Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Cricut - First Project

Yippie!! A new Cricut Expression for me! I’m a lucky girl…..

I have admired the home d├ęcor that others have done with vinyl lettering. I have even purchased a “Welcome” sign for our back door. Love it!!! (just ignore the dirty finger prints)
After poking around the internet on cold weekend, I discovered that this beautiful gismo could open a whole new world of creations for me!

And for my first project

Confession: Yes the little heart on the “I” is cute but he came about because the dot was not cutting out right. So what to do….. replace the dot for a heart! Perfect!


  1. Where did you purchase your Cricut? I'm looking to get one myself for the EXACT same reasons you bought yours! Do you love it?? Have you found vinyl at a good price?

  2. Staci~ I purchased my Cricut from Amazon and I also bought Sure Cuts A Lot software. This way I would use my computer to design my own projects. This software makes it limitless what you can do with a Cricut!


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