Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Peace Sign

Have you ever visited a blog and thought to yourself…..……….. Everything this person does is just wonderful?  I mean your just in awwwww of the things they create and the way they decorate……

I’m here to keep it REAL

cause I don’t want you to think that about me or my blog



Here’s is my most recent “belly-flopper-of-an-idea”


I saw a “GAP” T~shirt at the mall that inspired this idea.

Here was the plan: 

Use a floral foam wreath {purchased from the dollar store} and cut up some left over packing material to create a peace sign.


Glue on a few hundred crepe paper roses in patriotic colors.


Attach all of that to a wooden plaque and add a blue vinyl “Believe” or “I Believe” or even “ We Believe”. 

As I started applying the crepe~paper roses, I got that feeling in my stomach.  You know…. the one that tells you this isn’t turning out the way you envisioned?!?!?! 

My kids say it looks to “crafty”!  What does that mean?

and The Hubby just gritted his teeth as he smiled. That can’t be good?

So I’ll be setting this project a side and realize this wasn’t one of my better executions.

If I had to do it all over….. I think I would have stayed with one color of crepe~paper roses on the peace sign and add the patriotic flare to the plaque and vinyl. 

Live and Learn.  And know that they all can’t be winners!





  1. Well dear I have to say your blog is the blog that I find wonderful one I get excited to check in with eveyday. Sorry about the pressure, lol. All your ideas, I'm so in love with. I actually think this is darling. Did you make the crepe paper flowers or buy them? I think this would be great as a wreath on a door! Sometimes the flops as you say aren't really flops in our eyes!

  2. I love crepe paper roses!!! I learned to make them from a blog, may have been yours and I think they are beautiful!! I love this project and it gives me an idea.

    See ya, hope your fourth weekend is great.

  3. Well, I for one beg to differ with your family. I think it looks fantastic! And when you said next time, maybe one color, I was thinking in my head how great that would look in one color also, with a fantastic ribbon bow! At any rate, it is darling, and I love it. Love your blog too.

  4. Well I think it turned out cute Carrie. Maybe it wasn't what you invisioned but you have definitely inspired others with ideas :) That's what it's all about. They don't all turn out like what is in our heads at times but you did great! Love the flowers on it!

  5. I like the elements separately. The only thing I'd probably change is the lettering. It looks out of place with the wreath. And maybe the curly little stand it's on is a little mis-matchy too. But I like the wreath itselft!!

  6. I'm thinking it looks edible! As in a cake! Or a cupcake! I know you say it's a fail, but it's still stinkin' cute! I really love those neat flowers! Oh. How. Marvelous that would be in just a plain 'ol round wreath version in ALL WHITE. I must do this... I must!

  7. ha ha... your post made me laugh.. Coz thats exactly what I thought when I stumbled upon this blog.. its simply awesome.. and Your work is gorgeous.. .Soooo much energy.. Wow!!

  8. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th. Be blessed. Cindy

  9. What a creative idea! I love how it turned out. Have a happy fourth of July!

  10. I think the idea is wonderful. I also think it would maybe look less "crafty" if you took the white roses/stars out of the blue and just let it be three toned and not necessarily flaggish - does that make sense?

  11. Your blog is like that for me. I'm so impressed with everything you offer.



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