Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Frames

After seeing the photos of the PB Inspired Bed, I knew I needed to add something above the headboard.  I know you were thinkin’ it too! Plus there was the need to cover the holes from the large poster that once hung above the bed in my attempt to cover~up the fact there wasn’t a headboard!

The hubby and I made two 20x20 photo frames {after a quick 101 on how to use my Dad’s fancy tools}  from some left over 1x4 boards not used on the bed.   

This was pretty much a complete DIY project. After we made the frames and painted them white, I cut down the large poster frame’s glass into two pieces, and mounted the photos to mount board with 3M Photo adhesive. 

White Frames above PB Inspired Bed

The only thing I didn’t do is print the photographs myself.  I sent the Photoshop edited images to Snap Fish and had them enlarged to 16x20.  The frame openings are 15x15 which required me to cut the photographs down. 

MX Racing Photo Framed  20x20

***Since acquiring Photoshop CS5, I’ve been trying to spend an hour a day to learn this program!  I’ve still have a lot to learn.   I did learn how to remove a group of trees from the background in the original photograph on the right!

Paper Cover Framed Back

I totally went professional and covered the back with brown paper!  Remember this HUGE roll of brown paper that I found at the thrift store.  The backing will help keep dust from collecting between the glass and the photograph.  Even added some rubber bumpers!

Black & White Photos in 20x20 White Frames

Ahhh YES!  The look I was going for….. square chunky photo frames!!!  I thought about adding a white mat but the chunkiness of the frames already created that look! 

*** I didn’t make a tutorial on how to create these frames because I’m sure there are hundreds of sites to show how it’s done but if you would like I would be happy to share…. making the frame, how to cut glass, mounting a photograph to mount board, and even how to apply a paper backing.



  1. I am popping in by way of somewhat simple. These look awesome! I would love a tutorial especially on how you cut the glass down to size. Those pictures are awesome too! I am definitely going to be a follower :)

  2. Love it! They really look great! Oh how I love Photoshop! There is a ton to learn. I think the average person only ends up using about 20% of the program. I find something new everytime I use it!

  3. These are incredible - what amazing taste you have!

  4. The frames look awesome and so crisp up against your headboard and bedding. It's amazing how easy frames are to make, and how expensive they are to buy!

    Great job, yours turned out fantastic!

  5. Hi Carrie....those frames look wonderful. So perfect for a boys room...I love inspiration from PB, and so fun to see what we can do for little money and have the same thing. Thanks for joining me....did you add my link somewhere and I just did not see it? If not I would love for your to do that,so that others know about the party. Debbie

  6. I LOVE your bed. I have fallen in love with that same bed from PB. Where did you find the 4x4 MDF posts? I would LOVE a tutorial on making the frames as well. I don't understand what fancy tools would be involved. I'm wondering if I can make it still, if I don't know have the fancy tools.

  7. These look AMAZING! Also, fabulous job with the headboard. Absolutely love it!

  8. PerryParty3~
    We made the 4x4 post ourselves by cutting strips of MDF into 4" x the desired height. Then cut the long ends of MDF with a 45 degree. Lay out all 4 sides, side by side, glue end cut, and assemble together. We used masking tape to hold them together until the glue dried. I need to do a tutorial on making the post because they're super simple to make yet incredibly strong!

    As for the fancy tools, my father has a table saw with a granite top! I call that fancy. I'm dying to have granite counter tops in my home.... and he has it out in his workshop!

  9. Hi Carrie, I see you are up late too! Thanks for checking out my market pics. Your son's room looks great with the new photo frames! Love the bedding too...I am going to redo Chase's room after Christmas. He needs a MAJOR change. The key holder you made was such a great idea!! I'm going to put your button on my sidebar so I don't miss any of your posts! Have a great weekend! Kristen

  10. I love these! You did a great job editing the photo's which is what first caught my eye! I featured these on my friday favorites!

  11. Love this.. cute blog. come on over to our site if you ever need new ideas or want to feature one of your items

  12. Great frames! How cool that you made them too, I like that you could get any size you want this way.

  13. Yes, I would also LOVE a tutorial on the frame, glass, etc. What a great project!!! Came out perfect.

  14. I love the brown paper so professional, i didn't know that it was there to keep the dust off... thanks for teaching me something!

  15. Please share a tutorial if you can! I have been thinking of how to do this, and I googled like crazy and couldn't find anything that was helpful and this is EXACTLY what I want in our room. Thanks!

  16. I love those pictures of the little guy riding his motorcycle. Very nice.



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