Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monster Energy T Shirt


At a recent trip to the mall with the kiddos, my oldest son      fell-in-love-with          begged-mom-for       just-had-to-have-or-else-he-would-die   admired  this Rob Dyrdek Monster Energy T~shirt!!!    It was a pretty cool shirt but at the low price of $35., mom couldn’t resist saying, “I can make that!”  {while thinking I’m going to save BIG $$$$$} 


I SCORED huge “mommy brownie points” with these T-shirts!!!

These shirts where made with my Cricut machine, SCAL,  freezer paper, and textile/fabric medium.  It’s a lot easier to apply dark paint colors on a lighter shirt but it can be done on a darker shirt as well.  You just need to apply 3 thin coats of paint to get complete coverage over the dark t-shirt.  

The only draw-back to these t-shirts turning out this  great …… that they want one in every color combination!  Ohhh and don’t think for a moment that my daughter hasn’t asked for one in pink!!!   And it only gets better because no their friends are asking for one too! 

But I have a little surprise for them …… I’m going to plan a  little t-shirt making party at the house and they can make their own.   Can you see it??????    T-shirts and Tacos Party  



  1. That's the problem with being crafty...I see so much EXPENSIVE home decor stuff and think "I can make that"!!

    Nice work on the shirts, they look awesome!

  2. Great job! & the party sounds like a GREAT idea!!

  3. I love this shirt! I wish I had one for myself. It makes me wish I had a cricut!

  4. I am so going to have to try this. You make it seem to easy! :) Now I have just one question - where might one find freezer paper? And is there a brand I want or will any do? Thanks!

  5. Hey, Carrie. I am impressed! That project might be a little beyond my skill level. So glad your kids loved the shirts. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

  6. I'm so with you on this one. Have to try that this weekend - thanks!

  7. Really nice t-shirts. They look great on them.



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