Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip – Quick Seal


I have a Seal-a-Meal but sometimes I just don’t feel like hauling it out just to seal a single bag.


A quick alternative is to use a drinking straw! 

Seal a zip lock bag all but enough to place a straw between the seal.  Remove the excess air by sucking on the straw.  Quickly pinch the straw, slide it out of the bag, and seal the rest of the bag.


  1. I love your Tuesday Tips. I've actually been using this one for a long time for anything that goes into the freezer. BTW - I am your newest follower.

  2. What a great solution! I'm definitely writing thish one down! I love your Fall home, too. Your front door is beautiful ... as is your wreath! Your "foyer" is so welcoming with your Fall vignette! Love the framed leaves, too. Thanks for your sweet note about my Fall kitchen ... and, yes(!), go find that table to put in your breakfast area in front of the window! Take care, Becca

  3. Thanks for this. I never thought of using a straw to solve this problem. I like it.



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