Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool Photo Names

I’m sure you have all seen artwork out there in blog-land that use photographs of object to spell out a word.  So here’s my attempt to come up with some awesome artwork for my boys’ bedroom. 

IMG_8412 [320x200] IMG_8413 [320x200]

As you can tell, dirt bikes are my boys’ hobby!  I took a lot of close-up photographs of their bikes and safety gear.  Then I used to crop and edit photos. (Love this site!)  Be patient with this process.  I really wanted to foot peg to be the “U” but in the end it became the “H”.  Same with the letter “E”.  When I took that photo I was thinking letter “H”.  Go figure….. Stay flexible and you will come up with something great! 

Each letter is printed to a individual 4x6.  I purchased the frames from Amazon.  Learn from me…. Find your frame FIRST.  I thought I would go to the local craft store and pick this frame up in 5 minutes.  With so many samples of this being done in bloggy blog land, really they had to be all over! Right? NO WAY!!!  I went all over town with no luck.  I love shopping online.  Why didn’t I think to go to Amazon in the first place?  Would have saved me 2 months looking.  Seriously, I had this planned for Christmas gifts and they ended up being Valentine’s Day gifts.  lol

I wanted to frame each letter separately instead of compositing the photos together to be one big print.  Reason?  To keep cost down.  I can print my own 4x6 prints.  Plus, I like the way the black frame separates each letter and I didn’t need to have a custom mat or frame made to achieve this look!!!  

In the end, the boys loved them!  Give it try….. and don’t forget to share your photos.

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  1. I love how each letter has a different design but still looks great together.



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