Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freezer Paper T Shirt Tute


I had a few emails ask for more details on how I created the T-shirts for my graduating nieces, so I thought I put together a quick tutorial.

Remember these T~shirts? 









Start by pre~washing the material to remove all the sizing. 

You’ll need to create a stencil on freezer paper.  I used SCAL {a program that works with my Cricut machine} to design and cut the stencil. ***Be sure to place the paper side down on the Cricut mat and reverse the image before cutting.

If you don’t have a Cricut, please don’t let that stop you from trying this project.  Simply, design something on the computer { or free hand or even use a coloring book}, print it out, lay your design on top of  freezer paper, trace, and cut out.  No excuses!!!

TIP:  There is a papery side and a waxy side to freezer paper.  The papery side will be the  top  and the waxy side will be the side, that when ironed, will adhere to the material.  Soooo with that in mind….. if your doing letters and numbers like I did, make sure your image reads correctly!


Another tip~~~  Try to keep the cut stencil together.  This made my life a lot easier.  You see why in a minute.


Lightly iron the stencil in place.  {just enough to tack it down}


NOW remove the parts that you don’t need.   Here’s why….

  1. It will keep the stencil from being stretched and distorted        
  2. See all the little piece in the middle? {like the center of the “A”} Now I know there placed exactly where they need to be!!!

Iron down the stencil really well.  I used a dry iron with no steam.


Try to leave plenty of room around the edge of you stencil. {if your a messy crafter like me. LOL}  I was worried that I didn’t leave enough paper above the “T”.    No problem…. cut a small piece and iron in place! 

Are you beginning to see how easy this project really is?


Choose any color craft paint and mix together with a fabric/textile medium.   The fabric medium I used needed to be mixed in a 2:1 ratio but each brand could be different.  Check the back for directions. 

Edit:  One very important step I missed.  You’ll need to place something like a piece of cardboard, thick cardstock, or as I did, a double layer of craft paper to protect the other side of the shirt!  O0ps… my bad! 

and now Paint!


Remove the stencil. 

Continue following the directions on the textile medium.



Don’t you just love it when a project is this easy? 

What a great summer project to do with the kids!!!  Pull out all those T~shirts {especially the ones with a stain on it} and get the kids involved!  How about some fun patriotic shirts for this weekend?!?!!?

Oh how fun!

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  1. Those graduation t-shirts are so "neat" that they really do look like real screenprinting! I think its the thinner lines in the letters that do it. It looks fabulous!

  2. I love freezer paper! Great work! Stop by and link up to Make It Wear It over at

  3. I see so many of these done I just have never tried it. I need to! I love how organized your closets are! I am so jealous!

  4. I love doing these, but I a Cricut would make life easier! Also, unless i missed it, you forgot to remind people to put something between the shirt so it doesn't bleed through!! :) Love the tip about keeping it together until you iron it! I'll definitely start doing that!

  5. Love these! I got a Cricut for Mother's Day and haven't used it a lot yet. I need to make some shirts for the kids. Thanks for the ideas!


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