Monday, September 27, 2010

PB Inspired Bed Assembly

Before assembling my teenage son’s PB Inspired Bed Set I snapped some photographs. 

I hope this will help answer some of the questions that I’ve had from my younger son’s bed

Both bed sets are made for a full size bed but can easily be adjusted to fit a queen size bed.

PB Inspired Bed Frame

These headboards are inspired by the “Hudson Collection” from Pottery Barn.  We {my father and I} used the measurements provided in the catalog to determine the height and for the width we measure the mattress.    The MDF board in the center is cut to the width of the full size mattress.  The width of the 4x4 post is what allows the bed to expand to a queen size.

PB Inspired Headboard

On top of the MDF board, we made, glued, and nailed two picture frames.  Next attach the 4x4 post to the sides with glue and nails.  The post and the MDF board are of the same height.  A 2x8 board sets on top.  Lastly we add molding to the front and a small piece to the sides just under the 2x8 top board.

***I had numerous questions about the 4x4 post made of MDF!  I plan on doing another post showing how easy these are to make.

PB Inspired Bed Frame Brackets

To attach the side rails (2x10 boards) to headboard and footboard we used an “L” bracket on my youngest son’s bed.  However, this left a small gap between the boards.  So when assembling my teenager son’s bed, we tried a combination of two brackets.  This worked perfectly!  Not only did it get rid of the gap……this bed is incredibly strong and sturdy!!! A good thing for young boys :D

PB Inspired Bed Frame Assembly 

Attached to each of the side rails is a small cleat (about 1x2) and running horizontally from cleat to cleat is a 1x3 board.  We used five 1x3 boards across and screwed in place.  These boards are very inexpensive cuts of wood.  I think they were less that a dollar each.

PB Inspired Back of Footboard

The footboard is made the same way as the headboard except……

  • obviously the overall height is smaller
  • the top board is a 2x10 (instead of the 2x8) – this allowed the top board to hang over just a bit on both sides
  • we also added a small piece of molding to the back board of the footboard- this gave added support as well as being decorative

Molding Cut too Short 

And the whole project would have taken less time if my father didn’t have to keep fixing my mistakes….. lol

“Measure TWICE and cut ONCE”

Honestly my father did such a great job fixing this boo~boo of mine that I had a hard time getting a photograph to show it!

I hope that clears a lot of questions and please come back to see how to make your own 4x4 post!

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  1. Ooh, I thought you found 4x4 MDF posts somewhere..I hadn't been to the store yet to look! I'll be back to see how you made them!!

    I like the close up pics of how it's put together etc. Will make it easier on me when I go to make my own!!


  2. Thanks for a great tutorial! Your beds are fantastic. I am repainting a cheapo bed for my son's room until I can either make or buy a better one. I've bookmarked this page.

  3. Your bed is WONDERFUL! & thanks for the pics on how you put it together. I have a head & foot board I'd gotten free from someone and it was missing the rails and so seeing THIS helps me figure how I can fix those.

    But I REALLY love that PB Inspired bed you did- Just... WOW!!! especially on the savings.

    Love your blog!

  4. Wow! That's really amazing! I admire people who can just build stuff like this.

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial! I love Ana's site and planned on modifying the twin farmhouse bed to something closer to what you have done. That will be much easier with your help, now!

  6. What an awesome bed!! What color and kind of paint did you use?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anna~ I mention the paint here in this post:

  9. Im confused! How did you nail the MDF panal to the 4x4 post?

  10. I love this bed! You did such a great job and i am inspired. I wish you had step by step plans, i would love to make this for my son.

  11. I love how you use a small amount of green in the room to make it look more modern.



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