I love this closet! You did amazing! I wish that I had a hint of your skill. I am not very handy and would love to re create the floating shelves. Is there any way you can go into further detail on how you created those? I would love that. Thanks so much!

  27. I actually like to have a small closet. That way I don't spend too much money on cloths.



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