Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Patriotic Star Pillow

My youngest son’s bedroom has taken on a patriotic theme.  I decide to make a pillow that would use up some of the red, white, and blue material that I had left over from other projects. 

WARNING:  This is was not a quick project for me.  I would consider myself an intermediate sewer, however,  I probably have over 8 hours into this one pillow. 


{The Front}


 If I started with a pattern, I could have saved myself a whole lot of time.  To make my own pattern, I googled “6 pointed star”, printed and enlarged until I had a point the size I wanted. 

Then I cut 6 sides/points out of different fabric.  Next I sewed 3 points together and then repeated with other 3 sides, so I ended up with two halves.  Still with me?!?!?!  That allowed me to have one center seam to sew the star together!!!  I just used the top quilted star as my pattern to cut out the bottom solid red fabric. 


{The Back}


{The Cording}

I made my own cording using clothes line cord that I had around the house.  There are several ways to make your own cording but I have a super simple fail~proof way. {Buy it!!!….LOL}  Really I can show you a very simple way… tutorial to come.




{Fabric Covered Button}


I know that’s a lot of pillow for a boys bed!  Trust me… it will only look like this when I help him make the bed.  I’m thinking about adding an upholstered chair to his room and a few of the pillow will most likely end up there.

In the end, this pillow turned out fabulous!  Better than I could have ever hoped for and didn’t cost me a dime.  I had all the materials already!!!


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  1. The cushion is unreal! Are you going to do a tutorial?

  2. That is a terrific pillow! It's the kind of project that would be great to link in to my Tips & Tricks Tuesday linky party.

    I would like to invite you to visit the cottage, and join in on all three linky parties:


    You can get the details here:


    Hope to see ya there!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Your pillow looks AMazINg!!! You did an excellent sewing job on it, I sew and I have quilted, I know how challenging a star shape can be. So I am very impressed with your skill level and the beauty of this pillow.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  4. Love that pillow. My oldest would love to have a star pillow! I may have to copy this for him. :) Great job, and funny you should mention the cording, because I was just having a dilemma about cording. Whether or not to make it myself or do w/o because Jo-Ann's had just closed last night when I thought about it.

  5. You are amazing! That pillow looks FABULOUS! The best part is that you had everything on hand! Thanks for sharing your craftiness with Hoo's got talent!

  6. It looks great! I used to hate red, white and blue, flagish stuff, but I love it now.

  7. That is a great pillow! I love the fabrics and piping you used. It turned out really nice.
    Visiting from Someday Crafts. :)

  8. Beautifully sewn pillow; looks perfect from here. LOVE the cording too and am looking forward to the tutorial. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  9. wow that turned out really great! I love the red, white, and blue.

  10. You did a wonderful job on it! I can see how it took so long to make, but, it is totally worth it!

  11. So so cute! I don't know if I have patience for an 8 hour trist w/ a pillow, but his is so cute I might reconsider! ;)

  12. Carrie, I love this!!! Very beautiful, you are so talented!

  13. I love it! Well worth the time and effort in my opinion. It looks so professionally done - like I might see it in a Pottery Barn catalog!

    Coming over from the Shabby Chic Cottage and a happy new follower!


  14. Sooo fabulous! I'll be featuring today!

  15. MY GOD, woman! That's some beautiful craftwork right there. Perfection. Give me your perfect sewing skills, for I am a novice! I shall follow your blog now to be inspired further :)

  16. Ummm yah, this pillow is by far the most awesome thing I've seen in a long while!
    Its perfect. Its patriotic.
    love it.
    fabulous job!


  17. Hi, I'm stopping by from My Backyard Eden. This pillow is really a "showstopper!" I hope you enjoy it (and your son, for a long time :).)

  18. BEAUTIFUL pillow!! i can't imagine how you did it!! =)

  19. Wow, this is fabulous. I am in awe of your edge piping - I had my first attempt at piping the other day, and whilst it turned out ok, I think there's some tricks I'm missing to get the corners as neat as yours are on a 3d object. Flat was easy, but on a square edge going around a corner - there's something I'm missing there!

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Very cool - how did you do the bit between the two sides?

  21. I love to decorate for holidays...this great idea of yours [I love it!] would be perfect for 4th of July!!

    Here is my Show n Tell if you'd like to join me today... Have a super weekend!!

  22. That pillow is stunning. I used to sew - years and years ago. Not sure if I have the patience anymore. Your craftsmanship is incredible!

    Hope you'll link up to my Thursday party - Fab Finds for the Fourth - July 4th crafts, decor, recipes, traditions, etc.

  23. Wow, that is impressive--thanks for linking up!

  24. I featured your project this week!


  25. Your pillow is darling! Thanks for sharing!

    Abigail @ Raising Camelot

  26. What a great pillow! I'm definitely a beginner sewer, so I won't even attempt this right now. But maybe later down the road. :)

    Happy Fourth!

  27. It would have taken twice as long to put that together. You did a beautiful job! Looks very professional!

  28. This is the cutest thing ever! Who cares how long it takes when it turns out like this. It might also work in Christmas colors. A really original and brilliant project! Love it!


  29. Carrie,

    That is one crazy amazing pillow! Seriously. It looks like 8 hours of work ... or more! And it seriously looks like the work of an advance seamstress.

    I would frame that pillow. In a shadowbox. Behind plexiglass!



  30. Just ran across this and I LOVE THE STAR PILLOW!!!! You did an amazing job and would love a tutorial on how to make something like this. I'm a beginner but love a challenge. I cross stitch and now make my own pillows and am always looking for something different to make out of my projects.


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